La casetta

Uploaded by presepiando on 22.08.2011

Hi All, Today we'll see how to build a house!
Yes you got it, how to build a little house for the Christmas crib....
La Casetta (the little house)
This is the skeleton we are going to make and use
here what you need: glue, paper, scissors and a cutter
All this other stuff is for later, to color and to refine...we'll look at this later
Let's start by creating the skeleton in this way
Earlier we cut the shape that you can see I'm using now
Now that we have the skeleton, we put the roof
done, it will dry in a couple of minutes
Then, we need to build the roof, like a real roof
We need to add tiles to the roof...
Let's start from the bottom
The glue will dry and we'll color on top of the tiles, so no worry
Then we build another layer...and so on until the roof is full of tiles
Here you see when all the tiles are on the roof
Now, we build windows and doors by using a cutter
We'll also make a little balcony
We use some wood to make doors and balcony
You cut it the way you want the door to be open or closed
Same approach for the balcony
We now attach it to a base made of wood.
To refine now we need, colors, cork, moss and anything else you want to use
You really need to be creative, I'm starting with some cork now...
Some wood, to make trees...I use beech
And moss, in different colors
then the floor....
and the house is done....
Later we'll see more advanced stuff you can make starting from a little hose, like this...
Thanks a lot and see you soon, CIAO