EF New York - Tarrytown, New York, USA

Uploaded by EF on 09.06.2010

Welcome to New York, the city that never sleeps!
This is the largest city in the USA - as well as the most exciting.
The "Big Apple" truly has it all; with its world famous sights,
eclectic fashion scene and bright lights of Broadway,
there is something for everyone.
The very center of the action is the animated Times Square.
Whether you go during the day or at night, you're sure to be dazzled.
Just a couple of blocks from Times Square is New York's Grand Central Station.
This is where you hop on the train to go to the picturesque town of Tarrytown,
and the stunning campus of EF New York - just a 40 minute train ride from Manhattan.
Originally a university, EF New York feels like a traditional American college campus
with its lively international community, gorgeously set among 50 acres of woodland.
The campus has beautiful school buildings, tree-lined walkways,
and an impressive university library.
In addition, there are large lecture halls, multimedia language labs,
student lounges with free Wi-Fi access,
and a bustling student cafeteria serving international food.
The campus also has great sporting facilities, including a swimming pool and a fitness center.
Here on campus we can do a lot of things.
Like we can go to the gym.
We have one big hall where we can play basketball, volleyball or badminton.
Each year we welcome students from over 50 countries.
Our peaceful campus is the perfect place for you to focus on your learning.
We're very close to Manhattan so you can make the most of your free time
while you're studying in New York.
EF's unique curriculum, based on the Efekta System,
caters to students of all levels and abilities.
Whichever program you choose our unique curriculum
includes the latest multimedia learning tools to ensure maximum progress.
Students in New York can study on an extensive range of programs.
We have Business English classes and students can study on a
University Foundation Year.
In addition there are Master English Programs.
There's Master English for International Affairs, Master English for Fashion and Design
Master English for Media and Art.
In general, the internship program is a very popular program in New York.
You do your English classes in the morning and in the afternoons you can work
in an American company.
This is where students can get real, hands-on experience
in a business environment, working with Americans, side by side.
I do the Master English for International Affairs
which is basically a program oriented on international affairs,
politics, human rights, international law.
EF New York offers first class accommodation, where you can experience American campus life.
Live with students from all corners of the globe in our refurbished dormitories right on campus.
Enjoy the international atmosphere, and make new friends from all over the world.
Living and studying in New York allows for so much fun outside class.
The EF Activities Coordinators will help you make the most of your free time.
Hi, my name is Xylina Diaz and I'm the Activities Coordinator
at EF New York. I make sure students have fun in their free time.
And in a city as buzzing as New York, this isn't a hard thing to do!
I organize trips to the Statue of Liberty and to games at Madison Square Garden.
Whether you are shopping down Fifth Avenue or watching a Yankee's game
at the newly renovated baseball stadium, there's never a dull moment at EF New York.
Check out New York's famous museums with a trip to the famous Guggenheim,
the Metropolitan,
or the Museum of Modern Art, MoMA.
Take a stroll through Central Park, made famous by its appearance
in many movies and TV series.
Join weekend trips arranged by EF to see Boston, Washington D.C.,
or Niagara Falls,
the massive waterfalls separating the U.S. state of New York and Canada.
New York is a big city. You can do a lot of shopping.
For example, going to Fifth avenue.
Good clothes, good music, it's a good city I like it!
I think it's a wonderful city,
It's really big and so interesting, I've never been here before and I absolutely love it!
New York is the high energy capital of the world.
With iconic yellow cabs, silver skyscrapers and a multi-cultural population,
this city always lives up to its exciting reputation.
You have seen it in the movies, now be a part of it
- New York, New York!