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hyatt's kylie on here
i need this short but information pack presentation for you because i want you
to understand and overcome the one problem making it impossible free to
break through your falar futsal
and is responsible for why your body fat is staying where it is
week after week
you'll be shocked because i guarantee you have never heard this information
before but just a few minutes from now until then the whole truth
about what is holding you back from the lean healthy attractive body you deserve
you're definitely in for an
all ha moment and then it
that will make complete sense to you
i promise
and by the end of this presentation you will also learn exactly how to break
through your fat loss political once and for all and you'll be on your way to
quickly burning the unsightly faq
you've been struggling with an embarrassed about for so long
now that sounds great but if you're a thing like me you want to burn fat
quickly safely and naturally
without having to rely on things like
expensive diet pills
powders crazy hours in the gym are hard to follow diets
i'm going to give you the solution to want to just that
i'm going to give me the super easy natural solution that i've personally
used to strip off all of my lower stomach fat
while keeping my metabolism losing muscle every single time i need to get
camera ready for fitness work like this
make sure you watch this video completely as it would be online for
long as major fitness franchises
are trying to pack is a solution up and sold for a big profit
cult figure right
this is the same solution that allows all of my clients to get into their
bathing suits
or take their shirts off with confidence that anytime
without having to worry about embarrassing body fat
this solution has got a lot more than that though
this solution has changed my life
and my client's lives forever
they might be thinking
carlene don't know what it's like to have my genetics and to be fighting the
severe sing battle against obesity in bali for
how could this have changed your life
and you're right setting that last ten to fifteen pounds a belly fat to gain
the photoshoot shape
is what i use a solution for but i'd probably be okay without it
i wouldn't be on any magazine covers like this
but i'd be fine the truth is that was until i started seeing the lives of my
closest friends and clients changed before my eyes
that i realized my life was going to be different
and helping people just like you is what i'm supposed to do
tink tink to bowl curse for example biggredd chubby york big bonuses parents
he was a baseball player at the age of fifteen was given the nickname gave the
roof in reference to his body similarity to the famous home run hitter babe ruth
dave always carried around a gut the resembled the leak repeat groups of
people have fun with his nickname
no one even knew it bothered him deep down because they played it off so well
up until twenty seven years of age
steve never once took a shirt off at the pool or the beach
supposedly because if he crashes he would get
today dave shares is really because he was embarrassed about his man boobs
although on the exterior gave was personable happy pretended like he
didn't care about his weight
secretly he was trying every fat diet bogus weightloss pill there was without
any success today after learning the strategy your votes with they've lost
seventy one pounds of fat
levy transform his body
and his relationships
meet jackie cooper
jackie developed in eating disordered a young age along with an addiction to
as a way of coping with depression will set the scene lol self-confidence and a
horrible self-image
doctors were quick to throw pills at her an attempt to treat her depression but
nothing seemed to work for her deeper issues
she describes her life as a flat-out nightmare
jackie's negative self-image was attracting negative people
and negative situations that kept pushing for further down in making her
feel even worse about herself
fortunately jackie found one source of inspiration or darkest days female
fitness bodybuilder marge also a
jackie was so inspired by a margin of the she vowed to fight the genetic card
she was dealt as she consciously decided to suspend her disbelieve about being
able to have the body and life she dreamed she deserved
today after learning the strategy your vote
jackie's demons and oppression are long gone along with forty one pounds of
plugs this that the worst toxic to her answer sultan
the way jackie cooper change your life is an inspiration to assault and that's
why insurance information to you today
i want to give you the same opportunity to change or kiss
i'm going to introduce you to be exact strategies that set david jackie free of
the body fat birds
and give them the lien sexy bodies they have today
now maybe you're thinking this is going to be another strange weird a secret
the promises of the world
but will optimally leaving frustrated
angry self-conscious and depressed because you still suffering
with the unsightly body fat you started with
just like all of the rest the plans if shot
you should be skeptical i mean i would be with all of the height b fatty
sketchy information out there why wouldn't we be
well the information i'm going to share with you is the exact opposite of all
that stuff
this information rather is the time-tested
science-based proven approach
all of the best fitness models
and body builders in the world take a look the way they do
and this is the same information
your going to use to start shutting your own use this body fat today
you're tired of the height
empty promises
and sales in web sites
written by marketers telling you what you want to hear
while hiding behind a computer publisher with the sword in hand and a smile on
their face
you were tired of seeing these ridiculous before and after pictures
that supplement companies pay their athletes for and then trying for you to
believe in their product created those results
i mean really
well i am one of those paid fitness models
if i'm tired of this too
it's time for someone like me to just tell it like it is
a given to you straight
what you see is what you get with me
and what you get is the truth
if your serious while learning the truth
accepting it
and using it
the information this presentation will be the most useful
powerful information you ever get
whether your guy or girl young or old weathers ten pounds or a hundred pounds
you have to lose
the solution and want to give you what absolutely strip part that stubborn
summit that
there's been bother you for so long just like it has for all of the people you
see the site
i've been lucky enough to learn from the best professional bodybuilders
and fitness models along with the world-renowned nutritionist
and today
on the fitness professional ana certified nutrition specials myself
that eats sleeps in breeze fitness
as passionate about helping people just like you
achieve the lien bodies they never thought possible
i'm very excited for you learn the most important thought lost less than i'd
ever learned
right now today
focus on the information i'm about to share with you because it will truly
help you
your nutrition is the most important factor in getting lean firming up
and losing the stubborn flap
your nutrition is the key
to getting the body of the survey can be proud of
now i'm sure you've heard that or something like that or something to that
effect that you've probably heard sayings like out to me in the kitchen
and you cannot really bad diet
you're probably saying yourself kyle tell me something i don't know
okay well here it is
what you haven't heard yet is that some adult specific nutrition is the real ki
what's that
some adult specific nutrition
means having the right nutrition plan
that's truly customized to you
your body type enter metabolism
what you haven't heard yet is the recently science has revealed some
amazing information
about how to different body types
respond differently to various nutrients this is exactly why it's not your fault
that you haven't been able to lose your belly fat
intel now you've had no way to get this information
or make use of it unless you want to spend thousands of dollars
on a top-notch teachers just like the celebrities do
i mean really let me backtrack for a second
do you think any of these celebrities look the way they do and go through
these transformations
by following generic information of a book magaziner online report
of course not i think you know that
the receipt customized
personalized nutrition for them in their body type from the best interest this on
the planet
that know what they're doing
now the science of customizing it just as the practice for years not only by
but by all of the best bodybuilders
and fitness models
who had the leanest physics on the planet
finally novels some of the top world-renowned interest this
are starting to talk about you see there are three general body types originally
identified by doctor william sheldon
that you may have heard up
akta more mezzo more and that no more
what you probably haven't heard of yet are all of the of their body types of
science has recently identified
and held the all respond to nutrients differently
this is so important because understanding what your true body type
not your general body type
and how it responds to nutrition
is absolutely crucial
to know what to eat went even how much to eat to burn fat
this is like even the very best diet books out there
work for just some people and not others
just sweep through all of the most popular diet books and you'll see what i
all approach to fishing differently a claim to be the next best thing
but it's impossible for that to ever be the case
because the information in these books do not apply specifically to you
or your body type
i mean it makes sense right
think about should this person
really have the exact same nutrition plan as this person
or should this person really needing the same way as dispersant
we are all
differ and we all have different nutritional needs
to maximize our fat loss
you see the number one problem killing your fat loss
is the generic information you've been following
generic plans
produced a new york results
ask any knowledge will fitness professional and we'll tell you the same
here are a few reasons why generic plans always fail you
and your expectations
they are not truly customized for you
they may pretend to be
but they don't want to just nutrition for you your ager wait your height
your metabolism
or your body type
for example anytime you see around adopt two thousand calorie meal planned you
know when you're not getting anything
personalized for you
your body type or your goal
because they use outdated science
take our bodies for example
carbohydrates reac remarkably differently in all of the various body
i'm sorry for sources say cards are evil and other sources say
cars are good
well what matters is what's good for you
for certain body takes certain carbohydrates can actually help ix
celebrate your fat burning results
when used properly and for other body types they can kill your fat loss
carbohydrates provide us with energy but they also
promote the release of the hormone insulin
certain body types releasing more of the potential fat soaring hormone insulin
than others in response to carbohydrates
certain body types have more fat cells another's and certain body types are
more likely to store fat when insulin his release than others another example
is certain body types cannot burn calories from certain foods officially
because of a blood to keep response these body text prompted those foods
obviously that's not good because burning calories is a big part of losing
they sacrificed valuable metabolism boosting muscle
generic plans
slow down your metabolism because your lean muscle
is sacrifice maintaining our lean muscle is so important because the more lean
muscle we carry
the more calories we burn
it's as simple as that
more lean muscle
equals more fat burt
many people lose weight following generic plans but they end up looking
the exact same with the exact same body fat percentage but a smaller version of
as you see here
that's not what you want right
the truth is if you want to experience true
long-term ballots
without sacrificing your lean muscle
you need to know what foods to eat
in what combination
and when
for your body type
to sum it up june new york approaches are like playing the lottery when it
comes your fat loss
we follow engineer plan
you're really just guessing are hoping you're taking in the right food
in the writing notes
at the right time for your body type
to optimally burn fat without sacrificing lean muscle
i mean what do you really think the odds are that that's happening
guessing right all day
the ipods are not good
plain and simple generic proaches lean spinning your wheels
and looking the same
week after week like most people do
this is why there's not a professional bodybuilder fitness model
or celebrity in the world that has accomplished a remarkable transformation
blindly following a generic plan
always have a nutrition approaches customized for them
actually within this community it is common knowledge
that customized solution
is the only route to go if you're serious about having the best body you
can have
i'm sure you can see why these people invest huge amounts of money
into cutting-edge personally tricia coaches
but don't worry things are changing that big way
and the gap between what these people have access to
and what do you have access to is now closed
and the best part of all is this bali blue permission
is no longer depend upon your bank account
now do you know the truth behind what has been making it impossible
for you to have quick noticeable permit fat loss
and he attracted body that makes you do double takes the mir as you walked by
let's take a look at what the real solution is for you
if you're set on having a lien head turning body that can help
the communique confidence and force attraction
some adl specific nutrition tailored and customized for you
is the solution
introducing kylie ons customize fat loss the first truly custom
professional nutrition system
proven to towards body fat
while strengthening defining atoning your metabolism boosting lean muscle
let's take a look at this evolutionary
first of its kind back porches system who's taking years of working with the
most successful bodybuilders because models and nutritionists are perfect
in this strategic superior super simple to follow nutrition system you will
your exact calorie in makkah nutrient needs to slim down and see if that. Customized Fat Loss Review