Wegmans Salsa Verde Chicken Al Forno

Uploaded by wegmansfoodmarkets on 23.12.2010

If you're looking for a fast delicious weeknight meal,
I've got the perfect solution for you right here.
It salsa verde chicken al forno
and I'm gonna show you how to make it right now.
I've got four boneless, skinless chicken breasts
and I've got them out on a cooking sheet or a baking tray.
I always line it with parchment paper.
If you don't have parchment paper,
number one: I suggest getting some,
makes clean up a snap.
But if you don't you can just go ahead and spray
this with cooking spray and that'll work out just fine.
I'm gonna season these
pretty aggressively with salt and pepper.
And I've got an oven preheated
to 450 degrees while I'm doing this.
Alright, so salt, always use
fresh cracked pepper if you can.
And then we're gonna make our topping.
Topping is panko bread crumbs and they're more
coarse than the bread crumbs you're normally used to.
Basting oil, I think you've seen me
use this once or twice before.
Just gonna add a couple of tablespoons
of basting oil to the panko.
And I've got some sliced green onions here or scallions
that I'm just gonna go ahead and add those as well.
Get them all in there. Then I'm gonna
give that a quick stir. And this is gonna
be our topping and the basting oil
is really gonna allow those bread crumbs
to almost fry in the oven. So, we get that really crunchy
crust that we're looking for. And also,
it's gonna flavor it. We've got the thyme,
we've got the garlic, the parsley. I think you've heard me say
that a few times before as well. So, I'm gonna mich--mix
and make sure that it's completely mixed so
that all the bread crumbs are coated with
the basting oil. Alright, so that's
all mixed together. And what I have here
is some roasted salsa verde. It's tomatillos, which is almost
like a sort of a bitter tomato. It's got jalapenos,
a little bit of roasted tomato, lime juice, cilantro,
and I'm gonna spoon a little bit over the top
of each chicken breast and that's gonna help
this crust adhere to it. So, I'm gonna use
about a tablespoon on top of each
chicken breast. And we're not
looking for a ton. Just enough, again,
to help that topping adhere. We'll just spread
it right over. We don't have to
cover the whole thing. Just kind of work it
out towards the edges just a little bit.
And that's really gonna provide some flavor.
That's also gonna season the chicken
in addition to the salt and pepper.
The salsa verde is also going to season the chicken
quite a bit as well. So, we're just
layering flavors here as well as making
the crust stick. And then we're just
gonna take this topping and I'm just gonna
divide it out among all
the chicken breasts. And when I do this,
I just like to do it sort of one
tablespoon at a time just to make sure
everything's even. Okay, and then some
of it's gonna spill off onto the sides and that's
perfectly okay 'cause actually those are gonna
brown up in the oven, too, and that tastes
delicious. You can actually just
take it right off the bottom of the pan and put it
right back on top. Now I don't wanna pack
this down too much on top of the chicken
either, okay. I just wanna spread
it out nice and even. Okay, but I'm not gonna try
to pack it down too much 'Cause what I want,
I want it to stay sort of light and fluffy,
so as it's heating. Again, that oven's
450 degrees. So, as it's cooking,
I really want those bread crumbs
to toast up nice. And there you have it.
I'm gonna go into a 450 degree oven
for about 20 or 25 minutes.
We'll take the temp, make sure we're
where we need to be and dinner's on the table.
Okay, so it's been about 25 minutes.
You can see I've got this beautiful brown crust on there.
Chicken, always wanna shoot for 165 degrees.
So, I'm gonna use my instant read thermometer.
I always choose the biggest piece when I'm temping proteins
and I'm gonna go right into the thickest part
and just give this digital thermometer a second to register.
Perfect, I'm right where I need to be
and it's as good as done.
So, maybe you've got a salad
or you've got some blanched vegetables already on the plate.
Spatula, you take this right off the pan onto the plate.
You've got dinner on the table in about 30 minutes.