A Teaching From Zen Master Jinen

Uploaded by TibetKanagawa on 13.06.2010

[shakuhachi music]
>> EL-BRANDEN: What is truth?
>> JINEN-SAN: What is truth? Truth is the truth without truth.
That is the truth. When we just say or mention about the truth
it’s the truth in concept. So, there is something of a separation
between the true truth and the truth in concept.
This you have to realize, at first.
>> EL-BRANDEN: So, how can we find the truth?
>> JINEN-SAN: Hmm, just face to whatever you just face to.
It shows your truth. It shows... everything shows you,
who you are, what the truth is. Just like right now.
So, you can learn what the truth is with the things you face to.
That’s enough. [pause]
Otherwise, you never meet… [pause]
…the truth without any concept. There is everything,
showing who you are, right now. That’s enough.
>> EL-BRANDEN: So there’s no separation? >> JINEN-SAN: No separation at all.
Although in concept, there is some separation
between ourselves and circumstances or things. But in fact, there is no separation at all.
That’s your truth.
So once you just become the thing itself, then you can realize who you are, completely.
>> EL-BRANDEN: Why is finding realization so difficult?
>> JINEN-SAN: So difficult? Because, all the time,
concept - the way of thinking - bothers you. It’s a kind of habit, we have to think everything,
with this way thinking or thought. It bothers you.
That’s the thing. You don’t know much about the things without
concept or this way of thinking.
We just try to find everything with concept, with this way of thinking.
That makes you a lot of trouble.
>> EL-BRANDEN: So, how can you break that habit of concept?
>> JINEN-SAN: Exactly as I told you. You just face to where the truth is,
without that way of thinking.
You can throw… wash away your habit of thinking. Look at everything with the [right] way of
>> EL-BRANDEN: And meditation… or sitting is the key?
>> JINEN-SAN: That’s the reason for meditation, but meditation, you might say…
in the case you say meditation, is quite much different
from what we just say, Zazen. Meditation… In the case of meditation, when
you say it, it’s within concept. But, Zazen is out of
That’s quite much different. That’s where you have to do Zazen or meditation.
Although meditation and Zazen are the same, sitting,
but way of doing is quite a lot different. So, once you just realize it, the meditation
without thinking will be alright. That is Zazen.