Facetime: Terrell Owens & Three 6 Mafia

Uploaded by MyDamnChannel on 25.08.2008

This is Three 6 Mafia.
We're live at the Dallas Cowboys training camp.
And we're here--
DJ PAUL: Oxnard, California.
JUICY J: Yes, sir.
With Terrell Owens.
What's up, man?
I'm good.
I'm good.
You tired?
DJ PAUL: Yeah.
TERRELL OWENS: Just a little, just a little bit.
DJ PAUL: A little bit.
DJ PAUL: The great Terrell Owens, Dallas Cowboys.
We're doing a conversation piece called "Facetime." We're
going to ask you some questions, and you can ask us
some questions.
So you've been in a lot of sticky situations.
Of course, I understand a bunch of them.
Has there ever been a time on TV in the game or not on the
game, doing, you know, an interview with gangsta
rappers, or whenever, have you ever been nervous?
I would probably say I was nervous earlier in my career,
because I never, as a kid, dreamed of myself playing in
the National Football League.
I know it's probably surprising to a lot
of people out there.
So once I got to San Francisco, I went to one of
the marquee teams in the league, you know, and played
with guys like Steve Young, Jerry Rice, Merton Hanks, you
know, Ken Norton, Dana Stubblefield.
You're having to, like, do, you know, pregame and
post-game interviews, it was a different world for me.
And in that sense, I did get nervous.
I was nervous.
But you know, as the years progressed, then I became a
little bit more comfortable with the cameras and the
microphones and stuff in my face.
So now, you know, it's not so bad, you know, unless you have
somebody that you're, you know, you're just star-struck
and somebody you haven't ever seen or you've
always wanted to meet.
DJ PAUL: Who's made you star-struck before?
TERRELL OWENS: Uh, you know what, Eva Mendes.

DJ PAUL: Ooh, man.
TERRELL OWENS: And this was probably, like, a few years
ago, at the ESPYS.
I didn't know what to say to her.
You know, I saw her from a distance, and
I approached her.
And then it was just like, I used my son as, like, my--
my getaway.
You know what I mean?
He made the situation a little-- a little easier
because she came over, and she went to him first.
So other than that.
DJ PAUL: He got star-struck once before when
he saw Wayne Newton.
JUICY J: No, I didn't.
TERRELL OWENS: Wayne Newton?
JUICY J: No, man.

JUICY J: So we know a lot of people that, you know, play
sports warm up to music.
Work out.
JUICY J: What's your favorite music to warm up to?
TERRELL OWENS: You know, Rick Ross.
You got you guys.
I mean, you got some of everybody.
DJ PAUL: You listen to Kenny G?
TERRELL OWENS: There are times I've listened to Kenny G. It
depends on the mood.

So I mean, you guys are, you know, you guys are artists.
So aside from doing your own music, what do
you guys listen to?
What gets you guys, you know, in the mood or what prompts
you to really, like, come out with another song?
JUICY J: Man, a lot of times, you know, when you're making
music, it just come to you.
You could be sitting on the toilet, or playing on a
football field, or at a strip club, anywhere, you know what
I'm saying?
It just comes to you, you know what I'm saying?
Speaking of music, you got a song out.
TERRELL OWENS: Well, I wouldn't say it's a--
it's not a song.
But it was something--
JUICY J: "I'm Back."
It was a situation where I went through a lot of little
turmoil up there in, in Philly.

TERRELL OWENS: Actually, my brother, he does a lot of rap,
and he can flow off the top and do a little a writing.
So, you know, the lyrics are his, and so I just kind of--
he just kind of just gave me the lyrics, and then we went
to the studio.
And you know, we laid it down.
So other than that, I wouldn't claim to be no rapper at all.
DJ PAUL: You gonna put out some more new songs?
TERRELL OWENS: Well, you know, if a situation arises, you
know, and I'm able to do it.
Then yeah.

From the movie "Hustle & Flow," you know the song,
"It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp," did you guys, at that
time, knew that song was going to be a hit?
JUICY J: I mean, you never really know that.
And we wrote the song, and we wrote it for the movie.
So we thought it was good for the movie, but then we got
nominated for the Oscar.
Then they asked us to perform, and then we won.
So we didn't know--
I'm still shocked right now.
We got the world's longest Oscar party still
going on right now.
So man, we know you doing a lot of different stuff besides
playing football.
TERRELL OWENS: I think number one, the number one project
upcoming is the release of my new fitness book, and it's
called "T.O.'s Finding Fitness--
Making a Mind, Body, and Spiritual Connection." So,
yeah, you guys can look out for that.
It's always a pleasure, man.
I enjoyed the segment, man.
And I hope everybody out there enjoyed it.
Stay tuned.
DJ PAUL: Thank you.
JUICY J: Yes, sir.
DJ PAUL: Go buy the book.
Go buy our new album.
Go buy the barbecue sauce.
Go buy Puma.
Go buy whatever you want to spend your money on.
JUICY J: iPods.
DJ PAUL: Except drugs.
Don't buy drugs.
JUICY J: Please don't.
DJ PAUL: Buy iPods and stuff.
Thank you.