MiWuLa News TV August 2011

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Welcome to a new edition of the MiWuLa News.
The Wunderland is celebrating its birthday.
10 years ago, when we announced that we would build the world's largest
model railway layout, friends, family and business partners didn't think we were serious.
On August 16th 2001, we threw ourselves into an adventure
that continues its success after so many years.
Not only the Wunderland has grown during this time,
but also the number of guests has grown to over 1.000.000 a year.
That's why it was our biggest wish to celebrate this anniversary with our guests.
10 special cakes were made
with different motives from many defining moments of the Wunderland.
It was quite hard
to hold back before the celebration started.
At midnight, the champaign corks popped and there was enough cake for everyone.
Thank you so much for all the congratulations and your support over the years.
We couldn't live this dream without you.
Thank you!
In celebration of the 10 year anniversary a special exhibit was opened.
It tells the story of the Wunderland, beginning in 2000,
when the early construction work started.
There's much to discover and to explore.
Besides the first prototypes,
interesting collectibles and amusing push-button actions,
you can see fascinating background information about the Wunderland.
Learn about the exciting ways the Wunderland works and its daily routines.
The exhibit is interactive and will remain here for the coming months.
So just drop by!
There has been a lot of progress in the past weeks with trains, airplanes and ships.
One of our newest objects is the "Swabian Atlantica".
It is now making its rounds in the Scandinavian basin.
The company "Profi Winkler" from Bad Urach participated last year
in the charity auction for the Haitian flood victims
and purchased the former "Jenna Catherine" for 8000 Euros.
It shines in new splendour for its new owner.
At the same time, many ships need a complete restoration.
The Contship Pacific was in need of new lamination and polish
because the paint was flaking and fine fissures emerged.
New models were completed for the airport section.
This cargo plane is just one of the new stationary models at the airport.
Time and time again, we have reported on details of the AN 124.
Now that various mechanical systems have been implemented and tested,
it is finally ready for daily operation and it's one of the highlights of the Knuffingen Airport.
We are also improving our train sections.
But before any alterations are made, some tests must be done.
Here we are testing, if it's possible
to use two different surveillance systems to control one layout
without any errors during operation.
This test is important because we can't implement all improvements at once.
While work is being done, the layout needs to stay in operation.
The maintenance work around the layout is progressing.
Greenery and numerous trees have been planted on many surfaces.
In the Hamburg section, the central station and the HSV soccer arena have been modernised.
A few steps further, you could start thinking about a vacation again,
because the beach area in the America section has been renewed.
Palm trees and many joyful scenes can now be marveled at.
Many other models in the Scandinavian section are being worked on,
such as the small cutter models or the oil platform.
These were quite worn down over the years,
because they are at the edge of the layout and within reach of some of our guests.
But now, all these models are completely restored.
In reality, bridges need renovation in regular intervals.
After six years, Hamburg's Köhlbrandbrücke was due.
In our case though, it was quite a bit easier than with the original,
because, thankfully, we didn't need a crane for our work.
Individual parts could simply be built by Gaston without the bridge collapsing.
For the renovation of the whole bridge, the first step was to remove the traffic lanes.
After all supporting cables and connections were cut
the road was removed and brought to the model construction department.
There, the old stock of vehicles, figures and rails was removed and replaced.
At the same time, the wiring for the lighting was improved.
Now it's much easier for our technicians to quickly remove defective lights.
The bridge is already back on the layout.
But not all renovation work is completed yet.
Also, the reconstruction of the new exhibition space is gradually beginning.
More floors were rented, and there are definite plans for expansion until 2020.
In this area of the second floor, we'll have a larger entrance and shop section.
We'll certainly see more of this construction site in the coming months.
The next planned sections are Italy, then France, England and Africa.
If it's up to us, then we'll continue building in 50 years.
In the Scandinavia section there's something new to discover.
Stephan has created these unique icebergs.
Several layers of plexiglass are cut into various forms
to create an iceberg, layer by layer.
This one is supposed to be taller.
I'm still working on the thin plates.
Soon, I'll make thick layers again, up to this height.
Well, you can imagine how many I'll need.
Then, the edges of the individual layers are further worked on and cleaned.
A solvent is applied in between to connect all of the plates.
Then I'll have to sand all of the edges and create some kind of structure,
in a way that I imagine the ice could have melted.
And then the iceberg is almost finished.
After this process, the iceberg is painted using an airbrush technique.
A real eyecatcher!
That's it for this month. Thanks for watching, see you next time.