2NE1_TV_Season 2_E07-1_Final Days in London

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We need to have a pop song.
Cool, young, girl, club, pop, a lot of melody.
People will say
you know that song?
Will I am and those girls from Korea.
"2NE1" you know.
Yeah, I heard a lot things.
It's like on the Star Wars.
You know a lot groups make money
they turn egotistical and they break up.
But 2NE1 got something special.
And I feel the energy
and I think working with Will I will be beneficial.
He's a genius, you know.
2NE1 will do fine.
Welcome to our camp.
Recordingless, free afternoon
It's the son of Zeus.
Wear that hat with wings.
I really like Greek mythology.
Park Bom in London.
And this is Dara.
Dara’s nickname is ‘bird’.
That man’s got some fashion.
Oh, the old man.
Would you look at how he’s standing? Look at his pants.
Title of that is CL clipping her nails.
Dara is clipping CL’s.
The picture is really pretty.
The sculpture is not so.
She wants to go and eat.
Don’t you get sleepy when you come to places like this?
Yeah, you, too. Just like me.
I want to hurry to the lower floor to see the weapons.
Swords and guns like this.
Bunnies were the animals the rich people hunted bunnies Look on the status of bunnies in the 16th century take 1
Only them. Like me now.
- I look aristocratic. - Wait, wait, again.
The riches hunted long time ago. Take 2
Bunnies could be hunted by the rich people only, so...
Big bunnies... only riches can hunt...
Please explain.
Only the rich people hunted in the old days. TAKE 3.
Because you need a lot of money.
So, the riches caught and killed the bunnies.
Oh, poor bunnies.
2NE1 on the weapon floor
Not now.
Let’s go get a crown.
Dara’s wearing one.
Look at this.
Your waist got to be this thin to be considered nice.
Like this.
I’m the mother of this country.
Members leaving after touring the museum
I’m the mother of this country.
Go and see if the enemies have attacked.
See if it’s safe here.
Why are the maids late?
She called us ‘maids’.
Maids, little like the rich ladies.
Turn on the heater right now.
We got to protect CL.
I said protect CL.
I am the mother of this country.
You must protect CL.
CL is coming.
It’s safe here.
Don’t take her picture.
Don’t take a picture of CL.
Hey, I thought you’re doing that to Dara.
Suddenly protect me.
Finally! Museum tour ends with circus
What is this?
Look at Bom’s face.
- Is it a video? - Yes.
Geeze. I was posing.
I posed and he took it. CL running from the sun
I think I should make my music video here.
The members came to the restaurant!
I’m hungry.
Excuse me.
This place is run by a real famous person.
It’s not really my taste.
But it’s pretty.
2NE1’s formal photographer M.I.N.KIWA
Me, too, in CL version.
CL version.
Three bumps on the forehead.
Do I look like CL?
She’s got three bumps on her forehead.
I think it’ll be pretty if I wear it here.
The ordered food finally comes
The table is too small for the ordered food.
Is it good?
Amazed, what’s this?
It’s delicious.
You have to do this if it’s good?
You are eating like a camel today.
- No. - look, look here.
Why, what are you doing? This.
Does this look like I’m chewing gum? I’ll try it, let me.
Camel’s lips.
I didn’t know I do that.
Oh, really?
Oh, my stomach hurts.
I can’t eat. Embarrassed.
Did you enjoy your dinner?
Yes, it was great.
Heading toward the studio for the next day’s recording!
We’re here!
We’re at the new workplace.
Isn’t it neat here?
So, we considered not using it.
2NE1 heading to the recording room
What up yo!
DJ POET pumping up the mood before recording
We got to work with new people.
He’s called DJ.
I think he’s a fun person.
That’s 2NE1 TV camera.
What up yo? 2NE1 TV
We put in the world doing big super stars.
My name’s POET, right.
Listen to the new song we recorded.
POET Black Eyed Peas joint producer and formal DJ Remix album [Invasion of BOOM BOOM pow] Album producing
Minzy, show him your dance. You got to do once here.
Go up, go up there.
Go up where.
AMMO Black Eyed Peas joint producer and formal DJ Remix album [Invasion of BOOM BOOM pow] Album producing
This guy is the best DJ and
He wrote 4-5 songs for ‘Black Eyed Peas’ new album.
He always works with Will.i.am
And when Will.i.am doesn’t do his own track
this guy... really has a lot of his music.
The other guy writes melody and lyrics.
that's for the girls.
And the beginning part.
You want to put rap in that part?
That's you guy.
And do the other rap like this
I think a guy should do the second part.
It’s just my opinion. What do you think?
So right now the way you have it in there you want a guy in there.
Break time
No, no.
Go away, no.
2 people want to see Bom's talent
No, no.
No, no.
One song that can really wake her up.
Her butt's like.
One, two, three, four.
No, no. Not this look.
Are we recording now?
So the crowd thing
like the exciting singing.
- Yeah, World Cup song? - World Cup song.
2NE1 enjoying the free atmosphere
The crowd cheering.
Then, I'll be back.
See ya.
- Tomorrow at 2 o'clock. - Yeah, 2 o'clock.
I'll think of ideas more little bit.
See you later.
I gotta say bye to the camera.
We didn't get to record anything today.
Not much done today so.
The song's really good.
We are going to the 'Camden market'.
It's great there.
It’s really cheap and unique many things like that.
This is the place.
Camden Market where young people find unique fashion and sense!
Wouldn’t it be fun?
Hey, I’m going.
2NE1 meets Korean fan at the Camden Market
Thank you.
Thank you.
It’s nice to see a Korean far away from home.
Little cold.
Belt shop that Dara wanted to come!
Isn’t this totally cute?
I only have Dara’s gift to buy.
- I got this. - Nice.
That evening in Minzy & Bom’s room
Now, it’s our mask time.
I better not laugh.
I bought this penguin jacket.
I think it’s pretty.
The guy who sold me this said
Wow, you are so cute. so I bought it.
I’m going to wear it on TV.
2nd recording schedule
We were waiting for you.
Yeah, let's replace these.
Who's going first to do that part?
Like 1st verse?
That high line.
Would that be like the hook?
I don't know.
I want to hear it.
It's like the hook, right?
Then a vocal should do it.
OK, can you do it now?
Can you do it (right now)?
I got to hear (the melody).
Try to go with the chest.
Yeah, that's gonna sound good.
For 2NE1!
Go along with this.
Just listen to it and whenever you feel start singing along to it.
I'll give you a quick track, too.
That's it! Don't forget to say 'we go'.
Can I get you to do it to stack it.
Combine it with Bom's part.
See how you stretch at the end
we go' at the end.
Do that again.
You got it?
OK, ready?
Yeah, OK. Come in.
I'm hungry. Hungry.
You must be hungry.
But why do you keep turning around?
Hey, vitamin.
We definitely need vitamin.
2NE1's vitamin, Dara
2NE1 having lunch in between the recording
How dare...
An otter made me fall.
DJ POET enjoying 2NE1's music video
I really like the song.
Look at that.
Watching the old video, I mean it hasn't been that old but it’s somewhat embarrassing.
Four singing together begins!
Now the other track on the double.
OK, let’s do the third one now.
Oh, I got to do this higher?
Yeah, I think you can scream.
Like how you did, in verse 1 here.
I think you can do it like that.
One more time.
Everyone, I came to the room to play Dara’s room after a busy day of work
Dara is sleeping.
To Dara
Dara, oh Dara.
Dara, Dara
Everyone, I convinced Dara.
Do you see this?
I can’t breathe.
I’m sorry, everyone.
I will check if there’s any lice in her hair.
Hey, I got no lice.
Here, Dara... in the camera
Is lice.
Everyone, I can’t even get up.
I just ate and I’m heavy.
Say your greeting.
Good night, now.
Everyone, good night.
2NE1 came to see Big Ben Clock Tower in London
I think the clock’s really big if you go close.
Hey, don’t listen to anything I say.
It’s snowing. Snowing It’s snowing.
So that’s what she said that it’s freezing cold.
Feeling the cold wind of London
Always fun
Oh, cold.
Don’t act so cute.
Oh, my legs, my legs hurt.
I shouldn’t have worn this today.
I didn’t know you’ll wear heels.
You’re tricked today.
I think this is Dara’s and this CL’s
Corn, Bom. Apgujeong
We are now leaving the room.
On the way.
I think it was more comfortable with work and all
I think we’re adjusting.
I guess it will be a different feeling when we go to LA next time?
Off the elevator.
Show me.
I aged some at here, I these days.
Going to the airport to return to Korea
I think I spent the time being busy.
It would’ve been better if time went slower.
I thought time went by slow when we were in the US but
There were things I wanted to do.
20 min before landing at Incheon Airport.
Sat with Minzy today.
We’re landing. Landing.
We’re landing, everyone.
We’re landing.
Returned to Korea.
We’ve landed. Safely.
what's up
what's up
Dara wants to hide from the sun.
No matter how much she tries
Please do this dance.
I’m not good.
He’s not YG.
This is nobody... somebody will do it.