Diary of a Dirty Tongue - Hot Delivery Chick

Uploaded by curebadbreath on 17.05.2011

(Intro music)Whats up Orabuddies? The higher ups have finally taken notice of my vast talents
and professional potential. The regular warehouse guy is sick,
everybody else is swamped.
I've got a meeting in like 10 minutes.
We need you to do one simple thing. "They made me chief managing vice president
director of all warehousing
and logics....
And stuff to help cure the world of bad breath. Can you take these Orabrushes?
and put them
in these boxes?
it's really simple just one thing
Don't touch anything else. Its a complex system.
Just the Orabrushes in the boxes. Got it? Ya, ya, ya. Ok you're a life saver Morgan.
I got this.
You know what they say, if you want a job done right, you give it to Morgan.
So what responsibilities do you shoulder
with courage and vigor? (chewbaca yelling)

Leave it in the comments below.
If there's one thing
I really pride myself on, it's my work ethic.
Plus, I'm like really, really big about organization.
I am kind of OCD about the details and it really drive the other slobs crazy.
But, I get stuff done.

I am known for
my endurance
and stamina in my work
But warehouse work
is long,
and cold
you start to feel like a caged animal.
Hey... Hey.
All I need is a signature. And then I am gone.
Next time
try being a girl.
Morgan! What happened?!
I was killing...
the mice problem...
It's a new system for organization
I think I am more cut out for secretarial work, ya know?
Important to learn. Live and learn...
Even when you are the best at what you do
In this economy, every career has its sunset. Look at that!
right now to ten percent of people
have to be unemployed, and I just decided
I'll take one for the team.
Go. Go work.
I'll just be here holding down the fort.
and don't forget to prescribe to my channel, because when it comes to youtube,
Nobody gets the job done like Morgan.
I have this job!
Orabrush guy is a jerk!
the thing is amazing!