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Today, we shall commit thefts on Shivaji Road, any problems?
But, what about the police?
No problem, it will be as usual !
Jacky will keep a watch for the police & Vicky will gather the loot.
And as usual, Ajay will dance and sing and gather a crowd.
But boss, where is Ajay?
He'll meet us there!
Don't you dare raise your voice old man or, I'll kill you !
You'll have to take two lives to take away this wealth, son.
One, my life and the other is my daughter's life. . .
she is in her room upstairs.
I've mortgaged this house and collected funds for her wedding.
If her in law's don't get the dowry, they'll go back.
And after facing this humiliation, we both will commit suicide. . .
that's why, it would be better if you'll kill both of us now!
If you try to stop us then we'll not hesitate in fulfilling your wish !
- Tie this old man ! - Wait!
We've committed many thefts and we'll continue doing so. . .
but I'll not let anyone's family fall apart!
I'm an orphan, family and relations hold no meaning for me!
But I've seen father's getting humiliated for the sake of dowry.
Instead of being on marriage dais, I've seen brides on the funeral pyre!
After getting married, I've seen women being burnt by their husbands.
Thefts, robberies, I can bear all these accusations. . .
but my conscience cannot bear. . .
the woe of a father or someone's daughter's life being shattered.
Problem! In that case, first we'll have to kill you.
Hey, you ! You follow those guys.
Stop! !
What's the matter? Thank God, after a long time I am seeing you happy!
I feel like rejoicing and celebrating today.
Sure, do anything you want, I'll surely fulfill your wish.
But please tell me the reason of you joy.
Father, I've found Ajay.
Yes father, he is in this town. I've seen him with my own eyes.
Child, it would be better if you forget him.
- Father, I've loved him! - But he never loved you !
He has played with your innocence and simplicity.
And he left with a stigma attached to your name!
No father, I can never hold him responsible for anything wrong.
I don't know what compelled him to do so.
It was just a way to cheat you, dupe you !
If he was genuine, he wouldn't disappear. . .
on the day when I was going to announce your engagement to him!
Listen child, I've never said anything to you till date. . .
because, I did not want to hurt you further.
But when a young daughter's name is attached to someone's name. . .
or when people talk about her love story. . .
and on the day of the engagement, the groom disappears. . .
only a girl's father can relate to such a plight!
Nobody says a word directly. . .
but behind my back, only I know how people taunt or ridicule me!
That is why, I decided that day itself. . .
that I would shift my business from here!
We'll not live in this town anymore, we'll live in Mumbai !
- What, Mumbai? ! - Yes, sir.
The boy whom I was chasing, boarded a train to Mumbai.
By the time I reached the platform, the train had already left.
- Alright, you leave for Mumbai immediately. - Yes, sir!
Go and meet the Inspector General, Ranjeet Singh, he is very strict. . .
but a gentleman, he will help you in every possible way.
Thank you, sir.
Satish, my son !
Where are you?
Hi, dad !
My son !
Son, I've hugged you exactly after one year!
Father, you called me up every single day in this one year.
You could've gone to London 6 times as much telephone bill you paid.
Don't forget son, I'm not only your father but also an Inspector General !
I wanted to go to the airport and receive you personally. . .
but a sudden meeting came up and I couldn't come there!
Father, why don't you quit this job?
We have no dearth of wealth, your ancestors have left us a vast wealth.
But we also belong to a family of policemen.
My grandfather was a policeman, so was your grandfather. . .
I'm a policeman and now you'll also join the police and serve the nation !
- And then your son too will. . . - That's enough, father.
This one year's study course has bored me!
I just want to be free for a few days.
But this freedom will be restricted only to this city's limits.
Now I will not let you away from sight even for a second.
Father, I think you really love me.
I think you did not seek your mother's blessings after your return.
If you would have then your gift would not be lying here!
- Gift? ! - Yes, the keys of your new car.
Oh, father, you are great! You are fabulous!
I'll inaugurate this car right away!
Oh, sorry! I thought it was a taxi.
If you are waiting for a cab then you'll keep waiting till morning.
- What? - Yes, the taxis are on strike.
- What? - Step in, I'll drop you.
- But. . . - You are hesitating because, you don't know me, right?
I'm a decent man and while traveling with me, you'll even know me.
- But. . . - Come on, step in !
Come on, please!
Dark night, cool breeze. . .
solitude and two young people. . .
would you also want the same that I want?
What nonsense is this? Stop the car!
- Why should I stop the car? - Leave me!
- Where are you running? - Help!
- Did I tell you to jump? - Help! !
Help! !
Leave me! !
Thank you very much, if you wouldn't come then. . .
What were you doing in such a lonely place at this hour?
I had gone to a friend's place to take some notes. . .
I was waiting for a taxi.
Listen sister, these days, nobody can be trusted. . .
don't ever take such a risk again.
Come, let me drop you home.
Come,. . . please sit, brother.
- Mother! - Laxmi, why were you so late today?
What is all this?
Thank God that he sent him there as my savoir. . .
or else today, my honor would have been defamed !
Oh, God ! What happened, child?
Nothing aunty, a rogue was trying to act fresh with her!
He bashed him up in such a way that he will never forget.
Thank you very much, son.
By saving her honor, you've saved the honor of this family.
Don't say that, as a brother, I've just done my duty.
Bless you, child. The mother who gave birth to you is really great!
I don't know about that. . .
but your blessings are enough for an orphan like me.
- So, you don't have. . . - Nobody whom I can call my own !
Okay aunty, I'll leave.
You are leaving the people whom you can call your own?
If you have called her your sister then you are my son.
You want to leave your mother now that you've found her?
Don't give me so much love that I. . .
Son, I have two children. . .
one is Laxmi and the other is Suraj.
My love for them has not been spent. . .
that I cannot offer my love to you !
- But by supporting an orphan you. . . - You aren't an orphan anymore.
I am your mother, this house is yours.
We all are your family, son !
Come on, go take a wash, I'll serve food for both of you.
Come, brother.
This was just a dream!
Your dream has been shattered, when these people learn of your deeds. . .
then how disheartened they'll feel, think of that time!
You are a thief, a murderer. . .
you have no right to cheat a mother or dupe a sister!
Before they learn about your past and their love turns into hatred. . .
leave this house! !
Listen, you numskull. . .
you came to steal and that too, in Inspector Suraj Prasad's house.
- I. . . . - I break the bones of thieves like you, understand?
- Yes, I do. - Brother, he is not. . .
I've told you many times to lock the door and sleep but you never listen.
These thieves have become so smart that they don't spare the cops too!
If this chit of a thief would steal in my house. . .
wouldn't I get defamed?
Will you let someone else also speak?
I'll let you speak but before that, let me put this rogue in the lock up!
- Come on ! - He is not a thief!
- So, is he a saint? - He saved your sister's honor.
Who dared to touch my sister?
Laxmi, tell me his name, I'll shoot the bastard !
He beaten up that man so badly that he'll never dare to do this again !
Yet, I'd like to know who he was, tell me his name!
He was some rich man's son, he was in a car.
And I thought he was a thief and unnecessarily bashed him up!
Hey! Why didn't you tell me that you are not a thief?
You did give me a chance, I was a little laid back!
You talk very well !
Okay, tell me about your geography, what work do you do?
You thought I was a thief, you can think that this is my profession !
- Stop joking, you. . . - Numskull !
Listen, I'll tell you about him. His name is Vijay.
He is my son, he is elder than Laxmi and younger than you !
Wow! I liked the way you have described him, mother!
I missed having a younger brother but, today I have one!
Tell me one thing, where were you leaving at this hour?
Well actually, I was leaving this house.
I don't want to be a burden on anyone.
If my younger brother talks in such a manner then shouldn't I hit him?
Hey! You are crying. Did I hit you very hard?
No brother, nobody had hit me till date.
First time I was hit by an elder brother, that is why I am crying.
Then promise me that you'll never think of leaving this house!
I'll never go until you don't throw me out of this house, I promise!
You numskull ! I'll arrest you for breaking the rules and rash driving !
A girl? ! What the. . .
Inspector, if this injection doesn't reach my father in 10 minutes then. . .
You numskull. . .I mean, now that you are caught, you are lying?
I am saying the truth, it is the question of my father's life.
- Sit in the jeep! - Please, for God's sake. . .
First sit in the jeep, we'll go to your house. . .
then we'll go to the police station, come on !
If you'd be late by 2 minutes, it would get difficult to save him.
- Is he alright now? - Yes, he is out of danger.
But keep this injection with you.
Give me 10 minutes more, as soon as my father wakes up, I'll come along.
No need, I think I'd also done the same if I was in your place.
- I'll have your motorcycle sent. - Don't bother, I'll get it myself.
God is pleased with the children who serve their parents.
You're good child, take care of him, I may perhaps reap your good deeds.
- Bye! - Bye bye.
Sir, can I come in?
Why do you have to ask when I've called you here?
- I've to be formal, sir. - Now don't ask me if you can sit.
Thank you ! But I'll have to ask why you have called me here?
Thank you ! But I'll have to ask why you have called me here? These days, thefts on the docks are on a rise.
These days, thefts on the docks are on a rise.
And they are quite mysterious in nature.
Pharmaceutical companies import chemicals from abroad. . .
and the thieves take away the entire drums!
Sir, this work is impossible until a security personnel is not involved.
That's the point! That's why, I am posting you in that area.
Yes, sir.
One more thing, an inspector has come here, chasing a thief from Pune.
- I want you to help him. - Alright.
Very good ! Hello, send Yadav in, thank you.
Sir, is this thief involved in the thefts committed on the docks?
- It could be possible! - Sir!
- Hey, Yadav! - Hello, Suraj.
- Thank you, sir. - You both know each other?
Yes sir, we've worked together in the same place for 2 years.
That's very good ! And as the saying goes ' two is a company! '
I'll modify it to ' the thief will surely be caught by this company! '
Okay, I'll go for lunch now, my son's friend's are coming over.
- So, Suraj, this case. . . - Wait, first come home.
Meet my mother and only then we'll talk about that numskull !
And she raced in such a way that. . .
Hey Vijay! Where are you going? Come here.
I've go to and pick up Laxmi, I'll take a wash !
You numskull ! Brother Yadav is here, greet him!
God bless you !
I suggest that until you don't find that thief, why don't you live here?
- Isn't this your house too? - I sorry, my uncle lives here.
If I don't stay with him, he'll be very upset with me.
How come I haven't seen your brother ever before?
He's God's gift to us, he saved Laxmi's honor. . .
and made place for himself in our heart's!
In case you find another brother like him, get one for me too!
Brother, you will not find a job if you keep wandering aimlessly.
Let me tell brother Suraj, he'll get you a job immediately!
No! If he gets me a police job, I'll be in trouble!
What's wrong with that job? - I don't want a police job!
Rhythm dance school ! You wait here, I'll come back soon.
- Where are you going? - I've heard there is a vacancy here!
I'll be back in a minute.
I quite liked your school, the students are also good. . .
and so is the equipment.
We are only short of finances but, if people like you help us. . .
& give us donation then this school can be top most in this city!
I read your advertisement in yesterday's paper that. . .
Alright, I'll go now.
- Come on, Laxmi. - Wait, Ajay!
Listen, my name is Vijay.
By doing that you can't change your love for me and keep avoiding me!
There's a misunderstanding.
Why are you punishing me?
I've looked for you everywhere, I visit these schools because,. . .
I may perhaps find you here and when I found you. . .
- Who is she, brother? - Looks like she has lost her dear one.
- And perhaps he looks like me. - Don't say that, Ajay.
He is my brother and his name is Vijay.
The man who left such a loving beloved is truly very unfortunate.
Madam, instead of pursuing such a cheat. . .
you should forget about him, let's go, Laxmi !
Sister, my elder brother is in the police, Inspector Suraj Prasad.
We live behind the Durga temple.
Come home, brother Suraj will surely find your Ajay!
What is this? Come on, go behind !
Now do it well, one minute! Come on !
Look here, keep your leg straight like this!
Let's start, one, two, three, four.
Now I'll teach you few steps which not everyone can do easily.
Why didn't you teach me till now?
You didn't have the confidence which is required for these steps.
- Now do I have it? - Yes, a little bit.
Ajay, I am really very happy today. I've told father everything !
Have you also told him that I am an orphan and poor?
I love you that is sufficient for him.
He has called you home tomorrow.
Sir, 125 thousand rupees for Ruby jewelers.
Aarti has bought a diamond ring.
Fifty thousand for Bobby tailor, Aarti has stitched some clothes.
Aarti has promised to pay 200 thousand rupees to a dancing school.
I have to keep my daughter's word at any cost!
Hello, sir. My name is Ajay.
- Sit down. - Thank you, sir.
- Are there anymore cheques? - That's all.
Just a minute.
- Alright. - Thank you, sir.
Write your name and an amount on this cheque.
Then, leave this town and go to some other place!
Tell me the name of the bank where you have deposited your daughter!
Sir, you cannot encash love with a paper cheque!
These cheques fulfills a man's desires. . .
especially men like you, who lay a snare to trap rich girls like Aarti.
You are not doing anything unusual by accusing my love!
In the history of love, many fathers like you have been mentioned.
Now you'll ask me what I have. . .
you'll even say that her one day's expense is my annual income!
She indulges in jewellery, donation, clothes and what can I offer her?
But I have only one answer to everything you'll ask me. . .
and that is, we both love each other and would like to live together!
And we have already decided what we are supposed to do to achieve that!
This is not a decision, it is being immature!
It's a father's duty to decide his daughter's future!
But you are abiding a duty of a rich, selfish man !
Don't scream! My would be wife asked me to speak to her father. . .
but unfortunately, before meeting the father, I met a businessman !
I am sorry for wasting your precious time!
Wait ! If you didn't meet my father, will you abandon me too?
Sorry, father! I have chosen the course of my fate!
- Let's go, Ajay. - No Aarti, I am not a selfish man.
I cannot punish a father for a businessman's mistake!
I promise to you. . .
I will earn so much wealth which may not be able to satiate you. . .
but, will give you enough courage to gladly marry Aarti to me!
Until then, Aarti is in your custody!
Just a minute, Ajay. I don't mean to disregard your decision.
I don't want to hurt your sense of self respect.
Because, this is the quality that I love the most!
But I want some security from your end.
Give me your ring so that nobody can try to break off this engagement!
I don't know what your decision has done to this businessman,. . .
but a father's chest has swelled up with pride!
I am proud of your choice, child !
- Father! - Tomorrow is your birthday.
With great pride, I'll introduce my son in law to everyone.
And I'll even announce your engagement.
I'll be back in a minute, excuse me!
I was extremely happy that day.
Everyone whom I met, congratulated me!
But my eyes were fixed on the door.
Why didn't he come, father?
I don't know why he didn't come but, I know one thing that. . .
your impulsive love has defamed my honor!
Don't ever utter the name of that cheat in front of me!
Nobody knew where and why you disappeared suddenly.
I promise to you that. . .
I will earn so much wealth that may not be able to satiate your hunger. . .
but, will give you enough courage to gladly marry Aarti to me!
This is the manager of Rhythm dancing school speaking.
This is Aarti speaking. - Aarti ! Yes, tell me.
I want to give donation to your school.
But I have a condition, on behalf of your dancing school. . .
you will have to organize a dance competition programme.
The winner will get 300 thousand rupees.
- What? - Don't worry!
I will sponsor the prize money and the programme expenses. Okay?
- I'll make the arrangements. - Okay.
Ajay, I know that you will surely win this prize.
And now, your self respect cannot take you away from me!
I thought I would go away far from you. . .
but then I realized, every road, leads to you !
Father, I need some money.
- How much? - 300 thousand !
I want to give donation to a dance school.
Father, I need cash not cheque.
Child, I am a decent, honest and reputed businessman !
People earning money in an illegal way keep that much money at home.
And I don't conduct illegal business.
Hello! . . . .Yes. . .
alright. . . . .very good. . .
okay, I'll be there right away!
Child, you and your dance school is very lucky.
I've just clicked a very big deal. . .
and I've received a huge amount in cash, you'll get your money.
Okay child, I'll go now.
My father is really great!
This is the income of our club and the gold stolen from the jeweler.
And the loot from the bank robbery will come in by this evening.
Good ! . . .Very good !
There's a news that chemicals worth 5 million have landed on the docks.
Bribe the security officer with 500 thousand and get the stuff.
But Inspector Suraj is on duty in that area.
And I've heard that he is quite a deadly officer!
He may shine as brightly as the Sun but,. . .
he cannot eliminate the darkness in which we operate!
Come, Billa.
This is a duplicate permit. Oil is mentioned instead of chemicals.
My man is stationed at the gate. Hurry up.
Inspector Suraj is not to be seen anywhere.
I am worried for the dough. Else I would have dealt with him.
Why are you inviting your death?
Sir you? - You failed to recognise me in this dress
What are you doing? - I am not sparing you !
Mr. Dhanraj, I've played with you a lot of times in this club.
But this is the first time you failed to hit the target.
What do I say? I also own a transport company.
I give the trucks on hire. A man took the truck on hire. . .
Now the cops have seized the truck.
A case will be filed and my company will get a bad name.
I just want to save my honor.
I never use my contacts as far as legal matters are concerned.
You can help me in some other way too.
I mean, I can do anything in order to save my company's reputation.
You wish to bribe me? !
I didn't mean that.
Even a kid can understand what you mean.
Illegal business and the person who indulges in it. Understood?
How much is the dough worth? - Who are you?
Satish. Inspector General Ranjit Singh's only son.
You are mistaken. That truck doesn't belong to me.
Fine. We will go to hotel Metro in order to clear this misunderstanding
Where we can legally indulge in the game of cards.
We can encash the points that we earn.
You will also find many of them who have changed their name.
Because the police is after them.
How come you know all this? - I am just visting all the hotels. . .
since I came from London. I even came to your hotel.
And back there in London I had freinds. . .
Who know each and everything about crime.
I can be of great help to you.
How much wealth do you wish to earn?
You always feel the need for money even if you have a lot of money with you
Is it?
Noble thoughts.
Just see my work and you'll forget everything.
What if I free your truck along with the dough?
What will you take? - This time I'll do it for free.
But in future we will share our profits. 50 : 50.
I will not retreat when you have extended your hand for friendship.
I haven't extended my hand. . .
But I have certainly helped you in removing your hand which was stuck.
Inspector General here.
Some good people are worried because of you.
What? - You seized the stuff from the docks.
But he definetly tried to bribe me. - Who is that person?
Seth Dhanraj. The owner of hotel Metro.
A famous and a wealthy person.
I know. He's always in the news for his charity.
But be careful. Else we might get a bad name.
The press will leave no stone unturned in defaming us.
Don't worry. I'll will not act foolishly.
Come, Satish.
You have taken a look at my business. Now meet my friends.
And she is Kamal. She is a friend of mine.
She is also a dancer and singer in this club.
He is Satish. My partner and your new master.
I'll leave for the show.
I liked your friends. - And what about my business?
You indulge in petty thefts. You harldy get to earn. . .
The job is also of low-status. Now that I have become your partner.
We'll do something big. We'll invest lakhs and earn millions.
You? - Yes, it's me.
I have seen a lot of artists. But watching you, I am floored.
Where did you get all these qualities from?
Sweet voice, lovely traits and this lovely figure.
Such a cocktail won't be made even if you mix the world's best liquor.
You are drunk. You are not in your senses.
So what? - Leave me!
I always acheive whatever I like.
I am burning with passion, all thanks to your slap.
I will now douse this fire. - Leave me.
Leave me.
I would have arrested you for molesting a girl.
But I am not arresting you because you belong to a decent family.
And your father is no less than an angel.
And you. . . - Who are you to lecture me?
I take your father to be my guru. I also consider you my brother.
Go away from here or else I'll beat you up badly.
Don't forget. I can have you suspended. Got it?
When you father comes to know about this evil act of yours. . .
Think, what will he do to you? You'll soon come to know about it.
Let's go.
What does this bastard thinks of himself?
No point in thinking about what does he thinks of himself?
As of now, we have to think as to why he had come to our hotel?
I think that girl is double crossing us.
No. Kamal can never do such a thing.
But see to it that you don't do anything like this with her.
We can't afford to loose her.
As far as Inspector Suraj is concerned. . .
I deal with him in such a way.
He'll never forget his entire life.
Can I ask you something, Kamal?
The respect that you had for me seeing me serve my father. . .
has been lost seeing me dancing in a hotel and baring myself, isn't it?
A lotus grows in filth. . .
but it is offered to the deity!
Besides, this is your personal matter.
But you have helped me twice in my personal matter.
I helped you as a stranger.
But it your greatness that you are involving me on a personal level.
You cited an example of a lotus that's why I'd like to say something.
A lotus lives in filth. . .
but, the lotus doesn't desire to live there. . .
it is compelled to live there!
I don't wish to know that but I know that I am helpless now.
- I don't understand. - By chance of fate, we've met twice.
Should we depend on our fate to meet the third time?
Third meeting. . .
I'll create an opportunity for that.
- Sir, please listen to me! - What's there to listen !
- What's the matter. - He bumped into my car, lock him up!
Come on !
Sir, he knocked the car of Mr. Satish, I. G. 's son !
- Where is he? - He's coming.
- Mr. Satish, how are you? - I am fine.
Hey! Do you close your eyes and drive?
I swear upon the Almighty, it's not my fault, it's his!
How dare you blame him! I'll hang you upside down the whole night!
Sir, will you have tea or a cold drink?
I drink only distilled water.
- Take him away! - Sir, I am a very poor man.
For God's sake, please have mercy on my children !
- Take him away! - Listen ! . . . Come here!
- Will you do it ever again? - Never, I promise!
- Leave him! - Thank God that he has forgiven you !
Get lost from here!
- What is the matter? - He banged against his car and. . .
He bumped into my car and then apologized later so, I forgave him!
- Did you write a complain? - No, sir.
So, you numskull, what is your name?
Alright, you can go.
- Goodbye, sir! - Goodbye!
Good that you let him go or there'd be a case and you'd get into trouble.
What do you mean?
Whoever may be at fault in an accident. . .
but a drunken driver is the one who is punished.
Look, don't try to teach me law, understand !
You need to understand law more than any other citizen, Satish. . .
because, you are a police officer's son !
If you do anything illegal. . .
then your father's position and his love, both will be shattered !
You are nobody to think about my father's position.
You just think what you will lose if you talk too much !
If this is a warning then I accept it!
Suraj, only time will prove how tough this challenge will be for you !
Just a minute, Mr. Satish !
Even I'd like to give you one advice.
You can consider this as a warning too!
The way we have met twice, if we happen to meet the same way again. . .
then I will arrest you and put you in this lock up!
What nonsense! Under the charge of a police inspector like you. . .
an entire truck is whisked away from a police station. . .
this is impossible!
Do you know the headlines? It says ' thief pulls wool in the cop's eyes. '
I know that you can do anything but, you'll never be slack on duty!
But, this did happen and I want to know how did it happen?
- Was some cop involved in this theft? - No, sir.
- Then was it actually a wrong truck that you seized? - No, sir!
Then should I consider that the offer made by Dhanraj to me. . .
was accepted by you?
Bribe is like an abuse which I can never tolerate!
And I cannot bear the abuses the media is hurling at us!
The police is being ridiculed in the entire city!
We have no other option but to drown with shame! !
- I want to know the reason ! - Sir, you won't be able to bear it.
- What do you mean? - I don't wish to hurt you.
- It's better if we close the topic. - Stop this rubbish, inspector!
It's my duty to expose things to the world, not close it!
I want to know it, immediately! It's my order! Who is it?
Only the one who is close, can pull wool over our eyes!
- Who is it? - Your son, Satish !
Inspector, you are crossing your limit!
I shouldn't cross my limits that's why, I did not mention in the report.
Evidence is mentioned in the report, not doubts!
To hide your fault, you are using my innocent son's name.
I never expected that you'd be such a cheap and a vile man !
Even I never expected your son to use the pretext of an accident.
What proof do you have that it was Satish?
Didn't the accident happen? Didn't he stay back after the driver left?
He told me everything, even that, you tried to teach him the law!
Sir, I spoke to Satish considering him as my younger brother. . .
and not as Inspector Suraj !
But now, I speak to you only as Suraj. . .
that, it's not late, please take care of Satish.
Or, the son of the protector of law will one day become the destroyer!
And you will be devastated !
If this was not my office and if I was not in my uniform. . .
then you would pay a very heavy price for your words.
Don't speak to me or my son regarding any work!
Alright sir, but as a police officer. . .
I'll surely make a file of the thief who whisked away a truck from here!
And you'll be the first one to read that file!
Very good, Satish. You really are great!
Your one move has silenced that inspector Suraj forever!
He's told my father that he'll make a file on the truck thief.
But before that, I'll see to it that he is sacked.
- Hi, dad ! - Hello child, come!
Meet him, he is Mr. Satish, I. G. 's son and my partner.
And this is my daughter, Aarti.
- You are worth worshiping. - Excuse me!
- Thank you ! - Child, what happened to your show?
I'm making arrangement for that, I'll make a move now.
- Okay, take care, child. - Bye!
I made a mistake by asking you to make me your partner.
Why did you want something else?
Yes! What if I ask for your daughter's hand?
I liked your frankness.
- Does that mean you. . . - Look, I have no problems.
But, what about your father?
Father is very eager to get me married.
And the man who marries Aarti will be the luckiest man in this world.
- You? ! - Won't you ask me to come in?
Why are you pursuing me? I said I. . .
I have come here to say something, not listen to you !
And you will have to listen to me!
This is a decent man's house and I don't want anyone to see you with me.
- It may defame our reputation. - You've become very nasty, Ajay!
- Didn't I tell you that I am Vijay! - No, you are Ajay! My Ajay! !
I am not Ajay! !
I know your self respect is stopping you from getting close to me.
But I have a solution to that problem.
Rhytm dance school is organising a show.
The winner will get a cash prize of 300 thousand rupees.
You can win this money and become Ajay once again !
What nonsense! Sometimes you talk of love and then lure me with money!
Look, the man you are looking for perhaps may be greedy for money. . .
but I am not concerned with money!
I plead to you. I have a small family. . .
I have a mother, brother, sister and also a wife and a child !
And I love my family more than myself!
I'll not ask you to introduce me to your wife and child. . .
Because, I know that you are lying.
But let me tell you one thing, one day, I'll make you speak the truth !
O God ! What should I do?
Do what you feel is true!
You? ! When did you come here?
When your words were stabbing the heart of that poor girl !
Where is your wife and child?
You will not understand anything !
Perhaps! But I can surely understand that girl's love and her woes!
Even I am a girl and let me tell you one thing with confidence. . .
that, no girl will pursue a man like this, if she doesn't truly love him!
Swear upon me that you don't know her!
No sister, don't say such words!
I cannot make a false promise and until Aarti doesn't get married. . .
to someone else, I cannot tell the truth !
But I swear upon you that whatever I am doing. . .
it is for Aarti's good !
Son, take these offerings.
- Anything special? - Yes, we've fixed a match for Laxmi.
The alliance was fixed since she was a child, she too likes the boy!
They have called us to fix the wedding date.
I am totally against the dowry system.
If I have faith in anything other than Bhagwad Geeta. . .
it is the 20 point plan ! But. . .
You have eased me from a great tension.
I consider dowry system as a social evil.
First let me complete what I have to say.
This was just my first pause!
To cut it short, when the bride comes here. . .
it should be obvious she's come from one affluent family into another!
I don't understand, Mr. Fakirchand.
Okay, let me put it in a simple manner.
When she comes here, she should be wearing atleast 100 kgs of gold !
And that gold should be 22 carats.
Besides, she should also carry 10- 12 kgs of silver. . .
a Maruti van and a 2 7 inch color Television.
And also a VCR and other things.
I follow Gandhi's principles, I cannot ask anything else besides her.
But yet, if you insist on giving your sister something. . .
then how can we stop you?
And where will I get these things from?
Alright, I understand your problem, forget the gold and silver.
Give us 200 thousand rupees in cash !
And if you cannot arrange even for this. . .
then forget it, your sister is like my daughter. . .
when you fix her marriage somewhere else, you can invite me. . .
I'll surely come and bless her!
Brother, I will not get married ! !
You'll not get married here or you'll never get married?
Please don't cry, all my life I've cried but I cannot bear your tears!
You will get married and that too, with the same boy!
And everyone will give their consent for your marriage!
Rhythm dance school is organising a show. . .
the winner will get 300 thousand rupees in cash.
Ladies and gentlemen, as you all know that in this show. . .
the artist who performs the best. . .
will be awarded a cash prize of 300 thousand rupees.
So, hold your heart. . .
the winner 3f this show is, Vijay Kumar!
- Congratulations! - Thank you, sir.
- Here, hold this. - Thank you very much.
Will you yet say that you are not my Ajay?
Yes, I am Ajay!
I was very sure that you would participate in this show.
My helplessness compelled me to do so.
Now you are not helpless, I hope you will not leave me and go again !
I have to pay a dowry for Laxmi's wedding. . .
that is why, I won this prize.
And what about me, you did not think about me?
I cannot do anything for you, Aarti.
Perhaps we were destined to meet and part ways!
I wanted to create hatred for me by being. . .
unfaithful and behave badly but,. . .
But, what is it? Which is the obstacle that has come between us?
I cannot tell you anything, Aarti and please, don't ask me any further.
And if possible, please forget me!
Hey! What are you doing?
We want you to come in the light, any problem?
If your photo is published, the Pune police will unearth your old records.
And then you very well know where you'll be.
Let me go, I have given up all my old habits. . .
and I want to lead a decent life!
You want to lead a decent life? No problem!
Just give us this money.
With great difficulty, I've earned this money for my sister's wedding.
But we can get it very easily, snatch it from him!
You want this money. . . alright, it is here!
Whoever has the guts, come ahead and pick it!
Come on !
Ajay, what is it that is keeping you away from me?
And look at me,. . . inspite of being away, I try to be close to you !
- You? ! - Yes, it's me! !
- I long to be with you. - Stop dreaming about me!
Or you will have to repent.
My name is Satish and if I like something. . .
I get it at any cost!
My name is Aarti, I can belong only to the one who deserves me!
I don't let despicable men like you to come even close to me!
Get lost!
This foolish girl is obsessed with Ajay!
Dhanraj, I know a way with which she'll overcome her obsession.
- Who are you? - Count the cash, sir!
It is more than you had asked for.
- But. . . - Now, no more ifs and buts!
Just fix the marriage date.
As you please!
But remember one thing, brother Suraj is against dowry. . .
if he learns about this then he'll ask you to go back and I. . .
I'll take this back!
- Excuse me. - Inspector, you? !
Yes, me! I'd like to meet your company driver, Rahim Khan.
- Hello, inspector. - Mr. Dhanraj, it's you? !
I never expected to meet you here.
As an owner of the company, I've to come here but,. . .
why did you take the trouble of coming here?
To give you some trouble!
I am making an enquiry of the truck about which you spoke to the I. G.
The same one which was whisked by Rahim Khan on the behest of Satish !
You are making a false accusation. Do you have a proof?
The evidence will clearly stand out, Mr. Dhanraj. . .
once if the company driver, Rahim Khan comes in front of me!
We don't know any man by that name.
You don't know him or are to trying to hide him?
Inspector, you have no right to accuse anyone without any evidence.
I will tell you about my rights when. . .
I'll have driver Rahim Khan in my hands!
Just a minute, inspector.
Until that time doesn't come, don't come here without permission.
Next time, I will step in here with a prior permission. . .
and that permission will be your arrest warrant!
Hello, Inspector Suraj Prasad here.
The driver Rahim Khan you are looking for, his real name is Rashid.
- Where is he? - Some people are taking him to a cave to kill him.
Oh ! But who are you?
Where have you'll got me? Where is the helicopter?
- Which helicopter? - The one that will take me to Rajasthan.
- No, you'll go to the cemetery! - What do you mean?
The man who is being watched by the police, should disappear forever. . .
this is the principle followed by our boss!
Rashid is with Suraj. . .
and I've heard that he is going to testify against us!
The mouth that speaks against me is made to shut forever!
Before he gives his statement, Rashid will be killed.
- Greetings, inspector. - Greetings. Yes?
- I'd like to meet Mr. Rashid. - Nobody is allowed to meet him.
I'm his wife and I'd like to tell him that. . .
we have not received the money for which he became a criminal !
It would be better if he tells the police about the real criminals.
- Constable, take her to Rashid. - Come along.
I am giving my statement without being pressurized by anyone. . .
that the number plates was switched by the I. G. 's son, Satish.
Whatever I did was on Satish's behest.
Satish is involved in smuggling with Mr. Dhanraj.
Rashid, someone has come to meet you.
Who are you?
- Thank you, inspector. - Did you convey your message?
Yes, sir. May God bless you ! I'll leave, good bye.
Sit down, who was that woman?
She was Rashid's wife, she had come here to explain to him that. . .
he should confess to the police.
Rashid, you. . . Oh, my God !
What happened, Rashid?
Did you do the work?
Go and attend to Rashid.
Send some men out, what are you seeing, call the doctor.
Don't worry Rashid, the doctor will be here!
A true Muslim man's religion is incomplete without confession.
Please,. . . hand me that pen !
Here it is!
O Almighty, please take care! !
- You? ! - Don't be afraid.
Neither am I drunk nor am I feeling enticed looking at you. . .
that is why, we'll only talk!
How could you dare to come to my house?
Dare? ! . . .Your house,. . .you. . .
everything that belongs to you, is mortgaged with Dhanraj !
And Dhanraj must have told you that I am his partner.
What do you want?
I want to take advantage of your love.
Your beloved, inspector Suraj, has made a file in my name.
You have to steal that file from his residence.
- I'll not do that. - Alright, I heard you refusing me.
And when Dhanraj hears this, he'll get very upset. . .
and then will you be able to bear the repercussions?
- I'll get the file! - I knew it!
I said that I have some personal work with the I. G.
When is he returning back from Delhi?. . .Tomorrow, it's alright.
- Hey! When did you come? - The police suddenly raid houses.
And I have come here to raid your house.
- Greetings, aunty. - God bless you ! Come and sit here.
Sit down.
- Mother, she is Kamal. - You don't have to introduce her.
- I understand everything. She is Laxmi. - Hello!
- Make tea for her, child. - Yes, mother.
What work do you do, child?
- Well, I. . . - Hey! Didn't you call me yesterday?
Such a big incident took place in your police station yesterday. . .
I was worried about that.
By God's grace, I was successful in my mission !
Rashid died only after he signed the file that I had made against Satish !
Unfortunately, the I. G. has gone out of town. . .
or else, with his permission, by now, I would have arrested his son.
You must protect that file.
Don't worry, I've kept it here in a cupboard, nobody can take it away!
Tea !
- You've stained your dress. - Never mind, aunty.
- You can wear my sari. - Yes child, please feel comfortable.
- Very strange! - Come with me.
What were you thinking of?
Okay mother, I am getting late, I'll go and get dressed.
Here, you can wear whatever you like!
Oh ! This is brother's file.
No, you wear this one! Brother had liked it very much.
I'm sure you'll like his choice.
You change into this, I'll go and make some more tea for you.
You are looking very beautiful, you should always wear a sari.
Alright, I will.
Let me tell you how you should drape it.
Like this!
You've come at the right time, son. Come and meet her.
Hey! Why are you feeling shy of Vijay?
A girl may be very modern but she does feel shy after wearing a sari.
Mother, I'll be back in a minute.
- Okay, I'll leave now. - Give me these clothes, I'll get them washed.
No, I'll do it myself.
I have cremated Suraj's desire!
And you were instrumental in helping me.
That is why, you can ask for whatever you wish.
For God's sake, get out from here!
that is why, I'll grant your this wish !
Mother! !
- What happened? - Mother, where is the file that I kept here?
You had kept it there, where could it go?
That's exactly what I want to know, where did that file go?
Strange! I wonder where your Suraj has disappeared?
You called him here half hour back!
Can I come in, sir?
Please come, inspector! !
You shouldn't go through a trouble to arrest me. . .
that's why father has called me here.
- Quiet, Satish ! - I'm sorry, father!
- Where is the file, inspector? - Someone stole it from my house!
That's strange! Well, I was here all the time, isn't it?
Besides, I've never been to your house.
Sir, I have no clue how all this happened.
But I know it!
The pride of police department, a man obsessed with duty. . .
and the one who wipes the darkness of crime with his brilliance. . .
has fallen in his own eyes today!
The expenses of his sister's marriage and. . .
his girlfriend who dances in hotels have altered his principles!
Selfishness and greed have turned him into a corrupt man !
- This is an accusation, sir! - I have a proof.
The man who used to create panic in the hearts of the criminals. . .
has now, become their saviour!
- What proof do you have, sir? - You want a proof?
This is the proof!
Yes, Vijay! His real name is Ajay!
He's the same thief inspector Yadav came looking for in Mumbai !
You've made him your brother and given him a refuge in your house. . .
and you are trying to accuse my innocent son?
Listen, Inspector Suraj Prasad.
Your previous police record is very clean. . .
that is why, I am not taking any immediate action against you !
But, if you don't clear your position in the next 1 month. . .
then I will dismiss you !
Don't offer milk to a snake, mother!
- What are you saying, son? - I am saying the truth.
This rogue is a reptile!
- Brother! - Don't you dare call me brother!
Tell me how much money did I. G. 's son give you for stealing the file?
What are you saying, brother? I did not steal the file!
I very well know how to make you confess the truth !
Move, mother! Get up and tell me.
Brother! What proof do you have that he has stolen the file?
You want a proof? Ask him what his occupation is!
Doesn't he dance and gather crowd and then rob people's homes?
Isn't he the same whom Inspector Yadav is looking for?
Yes, it is the truth that I was a thief.
And even this is true that inspector Yadav is looking for me!
But, I've not stolen the file!
- I swear upon you Laxmi, you. . . - Don't make false promises.
- Tell me where the file is or I'll kill you. - Trust me!
- Suraj, listen to me! - Mother, you please move away!
- What are you doing, Suraj? - Stop it, brother!
Suraj, what are you doing, will you kill him?
Yes, I will ! He is not only stolen the people's wealth. . .
but he has cheated a mother's love too.
He has conned a sister's love! !
By acting as a younger brother, he has played with my emotions!
He has humiliated me in front of the I. G., I'll kill him!
No Suraj, I will not let the protector of law, break the law!
The law and the court will punish him for his crime.
Alright Inspector, before I lose control over myself. . .
just take him away from my sight!
Come on !
Look at this!
Yes, Ajay. He fooled the police by changing his name to Vijay.
And now he is in the police custody. I am very happy to read this!
The man for whom you waited all your life, turned out to be a thief!
- No father, this is a lie! - No, it is the truth.
This is the reason he kept avoiding you and running away!
- I don't believe it! - The court will ask for proof.
They'll ask for evidence, which stand against him!
It would be better for you if you forget that rascal !
I cannot believe it! !
- What are you saying? - I am saying the truth !
Ajay told me he was going to give the prize money for Laxmi's wedding.
Why did he become a thief and what connection he has with that gang. . .
I don't know anything but, I definitely know that. . .
if he was greedy for money then instead of running away,. . .
he'd marry me and become an owner of property worth millions!
My heart says that Vijay can never be wrong !
can never steal your file at any cost!
Brother, I know that Vijay can never swear upon me falsely!
He may do anything but I am sure, he cannot steal your file.
You can hit me as much as you want and even skin my hide. . .
but believe me, I have not stolen this file, inspector!
You numskull ! I hit you a little and you forgot to call me brother?
- You stopped me from doing so! - Then even I am a numskull !
By doing the police job, my head has toughened up like this stick!
The greatest of the criminals mellow down in front of emotions. . .
but why didn't I think that you too, could change?
Will you hit me and forgive me or will you hug me?
You? !
Yes! Because of her, I learnt the truth about you.
I am very grateful to her.
And to repay this favor, I'd like to know why did you break her heart?
Brother, Aarti does not deserve me!
What could happen so drastic that makes you say so?
By marrying me, she'll ruin her life and her honor!
Stop these dialogues and answer me!
I still don't know why you didn't turn up on that day!
My father was willing to get us engaged.
Then what stopped you?
Vijay, give me an answer. What happened that day, what stopped you?
Tell me, Vijay.
that before marrying her, I'd earn so much money. . .
which could buy all the pleasures and luxuries for Aarti.
That day, when I was getting dressed up for the engagement. . .
when suddenly. . .
- Yes? ! - Problem!
- What? - Aren't you Mr. Ajay Kumar?
- Yes, why did you ask? - I'm the manager of Shivaji Hall.
- I've some important work with you. - Look, I'm in a hurry today.
You can come tomorrow.
Please Mr. Ajay, I'm in a major problem.
If you don't help me then not only will I lose my honor. . .
but a lot of money too!
Please understand my situation, I am getting engaged today. . .
to Mr. Dhanraj's daughter, a lot of influential people are visiting. . .
so, I have to be there in time!
No problem, you'll reach there in time!
I just need one hour of your time.
And I'll pay you 25 thousand for this one hour!
- 25 thousand? ! - You can give an expensive gift to your fiancee.
What do I have to do?
We've organized a dance competition in our hall.
Suddenly, the main dancer fell sick. . .
the public will get agitated if we cancel the show. . .
everything can be fine if you participate in this show.
I'll do it!
Someone. . . .someone has killed her!
Problem! Not someone, it's you, who has killed her!
- Me? ! - The idea of arranging this show was to trap you.
The entire public has seen you throwing the knife.
Besides, there are your fingerprints on the knife!
And these photographs are enough to prove that you are the killer!
Problem! Now, you have only two alternatives.
One, get punished for this murder. . .
second, keep dancing to our tunes all your life!
The choice is yours!
After this, going back into Aarti's life meant. . .
intentionally making her a widow!
If they would give those pictures to the police then I'd be hanged. . .
but, what would happen to Aarti?
- But you didn't commit that murder. - Only you & brother will trust me.
But the law confers justice based on evidence.
It's the police's duty to gather evidence. . .
I'll go and arrange for your bail documents.
I'll call you in a minute.
We were supposed to get engaged on my birthday but you didn't come.
Tomorrow is again my birthday, we'll complete the unfinished task. . .
and wipe out that past year from the book of our life!
I will not get married if brother Vijay does not come back.
It's the duty of a brother to fulfill his sister's desire.
- Brother! - Mother, give him something to eat, I'm going.
Don't cry, you know I cannot bear to see tears in your eyes.
Brother, why is God testing you so much?. . .
my wedding, Aarti's love. . .
and then, the file getting lost.
Don't you know that these tests make a man much more stronger!
And with this strength, not only will I prove myself innocent. . .
but also expose the I. G. 's son, Satish !
- I. G. 's son? ! - Yes, he is the same guy who tried to molest you.
And that file contained the dark facts of his life.
I swear upon you, that until I don't wipe out the stigma. . .
attached to brother Suraj's position after the theft of this file. . .
neither will I live peacefully nor, will I let Satish live peacefully.
Sir, your father called up sometime back. . .
he's gone to a party and will return late.
- Shall I serve your dinner? - No, I've to go for a party.
- You eat and sleep. - Alright.
- What happened, Ajay? - I'll tell you later!
- Please don't hit me! - I'll cut you into pieces & feed you to dogs!
You ruined my life, you made me change my name from Ajay to Vijay. . .
not only that, I had to even desert my girlfriend because of you !
I felt helpless only because of you, now answer me!
What are you saying, Ajay? She's a dancer in my father's hotel.
No! She is the same girl for whose murder I have been accused.
She'll now confess how she pretended to die. . .
why did she trap me, what did she want from me?. . .
today, she'll actually be killed by me or she'll tell me the truth !
I know it's your job to dance & expose yourself in the public.
But like any other woman, I'm sure, even you have a heart that beats. . .
emotions that endow love and mercy, all this is a beauty of a woman !
These qualities of a woman makes her as great as God !
People call woman a Goddess because of these qualities.
For the sake of all this, please save my love!
- Your love? ! - We both love each other.
My father was willing to get us married & suddenly, Ajay disappeared.
For one whole year, I kept searching for him everywhere.
Finally, God felt sorry for my tears. . .
I found him again but, only you can wipe out. . .
the accusations attached to his name, I plead to you !
I'm sure, even you must have loved someone, for the sake of that. . .
please save my love, Kamal !
- Aarti, I cannot say anything. - Your death was just a pretense.
But if I don't get married to Ajay then I'll kill myself.
Don't say that Aarti, I did not know that unknowingly,. . .
I was made to commit such a big sin. Now, whatever may happen. . .
I will surely not be the reason for ruining your lives!
I was made to do this by Mr. Dhanraj.
What? ! !
- My father? ! - Yes!
Thank you very much, Kamal. The hurdles put in my path by. . .
my father, will be overcome in front of everyone today!
Wait, Aarti. Don't do any such thing that will disgrace you as a daughter.
As a daughter, I have always respected my father.
But today, I will rebel.
As far as the people are concerned, I don't give a damn about them!
Stop this nonsense!
Quietly leave this place or I shall have you thrown from here!
Don't you dare even touch him!
Father, weren't you supposed to get me engaged with Ajay?
Then why do you want to throw him out? What happened to you now?
I would do the same if he would have come here that day!
Your snare was so well laid that it took me one year to get out of it!
Sir, there is a saying that. . .
even a beast doesn't harm his family and relatives. . .
but you did not even spare your own daughter!
Shut up! Whatever I did, was in my daughter's interest!
No father would approve of his daughter marrying a nondescript man !
Then there was no need to put up an act!
You should have told me, I would have myself walked away!
Atleast, there would be no stigma attached to my name!
You've not only broken my heart, but made yourself a criminal in my eyes!
I am ashamed of calling you my father!
Aren't you ashamed of humiliating me in front of everyone!
Aren't you ashamed of holding the hand of a thief in the public?
He is my life partner and I feel very proud to hold his hand !
- I'll cut the hand which goes against me. . . - No, Mr. Dhanraj !
These hands tried to stifle love in order to respect father's love. . .
but now, these hands have learnt to protect it's love!
Enough of dialogues, hero! Now quietly leave her hand and go away!
Or, my one telephone call will be enough to put you behind the bars!
Who'll be behind the bars will be decided when the police finds. . .
wads of notes and unlicensed weapons in your cupboard.
Come on, Aarti.
Now, I'll teach you a lesson !
Hey! Stop acting like an ape!
- Or else. . . - Father, you really have become very cruel.
You are aiming your gun at me? !
If required, this gun can also make a hole in your neck!
No father can kill his daughter!
Of course he can kill, if he is not the real father!
- What? ! - What are you saying, Dhanraj?
I'm just her far off relative!
While dying, her parents entrusted me with two responsibilities. . .
raising her up and the custody of the entire property.
Then, she was only two years.
- And my parents? ! - They both died in a car accident.
But actually, we were the ones who organized that accident!
You are my parent's murderer and all my life, I treated you as my father!
But, I always treated you as my bank.
I could have strangled you when you were small.
But later, I learnt that your stupid father had made a will.
The entire property, after your marriage wouldn't go to you. . .
but to the man who would marry you !
You killed my parents, created obstacles in the path of my love. . .
I'll hand over the entire property to you, just let me marry Ajay!
This is not possible! By now, you'll know all our secrets. . .
that now if you escape, it could prove to be dangerous for us.
Besides, I like you a lot! Get both of them along !
I was coming to see you ! Father? ! !
Wasn't his sickness the reason for dancing at Dhanraj's tune?. . .
and for his sake, you pretended to die and trap my brother, Vijay!
- How did you know? - I have made an enquiry, Kamal.
I am taking your father to the police hospital.
Suraj, how I wish I had found you earlier.
From now on, all your responsibilities come to an end !
Ajay and Aarti's life is in danger. . .
Dhanraj has taken them to the cave of Zanjira !
Ajay had seen unlicensed weapons in Satish's room. . .
that's why, he wants to kill Ajay.
Nobody can harm my brother till I am around !
I'll drop your father to the hospital and head towards Zanjira.
Meanwhile, you go and inform the I. G. about everything.
Don't you dare falsely accuse my son !
This is not an accusation !
On your son's behest, I stole the file from Suraj's house. . .
along with Mr. Dhanraj, your son smuggles unlicensed weapons.
What proof do you have of the nonsense that you are speaking?
The proof lies in your son's room, in his cupboard !
Listen, if this is a lie, then you will be severely punished !
Come with me!
It's yet not late, try to mend Satish's ways. . .
or else, the son of the protector of law, will become the destroyer. . .
and that day, you will shed the tears of blood !
Hello, control room? This is I. G. Ranjit Singh speaking.
Put barricades on all the roads in the city.
And arrest my son, Satish, as soon as you see him!
Yes, my own son, Satish !
Very bad, father! !
A father opens all doors for his son but, you are closing them!
That's sad !
Had I known that you'll disgrace my honesty and respect like this. . .
then I would kill you when you were born !
You will have the roads opened for me!
- I will never do it! - Yes, you will ! !
I know that you don't care for your life. . .
but if this poor girl is killed in front of you. . .
you will not be able to bear it!
The anger in your eyes may despise me. . .
but one bullet can make a hole right into her. . .
that's why, keep your eyes on the road.
Don't outsmart me father, or else. . .
Sir, we received information that you ordered your son's arrest. . .
but he is with you !
Someone must have made a crank call, the entire police force is baffled.
It really is a sick joke! I'll inform the control room right away!
- Drive towards Zanjira, father. - Don't call me father!
Okay I. G. Ranjit Singh, let's move!
Get down !
Not you !
- Father. . . - I said don't call me father!
For the last time or there won't be any fun in saying whatever I want to.
Remember when I was a child and we used to travel. . .
I used to play mischief and you used to scare me saying. . .
that you'd abandon me in a jungle.
Today, I am abandoning you.
Get in ! . . . Move!
No! !
Ajay, what happened to you?
You can embrace each other as much as you wish !
In sometime, your love story is going to come to an end !
Just like the stories of the lovers who never had a happy ending !
Men like you have no idea of how much power love possesses!
Forget this world, even the God's above, cannot separate us!
We'll die but, we'll not sacrifice our love at this beast's altar!
Foolish boy! Even God cannot interfere with my intentions!
Do you know why this dais, priest, lawyer and this camera is here?
These are a proof to your marriage which will make me earn millions!
I am just waiting for Satish to arrive.
Your this dream will never come true even if you kill me, you rascal !
I have kept this swine alive so that you don't die!
And until you don't give your consent. . .
we will torture him!
I will pierce these red hot burning rods in his body!
I'll bear anything Aarti, but you don't lose hopes.
Please don't give your consent for my sake!
Let me see how much two lovers can endure!
You care a damn, isn't it?
Move away, Aarti ! !
- I say move, Aarti ! ! - No! !
- Move her! - Don't lose hopes, Aarti !
Leave me! !
No! !
Care a damn?
- Say yes, Aarti. - Aarti, be strong !
Your support is my strength !
Ajay, I cannot bear to see you being tortured !
Close your eyes and until you don't hear my voice. . .
don't open your eyes!
You'll have to do it for my sake!
I love you, Ajay!
Ajay, I love you ! !
- No, Aarti. - I am very impressed with your love!
Now I shall etch out your love story!
Now, I shall pierce out his eyes!
The wounds that you have inflicted upon my brother. . .
I'd like to pump that many bullets in your body!
But the law and your relation with Aarti has tied my hands.
He's not Aarti's father, he is her parent's murderer!
You scoundrel, I'll have you hanged !
First, come and save her!
- Throw the gun, inspector. - Don't bother about me, Suraj.
Kill these beasts and save Vijay and Aarti's love.
To save their love, you'll have to sacrifice your own love!
No brother, I'll not let you sacrifice your love for our sake!
- Leave me Vijay! - No brother, please listen to me!
Come on, Aarti.
- Leave me! - Come along with me!
Come on !
Vijay, go and save Aarti, don't waste time!
Go and save Aarti !
Leave me! !
Help! !
Help! !
Move away, Ajay!
Let me die, Ajay!
- Father? ! - I said don't call me father!
Sir, why did you do this?. . .
to save my life, you sacrificed your own?
What was the point of living? A successful I. G. P. . .
proved to be an unsuccessful father!
How I wish I had paid heed to your advice. . .
then a son wouldn't kill a father. . .
and a father wouldn't kill a son !