[English Subs] MBC every1 Magazine - SNSD cut

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The extra 1% that makes stars brighter, their enviable background!
My grandfather is the one who is rich.
We'll start with Sooyoung, who shines the most out of all those Girls' Generation members.
Do the rumors about these two (Sooyoung and Siwon) playing around together come from situations like this?
Now, about Sooyoung, whose hug with Super Junior's Siwon at an award show became widely discussed.
I heard Sooyoung's father is rich?
To be honest, my grandfather is the one who is rich. On my father's side.
Sooyoung's grandfather is known to be the executive of a very famous construction company.
And more specifically, Sooyoung's house was broadcasted once and it had many very splended and luxirious areas.
Let's have a look at that luxirious home!
Finally, let's go into my house, greet my family, and have a fun time.
Even from the entrance, the quite extraordinary house of Sooyoung!
In the wide yard, you can enjoy playing soccer, and even play some badminton.
That's not it!
The distance from Sooyoung's room on the second floor and the yard is quite long.
Within one fenced area, there are two houses. One is my grandfather's, and the other's is ours.
And when us going back and forth from one house to another was edited,
it seemed like in just one house, there were a whole bunch of sections.
But still, you are all still one family.
Well, it is true that we have a yard.
Sooyoung, recognize what should be recognized.
Sooyoung isn't the only one. Of course there's SM Entertainment's Lee Soo Man's representative niece Sunny!
Jessica's father is an attorney.
Tiffany's father works with hotels in Southeast Asia.
And even with Seohyun and Taeyeon, even though their families aren't extraordinarily rich,
it's known that they grew up in decent households.
Even though we shouldn't be jealous, Girls' Generation, is there any part of you that's lacking?
Their backgrounds make the perfect stars that much shinier,
but let's not forget that the part that makes fans go crazy, the other 99% is their hard work!