Mahabharat - Episode 03

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The arrow on Devavrata's bow
has the ability to change History
But the story of Devavrata and his arrow has just begun
His arrows have scattered the Shalva army
Shalva Kumar's arrogance
,,was burned to ashes in,.
the fire of his arrows
In Hastinapur King Shantanu was waiting eagerly
...for Devavrata's return
Devavrata should have returned by now
Send a rider to investigate
Yes my king
And ready my chariot
This horse is excellent
Why were you delayed?
I was about to start
,,when I saw the Shalva army
crossing the Hastinapur border
So, I stayed back
Shalva's army?
Yes.-And this S is Shalva Kumar
A prisoner of war
What would you like to do with him?
Prime Minister
Come son
prime Minister
What does the Law say?
The enemy's son is also an enemy
So, he deserves the death sentence
May I say something?
Yes my son
Killing the enemy
...cannot end enmity
in fact, enmity increases with killing
if you want to make India an ideal nation
we will have to end enmity with friendship
Because only friendship can lay the
foundation for a secure and progressive future
I entreat you
to not only pardon Shalva Kumar...
but also free him
and send him back to Shalva
Shalva Kumar is free
...and may return to Shalva
Victory to the Prince
No, not the Prince but...
...the Crown Prince
Victory to the Crown Prince
I take great pride in naming Devavrata as....
..the Crown Prince of Hastinapur
I am proud to be
his father and
I am sure that Hastinapur is
also proud of him
Devavrata was made the Crown Prince
Father and son...
...established a bond of happiness and love
Time went by and soon
. . .Devavrata was a young man
Everything ready for the hunt?
Waiting for your orders to start my king
But where is Devavrata?
He is coming
sorry for the delay
That's okay my son. Shall we start?
Yes sire
bring the chariot
wait for a moment
Who are you?
Dashraj's daughter
Whom are you waiting for?
Some travelers
who want to cross the Yamuna
will you take me across?
Why not?
Here's the bank
This, is not my destination
Maybe it is the other bank
Take me there
Here we are
Take me to the other side
Where do you wish to go?
I don't know
You don't know where...
you want to go?
Do not be surprised Satyavati
My journey will come to an end
when I will have the courage.
to tell you what's in my heart
'what is it...
that you need courage to tell Me
Maybe courage is the wrong word
But till I get the right word
go on paddling the boat
Has father returned? No
Looks like he has gone far
Found the right word?
Or should I take you back?
Maybe I'll find the word there
Let's go
You sent for me?
Father should have returned by. now
He often loses track of time while hunting
I am his son
I am worried
I am Shantanu
King of Hastinapur
Your personality and dress...
Made that obvious
Then you should have guessed...
..what I want to say
How can I guess?
Your beauty and fragrance, has captivated me
I want to marry you
It is my father who will decide
Whether I should marry you or not
But I should know your mind .
before I speak to your father
By now your heart should have heard
What my heart saving
Welcome sir
Thank you
Have a Seat
You seem to be a king
I am King Shantanu of
Have a seat Dashraj
You have honored me by coming to my house
How can I serve you?
I have come here to ask you for something
What can I, a poor man, give you?
Every person has something to give...
...and every person needs something
but I have nothing which..
...could please a king
If you do not wish to give it's okay
But I have come to ask for something
Which only you in the Universe have
I don't understand
What could it be?
What I want...
is not a thing.
I am talking of a fragrance
which is incomparable
Do you really mean what I understood?
Yes If you have really
understood ... what I said.
This is no time for riddles my king
Let these walls hear
what a king wants from me.
I am honored to ask Dashraj
The throne on my right is empty
I want your daughter Satyavati to sit on it.
This is indeed a great honor for my daughter
but the Truth is
I have been waiting for you for years.
Waiting for me?
Yes my king. Waiting for you.
Her horoscope say that she will be a queen
And whose queen can she be but yours
The Moon rules the Sky and you the Earth...
Does this mean You accept?
Which father will not...
accept an offer such as this?
But what Dashraj?
My King, I have told you about Satyavati's horoscope
but I have not told you what my heart says
And what does your heart say ?
That Satyavati's sons should rule over Hastinapur
That is the obstacle my King
But Devavrata is already the Crown Prince
I know
That is why I made this condition
But this is no condition
Do you realize what you are saving ?
I am willing to do anything...
even the most impossible things... win Satyavati's hand...
but I cannot do an injustice to Devavrata...
because Cupid has pierced my heart
Any other condition is acceptable
...but I have given my word to Devavrata
You are willing to accept conditions. . .
I do not want you to
but you will not accept
the condition I made
forgive me my King
You are trying to change her luck
This I cannot accept
If her sons are destined to rule:
then rule they must
Satyavati's luck will being the king
who will accept my condition
What manner of king is he who will break a promise
Wait then for another king Dashraj for
Shantanu will never Seize someone's right... give it to another
Ready my chariot
Do not worry prince
The charioteer mill return if anything happens
Where were you father?
We were all worried
I strayed from the path
Didn't the king look worried'
A king has many worries my prince
Don't worry my child
Man is the only creature...
who tells a lie
Nothing else in Nature,
ever tells a lie
Your horoscope cannot be wrong
Your luck will
bring back the king
Sleep now
such an injustice...
...Will never happen
Even if life is lost. love and duty struggles
You are trying to change her luck
This I cannot accept
if her sons are destined to rule:
then rule, they must
Satyavati's luck will bring the king...
who will accept my condition
Greetings my king
If it suits you
we could leave for Hastinapur at sunrise
Not tomorrow son
As you wish father
0 it's you son:
I can bear the wounds of a thousand arrows
.but not your silence father
What is it? Please tell me
What can I say?
What is responsible for your silence?
There is nothing to tell
So, what do I say?
If it concerns the state...
as the Crown Prince
.I must know of it
But even a king cannot
confide all his worries
True. But cannot a father confide in his son?
He cannot
Go my son
Rest now
As you say my father
The Prince wants you
I am worried about the king
You are his friend and charioteer
where do you take him everyday?
Wherever he tells me to go
And where is that?
Wherever he wishes
I admire your loyalty
But it seems to me that your lovalty is to the king...
and not the state
The king's mind is in turmoil
and so I must know
where he goes everyday after sunset
I do not ask you this question:
it is Hastinapur
Answering this question...
will prove your loyalty to Hastinapur
Forgive me prince
but I cannot betray the king
But you can betray his happiness
and Hastinapur?
You can betray India and the Dvnasty of Bharat?
What you think is your lovalty
is not really that
Everyday he
..goes to the Yamuna bank
The Yamuna?
And what does he do there?
From the river bank
he keeps looking at
..Dashraj's daughter
From the bank? Yes
the whole day? Yes
Has father met her
Yes. He has
And Dashraj?
He has met him too
Ready my chariot
Devavrata is here
Bring him in with respect
Yes sir
This way prince
At this hour, prince?
Greetings from Devavrata
your coming here...
has brought honor to my house
But why at this hour?
I am worried about the king
Why does the king...
spend his time between
Take a seat first
This is no time to sit
Tell me what has happened
He wants to marry my daughter Satyavati
What is the problem?
Do you find the king, my father...
unsuitable for her?
What are you saying?
What then?
There is a problem
What's that?
Satyavati's horoscope says that...
..her son will rule
The king will not accept that
He cannot do that
I don't understand
It is not in his power to give this assurance
Cannot a king decide who will
...rule after him?
Yes, He has the right
But the king has already practiced this right
He cannot promise the same thing to two persons
You have not understood my father's predicament
You explain it to me
He has promised the throne to me
and I shall ascend it after him
So it is impossible for him
to promise it to someone else
It would be unjust
Yes, If I want to I can give away the throne
I give you my word that
...that Satyavati's eldest son
will sit on the throne of Hastinapur
You are blessed Devavrata
My house is honored by your presence
Blessed is the country which gave birth to you
You have given up your right for your father's happiness
Not everyone can do so
No Dashraj
Whatever is happening is in accordance with Fate
If I was destined for the throne
...Satyavati's horoscope would not oppose it
The lines of Fate do not oppose one another
So, I bow to Satyavati's Fate
Now, can I take her to my father?
What is the meaning of this but?
Just as your father could not speak for YOU cannot speak for your children
What if your children lay. claim to the throne
...of Hastinapur?
Your fear is not baseless
I shall end your fears forever
Yes. I cannot speak for my children
But I have every right to remain childless
I, Devavrata, son of Ganga,,,,
in the presence of the Gods all over...
..swear this oath that
I shall never marry
I shall live childless
..and die childless
This is my eternal oath
The Sun, the Moon, the Himalayas Himalayas
may not remain forever
Devavrata's terrible oath
will be remembered forever