Cypress College - 40th Anniversary

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During the frantic summer of 1966 Cypress College was born.
In an amazing 74 days, the campus went from
real estate transaction to reality.
That's right, just two and a half months.
Portable buildings went in place to service classrooms
for the first adventurous students.
Faculty had office space in apartments that remained on college property
after the land had been acquired.
And those who were here that first day, September 12th, 1966,
remember anxiously watching the flag pole in hopes that the cement
holding it had been given enough time to solidify.
With the Charger's first class successfully enrolled,
work began on the college's permanent buildings.
The architectural concept was simple, yet different from other area colleges.
Put the people on one level, the piazza, and the traffic below.
Unimpeded by traffic, students would be able to walk completely across campus
in five minutes, from the outer edge of the parking lots or to the center
of campus in half that time.
Another design feature of the campus was the house concept, which provided
gathering space and student services,
such as food and counseling, in each academic building.
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As work began on the permanent structures, the temporary buildings
began shifting to various locations.
Work on the Science/Engineering and Math building,
and the Theater building was completed in the mid-'70s.
And the last instructional building, Tech Ed 3, or the Health Science building
as it's also known, opened in 1966.
The campus was complete.
That is, until voters approved the Measure X Facilities Bond
earlier this decade.
Renovations began. Ground breakings were held.
And earlier this year, the Library Learning Resource Center opened
at the east end of the pond, becoming the first new building
on campus since America's bicentennial.
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The story of Cypress College, however, is not the buildings,
it is the people.
Through the years, we've held many fun, and often interesting events on campus,
Fine Arts hot tub race, a Mr. Cypress College competition,
Jane Fonda and protesters appearing, a snow day on the piazza,
and of course, duck pond race after duck pond race
after duck pond race.
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There were farewells, and opening days,
and celebrations of service to the campus and the college's students.
We've even had a p.j. party.
The campus mourned on 9/11.
And we honored our nation's spirit of community service
in more than 30 years of Americana awards banquets.
Bets have been won and lost.
Friends have been made.
And administrators have taken on different roles from time to time.
In the 40 years, many employees have come and gone.
We've hired fathers.
And later their sons.
The operator.
And many, many wonderful faculty.
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And a tremendous support staff.
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Many instructors have found a home here, touching lives for years.
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Sadly, some have passed on.
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Our students arrived from all parts with a wide variety of desires and dreams.
But each is afforded a top quality education and direct interaction
with faculty members.
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There are places to relax and socialize on campus and off.
Students come and study hard.
They bring life to the campus.
For some, that involves participating in our championship athletic programs.
With titles in basketball, softball, women's soccer, women's golf,
and baseball, too.
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Andy Foo enrolled just to work on his car, now it's his career.
Mike Sellers became a police chief.
There are actors and pro-athletes, like Trevor Hoffman,
and basketball's Mark Eaton.
Walter Bowman became a successful real state broker,
and he just keeps giving back to the college.
No matter who the student, it's our goal to help them succeed
and all that culminates with graduation.
Every year it is the highlight as students achieve a special milestone
in their life after years of hard work.
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We offer them heartfelt congratulations, and the cycle begins again.
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