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Hello, wherever you are watching around the country,
and welcome to It's Academic.
I would like you to meet these three schools.
The first is Peakhurst Public School.
They are green all this week.
And we have got Jessica today, Simon is the team captain,
and Leo as well.
Welcome, kids.
Ashbury Public School - red all week.
Christy, Liam is the team captain, and Louise. Welcome.
Warragamba Public School.
We have Roy, Amber is the team captain, and Matthew.
Welcome, children,
and people who aren't children as well, who watch this program.
Simon, we're going to give you 100 bonus points.
We haven't had a Simon for a long time on the program.
Um, Jessica, Simon - namesake - and Leo.
Peakhurst have had a very good week so far.
Let's see how these three go.
Good luck.
What is the term for the fleshy bit of skin
that hangs from the neck of a turkey -
is it A, grevillea or B, wattle?
Grevillea. Wattle is a flower.
The wattle is the bit of fleshy skin that hangs from...
..a turkey's neck.
How many 'F's in the word 'difficulty'?
In what year did construction begin on the leaning tower of Pisa -
was it A, 1542 or B, 1173?
Don't know.
It was! 1173.
Wow. That's a long time ago.
(LAUGHS) What is...
That's the most obvious thing I've ever said on the program.
What is 7 x 7?
49 is correct, Simon.
And finally...
Galinda, Elphaba and Fiyero
are all characters from which stage musical -
A, 'Wicked' or B, 'Hairspray'?
Not 'Hairspray'.
A. A.
Peakhurst, 140. Solid start to the game today.
Christy, Liam, Louise from Ashbury. Red are on deck and ready to go.
What is the term for a turtle's shell plate -
A, a scute, that's S-C-U-T-E, or B, a loblolly?
A. A, a scute.
It is a scute. It's correct.
I'm with you guys.
Never heard of both of them, but we know now.
How many 'R's in the word 'giraffe'?
Two. Two.
Just the one in 'giraffe'.
The Leaning Tower of Pisa
was constructed mainly from what material -
White marble.
B. B.
A, white marble, it was.
What is 4 x 12?
48. 48.
48 is correct, with whispering from Christy.
Miss Adelaide, Benny Southstreet and Nicely-Nicely Johnson
are all characters from which musical -
A, 'Guys and Dolls' or B, 'Little Mermaid'?
'Guys and Dolls'. A.
'Guys and Dolls' is correct.
'Sit Down, You're Rockin' the Boat'.
Ashbury, 130 points.
First round not quite done for them yet.
Random Spotlight for red now.
Special topic, 9 times tables.
Question - what is 9 x 12?
108. She's straight onto it.
Well done. Up to 150 points go Ashbury.
Roy, Amber, Matthew step up for Warragamba right now.
What is the main component of a seashell -
A, calcium carbonate or B, keratin?
A? B.
A, calcium carbonate.
Keratin in fingernails - and rhino horn, sadly.
How many 'T's in the word 'graffiti'?
One. Two.
One in 'graffiti', there are, Amber.
How many storeys high is the Leaning Tower of Pisa - A, 18 or B, 8?
No, I don't know.
Eight is correct.
And question 4. What is 3 x 8?
24. 24.
24 is correct.
And finally, Daddy Warbucks, Miss Hannigan and Molly
are all characters from which musical -
A, 'Annie' or B, 'Cinderella'?
A. 'Annie' is correct.
Good finish to the round, Warragamba.
130, heading in the right direction.
Lead, Ashbury. 150 points.
Early stages.
Now, she's back. Minerva, I am talking of.
She and her friends have been having a picnic outside the academy
on a lovely day.
When they return, though, the academy's drawbridge is up.
They can enter via a little door next to the main entrance,
..which is 10m wide and forms a square around the building.
The friends have found some old planks of wood,
but they're only 9.5 metres long.
How can Minerva and her friends cross the moat?
Jim has suggested that they pole vault
Jim's...well, he's not the sharpest tack in the box, possibly.
We'll find out for you after the break.
Minerva and her friends have been having a picnic...
Very nice day.
..outside the academy.
However, when they return,
the academy's drawbridge is up - problem.
They can enter via a little door next to the main entrance,
but first they have to cross the moat...
I'm not sure if it has crocodiles.
..which is 10m wide
and forms a square around the building.
The friends have found some old planks of wood,
but these are only 9.5 metres long.
How can Minerva and her friends cross the moat?
Minerva places one of the 9.5m planks
diagonally across a corner of the moat.
Then she uses another of the planks to span the moat
between the first plank and the academy wall.
She's so smart.
Was Neil in there? I didn't see him.
Um...Neil's a spider.
I don't get any of those.
I have to read the answer before I know what's going on.
She's smart, let me tell you.
Thank you, Minerva.
Christy, Liam, Louise. 150 points.
Let's start Round 2 with some smarter people than me.
If you are valiant, are you - A, cowardly or B, brave?
I think brave. B.
Brave. B.
You are brave, Liam.
What is 5.7 + 2.6?
LIAM: Anyone?
On average, how far is the planet Mercury from the sun -
A, about 20,000 kilometres or B, about 60 million kilometres?
I think it's B.
B is correct, about 60 million.
Mercury's distance from the sun varies a lot
because its orbit is oval.
Spell 'beard',
as in, "The pirate had a thick beard and a hook for a hand."
Nice work, Christy.
You set off for the swimming pool at 5:05am, hypothetically.
It takes you one hour and 25 minutes exactly to get there.
What time do you reach the swimming pool?
6:30 is correct, Christy.
Gee, you live a long way from the swimming pool.
That's a bit of a hike at that time of the morning.
190 points, Ashbury.
Random Spotlight, purple now.
Warragamba are about to cop that spotlight.
And Roy is in it.
Special topic, the Sydney CityRail network.
We haven't had this before.
Question - not including Central,
Circular Quay.
Circular Quay is one of them.
Town Hall, Wynyard, St James or Museum.
Well done, Roy.
That's a very specific topic. I like it.
Warragamba, on with Round 2.
Question 1.
If a flower withers, does it - A, bloom or B, shrivel?
What do you think?
I'm not sure.
B, shrivel, is correct, Amber, if it withers.
What is 6.2 + 2.9?
Roy, the heat was on you there, with everybody staring,
but you came through.
Good work.
In total, how many kilograms of rock and soil
have Apollo astronauts brought back from the moon to the Earth -
A, about 24kg or B, about 382kg?
That is correct.
That's a lot of rocks.
They have to pay for the excess baggage every time they come too.
It costs a lot.
Spell 'lounge', as in, "The family sat on the lounge to watch TV."
Is correct, Amber.
You set off for the supermarket at 4:20pm.
It takes you 45 minutes exactly to get there.
What time do you reach the supermarket?
5:05pm, correct.
Well done.
Good round, Warragamba. Good enough to put them in the lead.
200 points.
Peakhurst. Jessica, Simon and Leo.
If you recoil, do you -
A, rush eagerly towards something or B, spring away from it in horror?
That is correct. You spring back in horror.
Question 2.
What is 7.5 + 1.8?
9.3, Simon, is correct.
Around how many Earth years
does it take the dwarf planet Pluto to travel once around the sun -
A, 57 or B, 248?
That is a lot of Earth years.
Goes beyond any of us.
Spell 'guitar',
as in, "The musician played an electric guitar."
You set off for the train station at 8.55am.
It takes you 55 minutes exactly to get there.
What time do you reach the train station?
9:50, Simon.
Took a little while, but we got there.
Thought we were gonna take 55 minutes to get the answer for a bit,
but you came through in time.
190 points, Peakhurst.
Very close game. Lead with Warragamba.
Beat the Buzzer. Good luck, everyone.
Clock starts now.
What's 68 + 14?
(BLEEP!) No takers. 82.
The book series by author Meg Cabot is 'The Princess WHAT'?
'Diaries'. Correct, Christy.
Is Orion a planet?
No. No is correct, Leo.
It's a constellation.
A Maine Coon is a breed of what animal - cat or dog?
Cat. Cat it is, Amber.
What is 78 - 52?
26. 26 is correct, Roy. Just in time.
Which of these is another name for a valley -
a glen or a duncan?
It is a glen. "From glen to glen" - 'Danny Boy'.
Warragamba has the lead - 220 points.
Halfway stage. Back with Sal after this.
ANNOUNCER: This series, our contestants will take home
the Encyclopaedia Britannica 2012 Ultimate Reference Suite on DVD-ROM.
Whether it's for homework or just for fun,
students can explore subjects
like science, sport, history and geography,
thanks to Encyclopaedia Britannica.
And thanks to Literacy Planet,
our contestants will be motivated to work on their literacy skills
with a 12-month home subscription
to a digital online English literacy resource
that is aligned with the Australian English curriculum.
Now, around here lately, Turkey, Phil, Antoinette, Brian,
we've all been worried about Sally.
Heat! Bubble up! Cook! She's yelling at food all the time.
(CALLS) Sal! Sally!
Oh, sorry, I'm cooking with sound.
Yeah, OK, I'm being a bit silly,
but the idea of cooking with sound is a real one.
But there's just a little more involved than simply YELLING!
A research team is on its way to developing a cooking stove
which is able to convert heat from fuel, like wood or dung,
into sound energy,
and then into electricity to cook food.
The team from the University of Nottingham
is working on the part of the process
that turns the sound energy into electricity
using a special arrangement of magnets.
The researchers hope the system will be able to produce enough energy
to also power lights, and even charge mobile phones,
burning only a kilo of fuel for an hour's worth of electricity.
The best thing about this clever technology
is that its low cost means it would make electric stoves more affordable
for rural communities in developing countries,
where access to electricity is limited.
It could also provide jobs for those who build them,
allow households to sell excess electricity to neighbours
and reduce the amount of fuel currently being used.
Who would have thought
cooking a tasty cake could have so many benefits?
Very good!
Thank you, Sal.
Living in a yellow box for four years,
you would start yelling at food, I reckon.
According to Sally, the new stove...
This is the question.
..will hopefully produce an hour's worth of electricity
by burning how many kilograms of fuel?
One kilo.
Well done, Christy. One is correct.
Up to 210.
We go to Warragamba. Purple starts Round 3.
Alphabetically, which word comes first -
'period', 'perish' or 'pecan'?
Pecan. Pecan.
'Pecan' - correct.
Which of the two flags is the national flag of Sri Lanka - A or B?
B. That is correct.
The other, the flag of Wales.
I like that Sri Lankan flag. I love that flag.
How does the female olive colobus monkey
typically carry her newborn young when she's travelling -
A, in her pouch or B, in her mouth?
That's correct - in her mouth. Not a primate.
Or, IS a primate, I should say, not a marsupial.
She doesn't have a pouch.
This word, which means to rap on a door with your knuckles,
begins and ends with what letter?
'K'. Correct.
Which Australian tennis player
won the 2011 US Open women's singles championship -
A, Samantha Stosur or B, Jelena Dokic?
A. A.
That is correct. It was our very own Sam.
270 points. Great round, Warragamba.
Going well.
Back to Peakhurst.
Alphabetically, for green, which word comes first -
'worship', 'worth' or 'worsen'?
Worship. Worship.
'Worsen', it is, Simon, there.
Which of the two flags displayed is the national flag of Vanuatu -
A or B?
A. The other, Comoros.
The olive colobus is typically found in what habitat -
A, forests or B, arid deserts?
A. That is correct.
This word, which means to have faith in something or someone,
begins and ends with what letter?
Foundation of the community, trust, isn't it?
And the family.
Who did Sam Stosur defeat
in the women's singles final of the 2011 US Open -
A, Ana Ivanovic or B, Serena Williams?
Serena Williams. B.
Very good.
220 points, Peakhurst.
Random Spotlight thrown into the mix now for green.
Take them to 240 if they get it.
Jessica, all yours.
Special topic, 'Matilda' by Roald Dahl.
Question - in the book, and beginning with 'F',
who Matilda borrows a parrot from in order to scare her father?
Can you repeat the question?
In the book, and beginning with 'F',
what's the name of the young boy
who Matilda borrows a parrot from in order to scare her father?
'Fred' is the answer to that one.
I think 'Matilda' would be our most requested Random Spotlight topic,
just about.
Peakhurst staying on 220.
Ashbury. Christy, Liam, Louise. Round 3, red.
Alphabetically, which word comes first -
'groovy', 'group' or 'ground'?
Which of the two flags displayed is the national flag of Nepal - A or B?
A. A is correct.
The other, Cambodia.
What does the diet of the olive colobus monkey
typically consist of -
A, leaves, flowers, fruits and seeds or B, termites and other insects?
A. Correct.
This word, which describes a sweet or a gift,
begins and ends with what letter?
At the 2011 US Open tennis tournament,
what was Sam Stosur's championship-winning score
against Serena in the final -
was it A, 6-1, 6-1 or B, 6-2, 6-3?
B is correct, Louise. 6-2, 6-3.
270 - lead still with Warragamba. 260, Ashbury.
Unscramble on the buzzer.
Beginning with 'B', name this household object.
(BUZZ!) Peakhurst?
Bowl. That'll do it for us, Jess.
Your Fact or Fiction choices for green are -
Unusual Words Beginning With 'C',
Supercute Baby Animal Names, or Ghost Towns.
The first one.
That is Unusual Words Beginning With 'C'.
Five questions, everyone. Fact or Fiction?
A caparison is a horse's decorative body covering.
That is a fact, Amber.
A group of cheerleaders is called a chanticleer.
Fiction. Chanticleer is a rooster.
Fact or fiction?
Fact, it is, Leo.
Fact or fiction?
A cognomen is another word for a surname.
Fact. Fact it is, Amber.
Fact or fiction?
Cordwainer is an old word meaning 'shoemaker'.
Fact it is.
We're heading to Cairns to a croc farm.
G'day. My name's Nick Stevens.
I'm a crocodile farmer at Hartley's Crocodile Adventures,
and today we're going to talk about crocodiles.
Crocodile farming is basically a conservation tool.
Here at Hartley's we have around 3,000 crocodiles,
and we get more each year through the breeding season.
Breeding season is between October and March.
That is when the wet season combines with the high humidity.
Well, the female, depending on her age and size,
can lay between 40 and 80 eggs, and that's once a year.
and that'll be an 80-day incubation process.
Crocodiles are a fascinating animal. They're the ultimate survivor.
Been around for over 240 million years.
Just absolutely fascinating.
Thank you, Nick. Good facts in there.
Two questions. Question 1.
According to Nick,
the breeding season for crocs is between October and what month?
March. March is correct, Christy.
Question 2.
According to Nick, how long is the egg incubation process?
80 days.
80 days, Jessica says, is correct as well.
Warragamba still have the lead. 290 points.
Final round. Beat the Buzzer. Exciting.
Starts now.
What is 97 - 34?
(BLEEP!) 63.
Can the red panda grip things with its tail?
No. Correct.
The 2010 movie 'Ramona and Beezus' stars Selena Gomez.
True. Is correct.
Does the dish Bombay duck typically contain any duck?
True. No, it does not.
What is 49 + 11?
60. Correct.
True or false?
Male walruses typically become paler as they age.
True. False.
Captain? False.
No, it is true.
Beginning with 'T', what is the term for a traditional Scottish...
And we're out of time.
That would be a 'tartan'.
Checking scores.
Peakhurst - Jessica, Simon, Leo, 260.
Tied with Christy, Liam, Louise from Ashbury, 260 as well.
Both second today.
Winners, congratulations! We've broken the pattern.
It's Warragamba.
Roy, Amber and Matthew. Well done to purple.
When you come back tomorrow,
one of them through to the semifinals.
Join us then. Bye-bye.
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