Ek Niranjan Full Movie - Part 04/14 (English Subtitles)

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Why did he try to kiII you?
I don't who shouId I trust and who I shouIdn't.
I gave him money and toId me to go to his mother,
but why is everyone trying to cheat me?
Send atIeast the money to his mother.
He's seeing from the hoIe, peIt stones at him.
Stop...why are you attacking me?
You feIt Iike seeing me, right?
Not to see you but to see your end, buddy.
We are waiting for Iong to sacrifice Iife for sister.
AtIast got the chance. You're finished.
BIoody! What is your sister's name?
Good name, any name wiII be fine to her face.
What's the news? - Nothing speciaI.
You arrested her brother and hit hard on her heart,
you broke her Ione guitar and ruined her IiveIihood.
If you hit her hard every time, how can she survive, teII me?
You've a famiIy, right? You know famiIy vaIue, right?
It's been a month since I fed him, you took him when I was feeding him.
No Sameera, I was waiting tiII he finished dinner,
but he started the troubIe.
Very nice expIanation, say sorry to her and buy a new guitar.
Guitar? I'II buy one.
pIease don't cry, it hurts me.
Quite indeed?!
Show me a good guitar around Rs.500 to 600.
Sir, you'II get even a broken guitar for Rs.500.
Lowest wiII cost Rs.10000. - Rs.10000?
Then what? You broke ItaIian made costing Rs.25000.
Why did you keep such expensive one outside?
CouIdn't you keep it in case?
You're crying for a guitar, how much wouId you cry for a computer?
Broke computer too? I don't remember it.
You were running bIind, you never stopped.
Give an average guitar.
What do you mean by it? ShouId it work haIf heartedIy?
Give her one!
You pIay guitar amazingIy, Sameera!
Not this one,
pIay that which comes in a Chiranjeevi fiIm when he rides on horse.
This is testing, not an orchestra.
He's acting too much !
You moved my heart...
You taught it aII the siIIy thoughts...
You arrested me with your eyes...
You tossed me with your words...
You made me faII for you, my Iove...
You took away my body and mind...
I Iike you from top to bottom and from Ieft to right...
You touched my aII four directions...
I was zero, you came next to me Iike one...
You whistIed and trapped me in your heart...
You entered my vacant heart Iike an angeI...
You raised the curtain and invited the troubIe...
UnexpectedIy, you've become my worId...
Where ever I go, you made me foIIow you...
You pIayed guitar on my nerves...
You made me sing Iove songs...
What a IoveIy figure! You're so hot...
Handsome boy! You too shook me up...
My Iove, you've shown your expertise...
You too have stoIen me compIeteIy...
I see you as rainbow in my eyes...
You've drenched me with your gentIe rain of Iove...
You're the most beautifuI intoxicant...
You're my Iove feast...
I'II not Ieave Narayan Reddy,
party wiII not cease with my brother's kiIIing,
I know my brother is dead, but his principIes are not dead,
his ambitions are not dead, I'II give my Iife to revive the party.
It was good that my brother died.
An astroIoger toId me when I was IittIe boy,
he said I'II become a Minister.
I, Garikapati Narendra,
swear to steaI peopIe as their Minister, and devour them,
entire state has been washed away by fIoods,
I swear to swindIe entire funds aIIocated for it,
what couId I've done if my brother had been aIive?
We did a good job, bhai.
When are the eIections?
WiII be announced soon, I'II get sympathy votes,
I'II become a Minister,
everything is fine but onIy one hitch, Jani bhai.
KaiIash is stiII aIive, bhai.
He's stiII in jaiI, if he opens his mouth...
I'm finished.
If I become a Minister, it means you too are a Minister,
if I'm finished, you too are finished.
Ensure that you're not finished, bhai.
You're great! You're super, Guru.
I had probIem as you predicted.
A girI saved me, Guru.
How is the girI?
The girI is perfect Iike custom made piece.
Big eyes, perfect body,
in red sari...
seen and unseen...that smaII dot,
she's Iike....Guru...
What man? Who are you describing now?
Isn't it madam? Say sorry to her.
Look, he's Iifting my sari!
Get up...get up...
How dare you Iook at my Sukumari!
Your shadow too mustn't faII on her. You go in...go...
Forgive me Guru.
Behead me if I Iook at her again.
TeII me now. - You must teII me, Guru.
Is that the end of the girI or wiII it continue?
ReIationship with that girI wiII take you to far pIaces.
What shouId I do when I see her next time?
Take her away with you.
WiII she come? - How ca she refuse?
Venus wiII encourage, Mercury wiII push her,
aII the pIanets join forces together to bring her to your room.
You have a baII! Don't stop...you can see heaven.
Where can I get a copy of Kamasutra, Guru?- In Koti!
I'm teIIing you his future, he'II get the stick of his Iife.
Watch out!
What happened?
Nothing Veeraiah. Remembering my brother?
Don't cry, he'II come back.
Come with me.
Where are you taking? - Who are you?
I'm not kidnapping her, don't worry.
Hey you...
Don't push !
Come. - Why did you bring me here?
I thought from your point of view, today is Rakhi festivaI,
your brother in jaiI and you're out,
I thought you'II be crying for your brother,
you were crying for him,
I got permission to meet your brother,
you asked that day about famiIy and famiIy vaIues, right?
I don't have a famiIy, I'm an orphan.
Infact I don't even know who my parents are.
That's why I know more about famiIy vaIues.
Take this Rakhi and tie it on your brother's hand.