Student Research Opportunities: Stephani Pescitelli, Environmental Biology

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Hi, my name is Stephani Prescitelli, and I'm a senior
studying environmental biology here at Eastern.
As a prospective student, I had really high expectations
for my university experience.
I finally chose Eastern because it had a perfect balance of the
strengths that I was looking for--an innovative
environmental biology program, a strong Honors College,
and also an emphasis on study abroad
and other experiential learning activities.
I've participated in challenging classroom experiences
with small class sizes.
But these programs have also connected me with
very valuable experiences outside the classroom.
Even though I chose a school in central Illinois, I've been able
to learn about marine ecology in the Bahamas, also
study a semester through study abroad in the Netherlands
and travel around Europe.
And I also studied a semester on the coast of
northern California, where I learned about
ecology and sustainability.
And all of these things have been very valuable to me
as far as my academic interests, but also valuable
on a personal level.
With these travel experiences I've gained the confidence,
the inspiration, and also the focused passion to really
push my education forward and make things happen
right back here on campus.
So as a senior, I work as a peer advisor in the Office of
Study Abroad, and I also conduct undergraduate research
in micology in the Biology Department.
And I love what I do because it's challenging, and it's
exciting, but it's also contributing to something
that I believe in.
I've been able to take advantage of a quality academic system,
but also co-curricular experiences that are
accessible and integrative.
This balance of quality academics and also accessible,
integrative, co-curricular experiences has allowed me
to apply what I learn to make an impact in the real world and
use that to prepare for grad school, and really empower me
to take my education to the next level.
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