Agnes Monica "Konser Coz We Believe" Part 7/8 (Engsub Cc)

Uploaded by blastoop1 on 27.09.2012

Besides people who think I never feel sad, broken-hearted, there are also people who think that I never have any problem.
They think I'm always happy. They only see me from my twitter, or on stage, or before the camera.
Perhaps, they think: "Agnes lives a good life. It's so lucky to be her. There's no problem for her."
But that is wrong because, as you know, I am what I am today because of the problems that I faced.
That's what teaches me.
I have a saying, that when I am sms-ed, "Don't say 'God, I have a big problem', but say 'Hey problem, I have a big God'."
For that, I try not to feel discouraged.
I try not to feel lonely, even though in my position I sometimes feel lonely.
But I know that I have someone up there that's taking care of me, watching me. And I don't have to feel discouraged. I don't have to feel lonely.