Home Metalshop Tools and Layout

Uploaded by MrMldillman on 22.09.2011

oh hey there
welcome back
now I don't know if you've seen any of my videos this summer
but we've been busy in here making log furniture
you know here lately I've had a lot of folks asking me about my home metalshop
what tools I'm using and how it's setup
so I thought today'd be a great time to go ahead and show you around
now although I'm operating out of a small storage unit
it's about the same size as a single car garage
we've got twelve foot wide by twenty foot deep
so you can see we don't have a whole lot of room here
i think you'll see real quick my shops pretty basic
got some relatively inexpensive tools that just about anyone can get from
a discount tool store or
local home improvement retailer
every metal shops got to have some kind of welder
what I've got here's
a Lincoln Electric 320 Weld Pack
I got this unit at Home Depot
oh several years back and
it's really been a good little welder
it will weld anything from
real light gage bodywork all the way up to about three eighths
this welder runs on regular 110v
wire feed right here
got a five pound roll of 035 running right now
and I'm running on a seventy five twenty five mix
of Argon/Carbon-Dioxide Shielding Gas
we've got us some magnets
and an assortment of vices and clamps
you know having a welder is great
but if you're going to be doing any kind of fabrication
you're gonna need something you can cut with precisely over and over
what we have here is a 4 1/2" metal cutting band saw
with a metal cutting band saw you're going to have the ability
to perform precision cuts over and over
and this is our
stand-up drill press
relatively inexpensive unit
and right next to the drill press is our
handy bench grinder
but believe me
that gets a lot of use around here too
now not every home metal shop is gonna have one but
we've got us a Oxy-Acetylene setup as well
you want to be sure to keep some fire extinguishers around and
make sure that they're charged
in addition to my metal cutting band saw
there's another optionи and that's this
expressive cut-off saw
no home metalshop would be complete
without an angle grinder
I've got two Dewalt 4 1/2"
these come in handy
this is my tubing roller
we don't run a whole lot of air grinders or air tools
but we do have a small compressor
keep it under the workbench
and you can see another hydraulic bender tucked away in there
you know when space is limited
it's always good to keep things mobile
so what we did is
build us a nice heavy duty workstation on rollers
we can move it around the shop
pretty much push this anywhere we need it
well, believe it or not that's about it
hope you've enjoyed this little tour of my home metalshop
if you'd like to learn more about what's going on around here
come visit my website
Log Furniture How To
dot com
this has been Mitchell Dillman
we'll see you next time