Homemade Chicken & Potato Soup Recipes : When are potatoes done?

Uploaded by expertvillage on 18.01.2008

Hi on behalf of Expert Village my name is Andrea Spano and I'm going to show you a couple
of soups today from my new book Not Just Desserts. I think it is time to test the potatoes now
remember we are boiling the potatoes approximately 34-40 minutes about 3 pounds of potatoes and
about 1/2 onion quartered, margarine, the jalapeƱos potato peppers and lets see how
they are doing now. Okay. I can see that the potatoes are very soft you see how the fork
runs easily into the potato. So it is at this point I'm going to shut the soup off and let
it cool down a little bit before we puree it. This soup is a great autumn soup, it's
very it is nice and rich but it is simply delicious.