Colon Cancer Signs, Surgery & Care: Bob's Story

Uploaded by ElCaminoHospital on 10.03.2010

>> Well, early...late September,
early October I started getting very sharp stomach pains
which I ignored initially
because you know you get upset stomachs but it didn't go away
so I went to the urgent care center in Santa Clara,
they did a CT scan and saw that I had a mass on my colon
and a small lesion on my liver.
The recommended me to Dr. Wiseman
who is a gastroenterologist, if I'm saying that correctly,
he did a colonoscopy and he determined that my mass
on my colon was cancerous as was the small lesion on my liver.
Then he recommended me to Dr. Singhal here
at El Camino Medical Center, at the Cancer Medical Center.
She talked to me about what the procedure was going to be,
to remove the mass from the colon,
that was going to be the first step.
She said it wouldn't be too invasive and it wasn't
and that operation was done Monday of Thanksgiving week
and I was in the hospital for about ten days
because I developed a virus about half way
through so I couldn't go home right away.
She removed it, she said the operation was very successful
and what impressed me about her in addition
to her being very competent of course is
that after my operation she called my sister in Boston,
she knew was concerned and while I was
in recovery my sister knew more about the operation than I did.
But she put her at ease and even recommended that she come
out in a couple of weeks so my sister was very, very grateful
that she got that call from Dr. Singhal and obviously I am too.
[ Pause ]
They make you feel very much at ease.
First of all they make...when you've got the cancer not to be
so frightening, I mean everybody is worried about that
but they are so very positive that they're going
to cure it not just put it into remission
so they're very positive about that and they just go
out of their way to make you feel at ease.
I know when I was in the hospital recovering I was one
of the first patients because the hospital had just opened
that week and they were are just very well...but the doctors came
in every day, again they made everything very,
very comfortable though I was in for ten days so I have
to admit it became very tiring and I know what sick
and tired means it means a hospital stay.
But at the medical center,
at the Cancer Center now Dr. Dormady is my oncologist.
I'm getting chemotherapy every other week, every other Tuesday
and then on my medical tablets he said it's a treatment that's
going to be very mild, he told me the side effects
but I've been without them, I'm not going to lose my hair.
Again the people there are very, very gracious
and very accommodating,
always around like a mother hen over their chicks.
So I'm very comfortable with what's going on.
I'm having PET scan done tomorrow
after only four treatments, he had said it might last five
to six months but he's kind of thinking that because
of my blood result tests and what I'm experiencing
that maybe things are going on faster so we'll find
out tomorrow just where I stand.
No again, they put you at ease, it's're still concerned
but they're very positive that this is a viable thing
and you can't help but feel positive yourself because of it.
[ Pause ]
I have been very fortunate
to have had some tremendous physicians and nurses,
they're very much impressed with the treatment
and the way they deal with you, I mean it's...they put you
at ease is the best I can say.
I mean I'm very comfortable whenever I go
into an office I get a diagnosis and I hear
about the treatment I have complete confidence
that what they're saying is what I should be doing
so I have no problems at all, yeah, I'm very happy,
very happy with the people I've been associated with.