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Uploaded by wigs on 19.11.2012

Sound take 8, 34.
Scene 117, take 4.
Okay, so what’s your name?
So, where you from?
I’m from Bulgaria. I’m from Sofia. And I was five when I left Bulgaria.
And I moved to England. And we spent eight years, maybe eight and a half years in London.
Or close to London, southeast London.
And after that when I was twelve, we moved to America.
Now, what was that like? Especially coming from London. Did that feel like…did you get any kind of culture shock?
Oh my God, absolutely.
L.A. is a…it’s a whole different animal.
I mean, it’s gorgeous and everyone has a different house and everyone’s wearing workout gear and you don’t know who’s rich and who’s not.
That was a huge shocker. Like people wear flip-flops and workout clothes and driving Porsches or Maseratis, you have no idea.
It’s like a movie set. Nothing is permanent, everything’s a matte painting, everything’s an illusion and it’s constantly changing.
Wait, was that, that didn’t answer your question at all, did it? No that was perfect, that was perfect.
Um, what scares you? Scares me?
I was the kid that turned on all the lights. I mean I guess all kids did, but they stayed on for a very long time.
This is why I don’t do shrooms or any kind of hallucinogenic. I’m really scared of what could possibly come out. Very scared of that.
What makes you laugh?
Honestly, like, the thing that makes me laugh the most is when someone has the balls to make fun of me.
Do you have a favorite movie, or scene?
Best scene ever.
Oh, okay. Hard Candy. Very perverse movie.
But, one of my favorite scenes is the last scene, when the guy jumps off the building, she runs towards him and it’s all silhouetted in the sun and it’s gorgeous.
Yeah, that’s great.
Are you recording now?
So, do you have any special skills?
Ta da!
So when did you first know you wanted to be an actor?
Oh, it was when I saw my first silent movie.
And I knew I wanted to be a leading lady. I just knew it.
Is Charlie Chaplin your favorite movie star then?
I think he’s lovely. But I’m a Buster Keaton fan.
Just saying.
So it says here that you’ve done some dance training.
Swing dancing, and kind of like a, Charleston dancing. Oh, yeah. Love to dance.
What about the time you went to Indiana?
I was lying, I was down in Alabama.
You said you had some business you had to complete.
What I was doing I would be a cad to repeat.
Scene 7, take 1, sound 10.
So, if you got this part you would be playing opposite Tik Tok. Now, what do you think of him as an actor?
He is, um, incredibly beautiful. He’s had some pretty spectacular roles, that you can’t go wrong with.
How do you feel about the character he would play in this film? It’s dark, it’s twisted, it’s-
He’s perverse but at the same time elegant. Everything that is touched is…it’s thought out.
But I like things that disturb me.
So would you be willing to do nudity?
You know…
No, not my style.
Scene 117, take 4. Speed.
Could you read this, uh, scene for us? Just, probably just the last two lines is fine.
Do you want me to play it to the camera or does it matter?
That’s fine.
You know the thing about a shark? He’s got, lifeless eyes, black eyes. Like a doll’s eyes.
Then he comes at you. Doesn’t seem to be living.
Until he bites you. Then those black eyes roll over white. And then, then you hear that terrible high pitch screaming.
Then the ocean turns red and in spite of all the pounding and the hollering they all come in and rip you to pieces.
Was that alright?
That was awesome. Are you serious?
Perfect. That was exhausting.
Is that all? That’s it.
That was awesome. Great, thank you so much, Gumdrop.
You’re welcome.