Cooking Tips : How to Coddle Eggs

Uploaded by cookingguide on 27.10.2008

To coddle eggs, first you want to start off with some hot water, a bemarie which is a
pan that's going to hold some hot water, and two ramekins. Next, take your egg and crack
your egg into the ramekin.
You'll next want to season your egg with just a little bit of salt and pepper. And we're
going to add just a touch of cream to give it a little bit of creaminess as it cooks.
You can also add in different aromatics, herbs and spices. Next, we're just going to cover
them so it creates a seal. And I do have my oven set to three hundred and fifty degrees
for pre-heat.
And I'm going to pour in my hot water into my pan. I'm going to be really careful not
to burn myself. Just about half way through. And this will cause the eggs to cook gently
versus cooking quickly. Next, I'm going to put my eggs into my pan. Make sure they're
centered so they cook evenly. And allow them to cook at three hundred and fifty degrees
for about fifteen to twenty minutes or until they're done. And that is how you coddle an