Student work: U-Bikes and Cyclab

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Narrator: Did you know that on campus you can rent a bike for just 15 bucks a semester?
Narrator: It's thanks to a program called U-Bikes, working together with the Cyclab. They can be found in a building
Narrator: behind the WaWa that you've seen and probably not cared about before.
Mars Jullian: There are a lot of bikes on campus that are left here by students who pay $100 for a Walmart
Mars Jullian: bike and then realize it costs $200 to ship it home. So, Public Safety will collect all
Mars Jullian: these bikes, and then we'll take them, and we'll add new parts on them, and we'll send
Mars Jullian: them back out as part of our rental program, so that these bikes aren't just left to waste
Mars Jullian: on campus, so that they can be reused and re-ridden.
Narrator: U-Bikes also rents out over 100 of these beautiful orange bikes. Plus, they'll give you a stylish
Narrator: helmet and a bike lock for free!
Anthony Cross: This is the Cyclab. It's Princeton's community bike co-op. It's a do-it-yourself space --
Anthony Cross: we have tools, we have volunteer mechanics like myself to help out, and it's basically
Anthony Cross: just a space where the Princeton community, the university, can come in and learn how
Anthony Cross: to work on their own bikes, how to fix up their bikes, how to do basic repairs -- where
Anthony Cross: the bike community at Princeton can come and hang out and work on bikes.
Anthony Cross: (We're) just kind of creating a bike culture here so people can really ride their bikes around.
Anthony Cross: I just volunteered to help out, and I've been doing it ever since.
Tessa Maurer: Damn, I did a number on this bike.
Tessa Maurer: So, I basically just got my bike revamped for seven whole dollars.
Narrator: Here's a fun fact: Riding a bike instead of driving improves cardiovascular health and
Narrator: reduces your emissions by 100 percent.
Narrator: So, stop by U-Bikes, and help build a sustainable transportation model. Others will follow.