Using the LastPass Translations Tool

Uploaded by lpuser11 on 04.05.2009

Welcome to LastPass Screen Cast, this screen cast explains how to use
LastPass translation tool to help translate LastPass to other languages.
The LastPass translation tool is split into a few different areas.
The top left hand corner you can select your language.
On the left is a list of all files required translation grouped by product type.
The main area displays a list of strings for the currently selected file,
so selecting a different file will change the strings that are displayed.
When you select the string,
the details of that string are displayed at the top in four boxes.
The first box displays the english string that needs to be translated.
Below that is an automated translation of the english string,
That might assist your translation.
In the top right
is where you enter your translation for the string
and below that is where you can enter your comments about your translation as a
reminder to yourself or for the benefit of other translators.
Once you have entered your translation you can save it by simply moving onto
the next string.
If you start making a change but want to cancel your change before you've saved
it you can click the X button to revert back to the original translation.
If you're ever unsure about your translation, you can mark it as fuzzy by
clicking the fuzzy checkbox.
There are some other tools in each of the boxes that you can bounce over to obtain
additional information including keyboard shortcuts.
In particular there's a history button that allows you to display a history of
all changes for a particular string.
Above the list of strings are some other tools that allows you to search and
filter the displayed strings.
You can search for a word,
or phrase, as well as show/hide strings that have already been
translated are fuzzy, or ones that have yet to be translated.
If you need to search for a word or a phrase across all strings in all files,
you can use the search feature that is displayed in a drop-down when you hover
over the LastPass logo.
if you want to view all recent changes to your language, you can use the history
feature again present on the drop down after hovering over the LastPass logo.
That's all for now
Thanks for helping translate LastPass.