Hire a Celebrity for Your Event : Writing a Celebrity Appearance Request

Uploaded by eHow on 05.11.2008

Hi, I am Rita Tateel from The Celebrity Source. We're talking about how to secure a celebrity
for a public relations campaign or special event and in this segment we're going to talk
about how do you design the request for them. Well, specifically you want to make sure that
it's brief. People are not going to read lengthly letters and you want to make sure that everything
is in writing. So we want to put the most important elements the who, what, when, where,
how, why in the first and second paragraph. Of what ever it is that your writing. Whats
the best way to send the request? Unfortunately the U.S. Mail is the worst way. Yes, it's
you can't guarantee that it's going to there. Too many times people on the other end can
always say. You know what? We never got it and they could be telling the truth. We find
that sometimes the best route is in fact an e-mail but e-mail is fleeting. So you have
to keep following up. So, that keep that in mind. If they don't print out your request.
They've seen, they've read it and then they forget about it. So you may have to constantly
you know resend it. So in designing your request make sure that you keep your request brief.
Do put it all in writing and have the most important elements. The date, the time, the
place in the first paragraph.