Bleu de CHANEL: The Making of - 1/4

Uploaded by CHANEL on 05.08.2010

Well who knows New York better than Martin Scorsese.
I was surprised to see that
they had got huge director for this commercial.
You don't get a lot of occasions to meet huge American directors like this
when you are a French actor
I am normally working in France so
I am happy this commercial got to New York
with an American Director.
Working with him is great, he has his own style,
his own way of telling stories.
In this commercial you can feel his touch,
the different shots and the way it's filmed
and the way he is telling the whole story
in only a few minutes
'Would you like her to re-phrase the question'?
It is a new way of doing a commercial
because it is more like a short film.
It is the first day of shooting and it is basically a scene in this beautiful place,
Moto Café.
It is a mixture of a lot of memories a lot of flashbacks
It is the first encounter between Hector and Sofi in the story.
Basically he is walking in the street
and sees this beautiful creature through the window
and starts filming her with his old camera.
I saw you through the window, you look great on film.
And that's like a little game of seduction between them.
So he asks her if she wants to follow him the subway and do more filming
and that's how the love story begins.