JOTR VLOG 02: Two musicians and a pool

Uploaded by johnnyontherise on 18.09.2011

Hey, how're you doing?
I'm here for the second issue of
the Johnny on the Rise Video Blog and you know, I'm just here lying by the pool
gonna have a beer now
ey Sal, the screen is gone!
Hey guys, I'm here by the pool
just gonna have a beer now
I'm very sorry for you guys... maybe you're stuck in the city
maybe you're working in a boring office
I'm here with Johnny from Johnny on the Rise and I'm gonna crack this open now
*$%!.. ok, doesn't matter
you know, just having a beer with Johnny... hey Johnny, how're you doin'? Johnny: Alright! How're you doin'?
Johnny's over there, he's ok, he's gonna be talking to you very soon...
I have to say, guys, I went to see Johnny on the Rise a few nights ago in Rome at one of their gigs...
i mean ladies that have to tell you, these guys are sexy...
I mean, when Johnny grabs his guitar
and you know he's there playing it
..I mean.. i think
I think that for Johnny his guitar is an extension of his Penis
i'll tell you know i mean he just grabs the thing like that... maybe Johnny: What's up?
Hey Johnny, maybe we should ask for some money...
Peroni is gonna give us some money for this, you know?
We're advertising that...
Mmmm... that's some good Peroni I'm drinking here!
well anyway I just wanna say
Johnny is now going to tell you what happened in the last week in his life
if I was you I would be there
and listen to what Johnny has to say
I think that's enough, I'm gonna jump into the pool now
Johnny's already in the pool and
here we go ladies... *$%!'in freezing
Hey guys! This is Johnny
from the band Johnny on the Rise
good to have you here again!
Marino: Hey Johnny! What's the name of that beer?
Johnny: This beer? -Yeah.
You mean that? -Yeah. You mean this nice and tasty Peroni I'm holding?
Marino: Ah, Peroni!
The last couple of days me and Marino
from the band "The Swing Pistols"
...we have played a couple of gigs together
yesterday we were at a beautiful venue
in the countryside, let's take a look at that!
So this here is the venue where Marino and the Swing Pistols are going to play today. Let's take a look!
Now we're outside; we're going to take a look at the view!
here we are
now this view is beautiful
the ballroom
look at this...
Emiliano, how are you?
He's quiet excited
and the best
there's a pool!
Well... this guy is pretty intimidating!
So below this video
you will find some interesting links
to events you might wanna check out the next week
me and Marino are going to enjoy the pool now!
See you next week!
-dramatic music-
-burp- -laughter-