Football Basics : How to Prepare for a Football Game Like a Pro

Uploaded by expertvillage on 02.12.2008

Hi, I'm Ryan McCann, and I'm going to talk to you about how to prepare for a football
game like a pro. Usually, the week up until it's going to have some intense practice.
Usually, two days of contact. Usually, Tuesday, Wednesday. Thursday, is usually just shoulder
pads and helmets. Friday, say we're playing a Saturday game. Friday is going to be just
kind of a walk through really let-let all the players rest. The night before you'll
have a good meal, get plenty of sleep, wake up the next day and have a good, you know,
a good breakfast, and the last meal you'll eat before the game is four hours and that
way you'll be energized and ready to jam come kick off. A good meal consist of, you know,
some chicken, some fish, some mashed potatoes; nothing too heavy or starchy. You know, either,
one potato or maybe some veggies, but some good nutritious foods. Some; definitely get
hydrated, a lot of Gatorade and water. Day of, a lot of liquids, not a whole lot of carbs,
but you want to have some, you know, some good cereal, some good fruits, maybe a little
oatmeal, some orange juice and drink a lot of liquids because it's a hot day you're going
to be sweating. After you eat, you'll have some meetings to talk about last minute game
plan stuff. Make sure everybody knows what they're doing. You head to the stadium, get
taped, you know, get any treatment on any injuries that you have to prepare you to play
for the game and then you'll start to loosen up. Go out there run a few plays before the
game and get pumped to go play.