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Bring Mr Khandge's reports to me.
There is absolutely no problem.
lt hurts in the morning. - lt will. lt was a major surgery.
Also you are not getting any younger
l will prescribe some tablets. That should lessen the pain.
The name of the tablets is Voveron. Take twice a day.
And Crenophin syrup. Take it before bedtime.
This will give quite a relief.
lt's such a relief talking to you.
Should we continue with the same medicine?
When should l come next?
After a month.
Give a call before coming.
Ok? You may go now.
Ok. Thank you!
Send me a glass of water please. How many more patients?
No patients, just some Medical Reps.
No. Not today. Tell them to come tomorrow. l am too tired today.
What about Dr. Baidyanath?
l have been trying to contact him. No luck so far!
Give Dr. Sane a glass of water.
Dr. Sane?
Want to see the doctor. - Not possible today.
Yes, l am on my way.
How much longer? - Just 15 minutes.
What's happening out there? - Some patient.
Who is it now?
l will handle it. Don't Worry.
Hmm, ok.
Dr. Gupte here. - l was waiting for your call.
l have examined Mr. Pradhan. l think we should go ahead with
Abdomino Perinal Resection.
When should we plan the surgery?
Hold on a second.
What is going on there?
He is very persistent. Says he is coming from a distant place.
Did you tell him.
l am trying to explain, but..
Try one more time.
Yes sir. l will try.
Yes you are right. But the growth is just four centimetres away..
Don't you understand or what? Don't insist.
Yes we will meet tomorrow.
So where is he from?
Did you tell him the clinic timings?
Yes sir l did but...
One minute. - Are you still there?
l am just leaving now!
Ok send him in.
But.. sir?
That's all right.
Come in!
Come, come.. Good Evening!
Good Evening!
Say hello, dear!
Please have a seat.
Come come
Easy easy...careful!
lt is almost the closing time.
There was an accident on the highway. so...
Doctor Ranade is a very famous doctor in our district
He said see Dr. Sane. Everything will be all right.
Yes, S.P. Ranade is my friend.
So what is your name son?
Tell him your name
Smart kids aren't shy!!
Do you like it? Come, come here.
What is your name? - Parashuraam
Can you see my hand? - Yes
Now? - Yes
Now? - umm..
What is the problem?
He has trouble seeing things at far.
Since when?
Two to three months
l told my teacher. - So you don't go to school?
l see two of everything. - That makes him stumble
He hurt his knee. Has to miss the school now.
He gets irritated.
Then comes to fields with me or goes with cattle.
Are you two related?
He is my grandson.
Where is his father?
He is a bus conductor with the state transport
He stays home after the accident last year.
He can't move around like he used to. But we manage
School is up ahead of the temple.
Yes, up to 7th standard.
Then at the district place.
He is very fond of school
But the eye problem is in the way. - Would you move to city later?
Our village is beautiful. Backwaters flow near the foothills.
Hmm.. l must visit sometime!
Ask him to come! - Please come!
What is taking you so long?
Some patients... - Same old story!
We are waiting for you for dinner. - You go ahead. l'll be there soon.
But still we are waiting. - l will be there in half an hour.
How longer you here?
We must do some tests.
MRl and CT scan
And we also need to consult an eye specialist.
l understand. What is the problem?
l can't say at this moment. l will tell you after the tests
Give them a note for MRl and CT scan and also for Dr. Keni.
Outside, you will get the note for the tests and for Dr. Keni
Can we go back home tonight?
No. You will have to stay tonight.
Or you may go tonight and come back on Monday.
Get all the tests done by Mon-Tue. Bring the reports on Wednesday.
Come prepared to stay for at least fifteen days.
Fifteen days?
ls there anyone with you now?
Well then bring someone on Monday.
l will give you the reports.
Can l know what the problem is?
l will talk to Dr. Sane. Can't say anything now.
You still have MRl and CT scan to be done.
Sister, fill up the papers please!
Where do they do CT scan? - Over there.
How long does it take? - Ask over there only.
Come on. Hurry Up.
Mr Mane?
Your report will be ready by 4:30. come by then.
MRl? - Yes
Show him the note. - Hello? Yes, hang on one second.
Yes l have sent the report to Dr. Shetty.
Hello? Yes.. one second please.
MRl and CT scan are to be done.
ls the patient with you?
Yes here he is. - Ok fill up the form.
The whole form? - Yes, Please.
What do we write? - Name, address, phone no. etc.
Are you aware of the fees to be paid for the tests?
No. after the tests. Do you know how much?
lt will be Rs. 9000 both MRl and CT scan included.
Ok ok..
Here is the form.
Dr. Sane. Right? Was there any surgery before?
No - Any fractures?
No - Any allergies?
What? - Any kind of rash, itching etc?
No no.
Any X-rays, other tests done before?
No. This is the first time. - Ok, sign it.
You too, But Read this first. - What is it?
lt is the consent. Read it.
Go over there and read. Don't crowd the counter.
Wait wait. What's wrong with you?
l am hungry.
We will eat after the tests. ok? - How long?
Just a while. Where are you off to? - l want to watch that light.
Ok ok. Go. Let him.. But don't get lost.
Mr Vichare, Have you signed the form?
Yes yes! l am signing it.
Please make it fast.
No Medication, operation and investigation is entirely safe.
Such procedure can be a fatal to an otherwise healthy person.
l have clearly been told about this.
Complications like cardiac arrest, excessive bleeding may arise.
Doctor has explained this to me. - No. Doctor never said anything!
How can l sign this? Let me ask somebody!
CT scan?
CT scan?
No no. my grandson's.
Did you sign the consent?
Came with my mother. Where are you from?
Which village?
How can l sign this form? - Sign right here.
But see what is written there. How can l sign that?
ls he a cancer patient?
come, come my boy..
Please sign the form quickly. You are next.
Yes! but how can l sign here?
Don't worry. Just sign it.
Please have this form filled. General ward.
Please, don't stand by the counter. l told you already?
Naik? What's wrong? - Look, everyone signs this form.
This patient will also sign the form. Please, sign the consent.
Wait, is there a problem? - They are telling me to sign here.
You are related to the patient!! You need to sign the consent, ok?
But the Doctor never told us about this. So..
This is only as a precaution. Don't worry. sign the consent.
Wait wait. Why are you so jumpy?
Hey little one!!
l feel you should sign it. Otherwise, we can't do the tests.
Also there are patients waiting.. - Are you sure?
Yes, everyone has to sign it.
Absolutely nothing to worry about. Sign it.
Ok, if the Doctor insists..
Oh, l am not a doctor. l am a Medical Social Worker.
lf you have any queries, problems, feel free to ask me.
Thank you very much.
Mr. Vichare, who is the patient? - My Grandson
Take all metal objects off him. Any fractures so far?
No nothing. - Any surgeries?
No no
Come come - Only one of you can come.
You wait here. l will go.
You will also have to remove the wrist watch, pen and umbrella
Ok. come come. don't be afraid.
ls there any letter for us? - Yes. here it is.
Dear Taatya kaka, How are you? When l visited...
What is going on? Give it back. Behave!
Careful.. don't run..
Give some Beatle nut. - Here it is
l want candy. - No.
No candy. lt's lunch time.
l also have some money.
What are the seasons in a year. - Summer, Monsoon and Winter.
Name the sights in a city.
Theatres, parks and temples
When can we visit the city? - l will take you there someday.
Test went ok. The doctor will explain to you. Don't worry.
Right, but what do you think? - We can't tell you the results.
But please.. - Only the doctor can tell you
Don't forget the Umbrella - He will never forget that.
Yes. lt will accompany me to heaven.
The clinic is closed on weekends. You can come next week.
l need to see the doctor. - Do you have an appointment?
You were supposed to come tomorrow, right?
l got the reports today itself. So..
You just want to give the reports?
lf doctor tells something..
Not today. Not possible.
Can l see the doctor please?
lt's very busy today. You give me the reports. l will pass it on.
But can't l see him today? - Come tomorrow.
l will wait.
Ok. l don't think you can see him.
l will take only 5 minutes. - Do you have appointment?
No.Then you can't see him.
What's wrong, Parashuram? - He is looking at me.
Hmm.. Be good son!
What happened?
What is a surgeon? - Must be one who operates.
Gokhale, go see the Doctor.
Can l go in now?
Wait. Many are still waiting.
Need any help with the papers?
l wanted to ask you something. - Yes? What is it?
What is that word written on the door outside?
Who is the patient?
My grandson. - Where is he?
Over there. - Doctor will tell you everything.
Parashu, don't be so fidgety.
Don't go anywhere! Shh..
Shut up. - Don't cry Parashu. Good boy!
Vichare, You just want to give the reports, right?
Yes. - Go in right after this patient.
Go alone.
Let them go first.
Give the reports and come out quickly.
Hey, Where is the patient? She does not look like one.
l wanted to show the reports. - Oh! Ok. Let me see.
You were supposed to come tomorrow.
l got the reports today so..
Vichare, it's better you come tomorrow.
l need to check the reports thoroughly once again.
Also l need to talk to the eye specialist
So today you won't tell me anything?
No. Come tomorrow. Don't worry.
ls the patient with you?
Yes. Outside. Should l call him?
No that's ok. Come tomorrow. l will explain everything then.
Do not worry.
Take a good night's sleep.
Now. Tell me!
l wanted to ask something.
What is an Onco Surgeon?
l will tell you tomorrow.
What is the phone no. here? - Here it is.
Vichare, you left your umbrella.
Oh dear, did you get hurt?
l told you to not to follow me.
Yes? lts spleen tomorrow and APR on Thursday.
Did Joshi get it all installed?
Hello Grandpa!
Remember me?
Parashuram is sitting outside. - Hope he's still sitting there!
How do you know him? - We met at the CT scan yesterday.
Asawari... wait!
How many patients are there? Don't send anybody for next 10 minutes.
Yes? Tomorrow 7 pm. Yes.
Sorry! Will you have some tea?
No. lt's ok!
Please. Even l will have. Send some. Where is Parashuram?
ln the lobby. - Alone?
No. My daughter in law's brother is with him.
There is nothing to be afraid of. Well, worrying won't help us.
We need to Keep our cool. Think rationally.
The situation is a little more serious than you thought.
Just a surgery, right?
So, he'll be able to see, right?
l'll explain the whole thing now.
Go ahead with the surgery. Don't worry about money.
l will sell some trees, manage something.
lt is not about the money.
Don't worry! That is not the issue here.
Have some tea. - lts ok!
We have to operate on both the eyes.
And he will be able to see?
See Parashuram is important to us, correct?
What do you mean? - l'll explain.
See these are our eyes.
These are the pupils and behind is the retina.
See the veins at this joint. This is where we see from.
This is where he has cancer. lt is called retino-blastoma.
Look here....! Please listen to me!
Both the eyes are affected. We have to remove both of them.
And that must be done immediately. Once the cancer starts spreading..
we wont be able to do anything. So make the decision fast.
Want some tea? - Can we replace his eyes?
At least one!
lt is not possible in this case.
We have to operate without delay.
ls there any other alternative? - l have checked thoroughly.
Luckily the cancer is at first stage.
He won't lose even a day in his life after the surgery.
This is one in million case.
Parasha is also one in a million!
You have to make the final decision.
What is left to decide now?
Talk to your family.
Operate on him! Right now!
No, don't rush. First talk to your family and let me know?
Please calm down.
Wait! Wait for a minute!
One important thing you must know.
The patient should know about it before removing any organs.
Do not put this burden on me now!
Try to tell him!
You tell him.
No. You have to do this.
The child is in your hands now!
Don't worry!
You may go now. Let me know your decision soon.
Send the next patient in.
Come Grandpa!
Yes! Tell me!
Had all the tests done today!
What did the doctor say?
Doctor saw the reports!
What did he say?
Said, No reason to worry about!
What about the treatment?
A little surgery is needed. An hour long!
Do they have to?
Don't worry and tell Suhaas also! He must be worried.
He is at the fields.
ls Parasha there? - Yes, he is!
Hold on!
Say hello to your mother. - Hello!
How are you my baby?
Mother, did Kusum have a calf?
Yes. ln the morning. lts white and black
You get well and come back soon.
My little baby!
Does it have a star on its forehead?
Yes yes! You love them, don't you? Come back soon, my baby!
We decided to name it Chandani. Remember?
Yes my dear! You take care.
Where is father?
At the fields!
Don't talk for too long on phone.
Ok. l am going to hang up now. Take care!
Try to avoid the operation.
Ask some other doctor!
This doctor must be no good.
My poor little child!
Ok. Bye now! - Take care of my baby!
ls he eating properly?
Do his eyes become watery?
l am hanging up.
Do you give him milk at night?
What's the matter?
We have to save him come what may. Let's consult another doctor.
Remember Yashawant Vichare? Do you have his phone number?
Yes. - l will see him tomorrow.
We can't lose him.
Excuse me please.
Where were you? l was looking for you..
Where is Parashuraam? - He is with Divakar.
How stressed you look!
Why are you avoiding me?
The child has to survive.
How are we going to save him, if you don't show up for 4-5 days?
Did you talk to your family? - Just a bit.
Did you tell Parashuram? - Not yet. And how can l?
The surgery is a must. We have to decide fast.
Should we find another doctor? - Why?
Removing both the eyes..!!? - That's why you were hiding from me?
We want Parashuraam.
Another doctor said we could try? - Try what?
To save at least one eye. - l have talked to Dr Sane.
Checked all the reports. lt is the only way to save Parashuram.
How can that be a way?
There is no other alternative.
Who says so?
Dr Sane has that much authority.
How can l believe that?
l also am attached to Parashuram
Just like you are.
l have been trying to find you. You weren't at the hotel at night.
ln the morning, you had left already.
How can l tell this to his mother?
Even she would want Parashuram to survive no matter what.
Can't there be another way?
But then.. afterwards.. how will he...
He can have a great life even without eyes.
We have to work on that.
That means..!
Think about it calmly.
Close your eyes. Walk for 2 minutes. - l will after 2 days of practice.
What about the whole life? - You are only creating questions.
Parasha.. Parashuraam..
This is going on since yesterday.
Doesn't answer if someone calls or asks anything.
Yes dear.. What's up?
Did you see the kids playing here? Should we play with them?
Let's join them come on!
Kids stare at his eyes.
l have brought something that Parashuraam would like.
Do you know what it is?
Don't touch your eyes with dirty hands. Don't you have a kerchief?
He has it in his pocket. - Where? l want to see it.
Parasha, be a good boy. Don't run. You will get hurt.
Parasha, don't you want to get well?
He doesn't listen to anyone.
He is going to do this more and more.
You need face this with a smile.
That will keep him cheerful.
Remember what Dr. Sane said,
saving Parasha is most important.
l know all that, but How can l tell him?
Oh Lord Shankara, please help me. Show me a way.
Do something please!
How is that patient from Satara? - Stable sir!
Monitor him. See you at 5. - Ok sir!
Just a minute sir! - Yes?
Your patient Parashuram Vichare. - The one with Retino-Blastoma?
Yes. His grandfather Keshav Vichare needs to talk to you.
Send him to my clinic tomorrow. - lt's closed tomorrow and day after
Oh! Send him on Monday. - No. lt is urgent. We have no time.
Yes? l will reach in 15 minutes. l have to go for a surgery.
Sir, he is not convinced about the surgery...
He is not ready for it. - That happens with every patient.
Yes sir but saving the eyes.. - l am getting late, got to go.
Sir, please listen to me sir.
There could be complications. - How?
They are going for second opinion, which may affect their decision.
lt happens. Eventually they all come to me.
The risk is bigger by then and they beg me to save the patient.
l agree sir! but....
Why do they go for second opinion? Because they can't trust the doctor.
Please.. l have a surgery.
l have to go. Please Understand. - Sir, please sir!
What's the matter, Grandpa?
Look.. There is no option for surgery
that too both the eyes.
l will not charge a single penny. But there is no other way.
Don't listen to anybody else.
We have to act now. You have to be firm.
Can l leave now?
Parashuram will not lose a single day from his life.
Don't think too much. Make the decision soon.
The longer you wait, the risk is more.
lf you come after 6 months or so l won't be able to do anything.
When can we do the operation?
Soon. Come to the clinic. l will get the papers ready.
He cannot tell this to Parashuraam.
But you will have to.., before the operation.
Please, l need your help sir!
Why involve me again? You are well trained. You do it.
l tried, but it's not that easy. - Try again.
Grandpa, you try to tell him.
That's sir's car!!
You told me to come here. - Ok. Tell me.
l have brought Parashuram with me. - Why?
You tell him sir! - Tell him what?
About the surgery. - But..
Sir, please talk to him... What do l do now?
We are short of time. - l need to go for a surgery.
Grandpa. come here fast. He is in a hurry.
Shouldn't you create this support? - Their decision is final sir.
When do they want to schedule it? - Please talk to him sir.
When can you admit the patient into the hospital?
Whenever you say.
You decide and let me know.
Does the boy know?
What difference does it make?
No, You have to tell him.
l will see what happens.
Asawari, shouldn't you be trying to help them?
l tried sir, but l need your help in this case.
Grandpa, you are very well aware of his nature, his likes and dislikes
You know him from birth. - That is why it is hard for me.
Parashuram, come here!
Ask doctor uncle,
Why doesn't he give any medicine? - Why don't you give any medicine?
Asawari, what is this? - Tell him sir, please tell him!
Ask doctor uncle, when will l get better? Parasha, look here!
Look here!
Ask doctor uncle, when will l get better?
Doctor uncle, when can l go to school?
How can this man answer these questions?
ls your decision final?
Yes.. there is no other alternative right?
l told you in the morning.
What is this? - lt's a seat belt.
Parashuram, come. Let him go.
He doesn't have time. come! - Ok l will try.
l will try talking to him.
Thank you sir! l can't do this alone.
You are more used to dealing with patients.
Ok Parashuram, let him go. - Be a good boy!
Asawari, get the consent signed and give me his case history.
l am only going to help you. But finally it's your responsibility.
Please send a cup of tea for Grandpa, sitting outside. ln fact two.
Milind, why are you bringing patients home? ln your 2 hrs of free time?
lt's a sensitive case. l will drop Prutha to her class.
Yeah, right! You never have time for home and family.
Why are you so quiet today?
You are always mischievous and talkative!
Somebody wants biscuits! ok have them.
Which one do you want? - Aren't they nice?
Nice & sweet. Don't you want some?
No? Why?
When are you taking us to your home in the village?
Even l want to come. - Tell us about your home.
Slanting roofs, backyards, cows? Here we have only tall buildings.
Nothing else. The city isn't as nice as your village.
Where is Grandpa?
He is outside. He won't leave.
He is sitting outside.
Come on, l will show my house. - Come come!
Like it? lt is big as you, isn't it?
Hold it. Ok let go.
Now close your eyes and hold it again.
Does it feel different with your eyes closed?
No - Ok. hit it now. yes.
Ok ok. Now close your eyes again.
Now hit it. - l know!
What? - Even you know it!
What is it son?
You will hide it when l close my eyes.
No dear. lt is yours. You like it?
Take it home. - Really?
Milind! - Yes coming
Really? - Yes, really. Take it home.
Milind.. - Yaa! what?
You were supposed to drop her. - Can you do it today? please?
Why do you promise her then? - Please. You please drop her.
Wow, hills! Where is the river? - There is no river here.
l dive into the river from trees. - You monkey!
Are you calling me monkey? - Yes!
Can you climb up the Beatle nut tree? - No
Cashew? Mango? Coconut tree? - No
You don't know anything. Can you say your timetables?
Yes. Two ones are two, two twos are four, two threes are.. umm?
Six! You don't know anything..
lsn't she dumb! She doesn't know anything. Ok lets do this.
Close your eyes. Now here.. What do you smell?
Flowers..! - Sure?
You can smell with your eyes closed!! Do you know how a rose smells?
Yes - Jasmine?
Yes. - Good. Do you know, just the way
we can smell with our eyes closed, we can hear too
Let's play a game. What's it called? When we blindfold someone..
Oh, Blind man's Bluff..
Right! Lets play. l will close your eyes.
Try to find us just by sounds.
Ok! Don't look. Ready?
Here we go..Only sounds!!
Parasha here!
What's wrong? - l won't be able to see. Right?
Why do you think so?
Why do you keep making me close my eyes?
Why do you say that its ok even if l can't see?
Why does Grandpa hug me and kiss me often?
He is probably worried about you.
l know l won't be able to see!
What if it really happens, Parasha?
What? So, you won't give me any medicine?
l will.. l will...
l know, you won't give me any medicine!
Why did you bring me here then?
Look dear!
l want to go to Grandpa..
l know l won't be able to see. Grandpa...
Look dear...
l know l won't be able to see! l know!
Do you go to school? Which grade? - Second.
What is your name? - Parashuraam
Can you see the light? - A little bit!
Ok, lie down
Surgery will be at 7 am tomorrow. No food and water after midnight.
You and one of your relative need to sign the consent before surgery.
Anybody can sign.
Temperature, pulse, BP? All ok? Don't worry! Surgery will be fine.
Why are you worrying Grandpa? Everything will be all right!
Hello Parashuraam! This is a case of bilateral retino-blastoma.
Look how many people have come to see you.
Don't be afraid dear!
He is posted for enucleation tomorrow.
What do you want after surgery? lce cream or Chocolate?
Chocolate. - Ok. deal!
Don't forget the consent.
Here! A bus and a wild tiger.
Did he have his dinner?
He's got the bus now, who needs food!
Really? Well then, l can take back the candies l brought.
What happened? huh?
Please sign this consent.
Parashuraam, how are you today?
Appaa please go to your bed.
But l am ok now. - Please go!
Have you signed the consent?
Last night he signed. - ls everything all right?
Yes. Don't worry at all.
Go! Catch that!
Patient Vichare? You have a Message from Dr Sane.
He had to go for another emergency surgery.
Your operation, that was scheduled for today,
will take place at 7 am tomorrow.
But.. ls Dr Sane inside? - No. He is not there.
lt happens sometimes.
There must be some emergency..
Let's go!
Grandpa, Just one more day. Don't worry! lt happens sometimes.
l need to go to social department. l will be back soon. Ok?
Parasha, Look here. Please!
Once there was a king. His queen was fat and the king was thin.
Parasha! listen to the story!
Look, the bike! lsn't that nice!
Want to read?
Nice stories!
The magic takes the tears away!
Why are you behaving like this?
Have some water!
Listen to me please!
What's wrong with you?
Please call the doctor.
Please stop Parasha, listen to me.
Do we have some fruits?
No. - Go get some fruits!
Go. l will watch him.
Don't hit me. Sit down please!
Don't behave like this!
Don't hit me!
Don't touch your eyes!
Good boy! Don't do this!
Good boy!
What can l say now!
Listen listen!
Listen to me, son.
The patient over here.. Where did they go?
l have no idea!
The kid, Parasha, where are they? - l haven't seen them.
Have you seen them?
He said they would be in and around.
Did Grandpa come here? - Here? no!
They are not in the ward. - Did you check the passage, toilet?
Yes. They were not there.
Check the OPD. l will see you in the ward.
Lets call Dr Sane. No reply..!
Lets check the lodge. Phone no.? - Here, l have it!
Have you notified the office? - Yes.
Mr Lokhande, are there any new accident or suicide cases?
Patient's name? - Vichare. A kid of age 6-7 years.
Grandfather about 65. Let me know right away if you find anything.
May l talk to CMO?
Asawari here. ls there a new case? - No. Not yet.
Accident? something? anything? - No
Give me a call if any case comes up.
No no. You call us and check.
CMO Sarode? Asawari here. Any new case?
No accident case yet. But there is a suicide case.
Old man. Age about.. - Any other details?
Not yet. l will let you know soon as l get the information.
Reporter Aniruddha here. Note down the news.
When did this happen? - Around 1 1 :30 am.
How was the patient? - He was ok sir. No problem.
Get the Ward ln-charge here. Have you checked around the hospital?
Dr Sane has come. - Has he? Ok, Divakar, lets go.
Did you check everywhere? OPD?
Other hospitals?
What is going on? Were you all sleeping or what?
l had gone to the matron's office.
Check the accident cases in the hospitals around
What was his mental status. - Fine sir!
Did he say anything? - No.
What did other patients say? - None of them know anything.
Did you check properly?
Sarode? Tell me! age?
Oh ok!
l will send somebody.
Sir, CMO Sarode had called from ABC hospital.
There is a suicide case. We have to go and check.
For identification..? - Sarala Ma'am can identify them.
Ok send her. No, not Divakar.
Please don't cry.
Quiet him down.
Ok let's check into the ward.
Are all the things in place? Have they taken anything with them?
Umbrella and the bag.
Let me see the file.. What time was the round?
10 am. All was ok then.
ldentify the body immediately
Dr Sane? This is the fifth run away case in the last six months!
Cannot say anything as of yet. They must be around somewhere.
5 run-aways in 6 months? - Ask the hospital management.
Let me do my job. Let me go.
What colour is the frame?
Who let the reporters in? How did they get in here?
They will print anything they like and complicate the situation.
Was there anyone with the body?
Ask about the face. - Yes. any details about the face?
Call the hospital registrar. - Yes sir!
Sir, the face.. damaged.
ls absconding patient a routine? - What do you mean?
What is your opinion about improving the hospital?
ls anything spooky here?
ln ABC Hospital today..
l told you to not to push too much Hello? No. Postpone the surgery.
l have many other patients also.
Hello sir! You called for me.
Have a seat.
lts ok!
What's the procedure when a patient is missing?
Make an 'abscond note' in register.
That has been done.
Then it is fine..
What about searching the patient?
Sorry sir! but that is not my job.
What do you mean?
Mr Povale looks after that.
Call him.
He is on leave today.
So? Now what?
l also go home at five.
Mr Joshi told me to wait so l did.
We can make the note next week.
The incidence has happened today.
We can put today's date.
Look. This is my patient.
Yes sir!
Yes. Sarode. What's the news?
One minute sir!
Sarode is on other side.
He says the body is very similar to grandfather's.
No problem then!
Parashuram Vichare is my patient not his grandfather. Where is he?
Sir, You have an appointment at 6.
The kid is not there sir!
Be in touch!
Mr Sarode, l will call you again.
Divakar, l will be back shortly.
This is too much. l had to move the surgeries to tomorrow.
Keep informing me. However late. - l will sir!
No matter how much we help you, you will always be irresponsible!
People have been searching for you like crazy.
The surgery is tomorrow and you just left!!?
Don't you understand? Even at this age?
What are we supposed to think? What happened?
lt just doesn't matter how much people do for you!!
What more can l do for you? l don't have that much of time.
l postponed surgeries for this. The police and press got involved.
Now where are the reporters? They should see this.
Why blame doctors!!!
lf you didn't want the surgery, you should have said so...
Please forgive me! l made a mistake.
You sent a message that the operation is postponed!
We couldn't see you. - So?
No operation.. so..
So you ran away? Schedules get postponed sometimes.
We were prepared for the surgery.
The child wouldn't listen.
Wouldn't stop crying. Got all cranky.
l couldn't take it.
What are nurses for?
An injection and he would have slept peacefully.
Anyway, l am not interested in it. lf you don't want the surgery..
Tell Asawari. She will complete the formalities and you can leave.
Parasha had 24 hours left before going into darkness.
What was he supposed to take with him?
This nasty hospital smell?
Patient's cries? Needles? Those l.V. tubes?
After 24 hours would this child be able to see..
A bird flying in the sky?
A horse carriage on the streets?
l thought and decided, 'Let's see what happens!' and took him out.
What will he be able to see afterwards?
l tried to show him..
everything that he has not seen before.
Oh, he was so happy.
Saw a temple. Sat on the steps.
Left everything to God.
Decided not to shed a tear and came back.
For a villager like me, l did what l felt right..
Right or wrong, l don't know.
Sorry, l caused you a lot of trouble
l wanted to show him the full moonlight falling over the fields.
ls there any need?
You have given him so much this evening.
The operation will be tomorrow.
Parasha, we will meet at 7 am.
l am sorry!
Let's do the surgery tonight.
The happy picture of life that you have shown him,
let him take that into the dark.
Shift Parasha to special ward. Decorate his room
with flowers and toys and as many colours as you can.
Request anesthetist Patankar. Operation will take place tonight.
Parashuraam's case.. l will handle it
Well then, l don't need to operate.
You social workers only think from the heart. What about the head?