Make A Guild Video!

Uploaded by geekandsundry on Sep 14, 2012


Hey, everybody.
Felicia Day here.
Here's my throne room.
As you know, Guild Season 6 is premiering right here on Geek
and Sundry on October 2.
And as a fun community project, I have a
proposition for you.
Not that kind of proposition.
What we're asking you to do is make a video summarizing the
plot of Guild Seasons 1 through Seasons 5.
Act like the viewer has never seen the show before, and do
them in the most creative, weird way possible.
Submit the video as a video response to this video, and
also email us a link through the Contact form on
All the submissions will be featured in a playlist on this
channel, and then my very favorite will be put on a
Guild Season 6 DVD.
That's kind of an old school crown of glory.
Check out the description below for more information.
The most important thing is, the videos cannot be more than
a minute and a half.
Seriously, too long, didn't watch, right?
The deadline for sending the videos to us is September 25
at midnight.
And my favorite will be featured in a hangout on the
Saturday before launch, September 29, we're going to
show the video.
And we might even invite you into the hangout.
Winner, favorite person.
Talking to you.
So it's going to be an awesome, awesome way for us to
launch our new season right here on
this brand new channel.
And I'm excited to involve you guys in it.
So somebody started a lawn mower.
I think that's my cue to stop.
All right, I can't wait to see you guys' videos.