Day 87 of "90 Days to Freedom" (from PCOS): How to be successful in anything

Uploaded by KatieHumphreyFitness on 26.11.2010

Hi everyone! Itís Katie Humphrey. Weíre here with Day 87 of 90 Days to Freedom. Every
day for 90 days, Iíve been giving you my personal tips and strategies that I used to
naturally and holistically reverse my symptoms with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). If
you ever wanna know more about me, my website is FreedomFromPCOS and you can always watch
this video series. Please start from the beginning at We are coming to
an end and I just have to say that this video series has done so much for my life. If itís
blessed my life this much just by me showing up here everyday and teaching all of these
information, it can completely transform your life if you would just commit to watching
it. You donít even have to watch one everyday. Just commit to something. So today, I didnít
plan on talking about this. But I just want to leave you with a really quick thought and
then I guess we have three days left. Iím gonna basically talk about upcoming things
that we have, where you can find more and what Iím going to teach you including a virtual
university that Iím going to begin. Iíve been really excited about revealing the curtain
for this. Itís gonna start on the new year. I have a whole team helping me work on just
the curriculum and all the stuff and what itís basically going to be as me teaching
you more in depth. Everything that I know and itís not just about what exercises you
should be doing, when you should be eating, what foods, itís more about what you should
be thinking. Because I started thinking what separates me from so many other women who
really got discouraged, who wonít go through all these hard times, who will not persist,
who will not stay committed. Iím gonna teach you how to be that way. I wasnít born committed.
I wasnít born excited and enthusiastic. I wasnít born with the intensity that I give
in everything in my life. I learned it and I disciplined myself. And I wanna teach you
how to do that because itís not rocket science. It can be learned. You can apply it into your
life and then you will start getting what itís really all about. So anyhow, Iíll talk
about that in the next few days. But I wanna leave you with this quick thought. So I get
emails all the time and I love it because this is just something Iím really good at.
I got emails all the time from women who feel discouraged, who feel like ìKatie when itís
gonna happen for me?î ìKatie whatís going on? Itís just not working out. What should
I do?î And these discouraged women itís something that I was born with a gift. I love
encouraging and inspiring people. I love when people feel down, I love lifting them up.
Because thereís just something in me, a caretaker thing, that I wanna take care of them until
everythingís gonna be okay because I believe it. I believe everything is gonna be okay.
I believe that everything will work out. And funny enough, in my life, everything has always
worked out. Now, itís been hard but at the end of the day it always works out. It does.
And you always end up getting what you want if you persist long enough. So with that in
mind, I wanna just give you this thought. Iím gonna tell you this ridiculous story.
But it was kind of terrifying. So the night before Thanksgiving, this was the other night,
we were at a friendís house. We rarely get to see our friends. They live about 30 minutes
away. I mean we live in the same town but itís just we never go over there and spend
a lot of time with them. So imagine this. Our couple friends and sheís pregnant and
weíre all just watching a movie together and just having a good time. Iíve got a little
Scottish Terrier. I love her to death. I love my dog. We donít have children. Sheís my
child. And they have this sweet little German Shepherd. So they play. So we always bring
over a dog whenever we go watch a movie or just spend good time with them. So anyhow,
it was the night before the holidays, we go over to spend time with them. And the dogs
are running around outside. Now, out in their backyard they have a pool. Itís screened
in. And out in the backyard thatís where the dogs usually play. So their German Shepherd
was out in the backyard. Sheís so sweet. Sheís just running around and my little Scottish
terrier was on the patio running around the pool. It maybe because Iím just anal-retentive
or a little bit over controlling but Iím always out there when sheís near the pool
because I have this recurring nightmare that she is going to fall in a pool and that she
is going to drown. And I know that sounds ridiculous especially if youíre not a dog
person. But if you have a child, maybe you have dreams before that somethingís going
to happen to them, thatís how I feel. I always feel somethingís going to happen to her.
Anyhow, while watching the movie and I hear the German Shepherd in the backyard and my
dog getting upset because sheís not out there playing. So I go to let her out and instead
of running outside she canít get out there yet. Because the door she runs up against
the screen behind the pool chasing back and forth the German Shepherd thatís on either
side of the screen. So Iím instructing my little yappy dog to come outside with me and
as I see her running back and forth very quickly and sheís not listening to me. And sheís
so close to the end of the pool and I look in it. It was so strange how it happen. Her
foot slips. She falls into the pool. One thing I didnít mention, they have tried desperately
to clean this pool but this pool cannot get clean for
some reason.