320Reality in Animation - Start Acting!

Uploaded by 320Reality on 15.11.2012

Ever had an idea you thought could change the world?
So did the world's leading transplant surgeon (Sir Magdi Yacoub) The man who brought us Apple (Steve Jobs)
The Star of the East (Umm Kulthum) The man behind Malaysia's modernization (Mahathir Mohamad)
Abu Treika
The Hollywood star with a humanitarian mission (Angelina Jolie); The entrepreneur who gave his ideas wings (Al-Waleed bin Talal)
And those who helped us find our voices (Tawakkol Karman)
They let THEIR voices ring out Ignoring the nay-sayers and working with grit to make their
ideas a REALITY. Imagine if they had kept silent?
Got an idea but no platform to share it? 320Reality gives you a soapbox to trumpet
your ideas from the rooftops
Want to know how? Stop the excuses... And get off the fence!
Thousands of people are waiting to hear YOUR idea.
Can you hold a camera? Stop dreaming...start ACTING!
Enter 320Reality's 3 Round Contest
Round one: Shoot a video that's less than 3 minutes, the video can be in English, Arabic,
or Turkish With your best ideas for peace and prosperity.
Choose one of three streams: - Harmony for Humanity
- Conquer Corruption - Inspire!
Make your video shine! - Rehearse!
- Test your pitch on an audience. - Find a quiet space.
- Then make sure the lighting's just right... - Shoot your video...
And upload it to 320Reality.com Get your friends and family to vote!
In Round Two, the top contestants will share a revamped 3 minute video
for a new round of voting Once you reach Round Three: we'll fly you
and five other finalists to California to compete for the GRAND PRIZE
Your chance to get your ideas heard by People who matter
... win big money and make your ideas and dreams a Reality.
Don't feel defeated... Believe!
Grab a camera And start unleashing the power of your ideas
Shoot, Share, Inspire!
What are you waiting for? The world is WAITING
For YOU.