Money-Saving Gift Ideas!

Uploaded by TheFrugaliciousShow on 08.03.2011

Hi everyone, it’s Larissa from Frugalicious, and this is the Deal of the
Around the holidays you heard me talk about how much I love the idea of
giving someone a magazine subscription - it’s a great present that reminds
the recipient how much you care 12 times throughout the year!
I also like it because it’s a great LAST MINUTE gift that doesn’t have to
seem like a last minute gift. You can purchase the subscription online
literally 5 minutes before you need it, print out your confirmation, and
you’ve got your gift!
Sooo, that said, we ARE Frugalicious, and there are great ways to save on
magazine subscriptions - whether they’re to give as gifts, or for yourself!
You should NEVER pay full price for a magazine subscription - this is just
like Cars people - the price you see on the sticker is NOT the real price -
it’s just a jumping off point!
Here are some of my favorite sites for saving big on magazine
Best Deal Magazines dot com - I recently saw a year of Seventeen Magazine
for $4 - OMG I used to LOOOVE that magazine!
Value Mags dot com - they often have FREE subscriptions to lesser known
Lastly, Tanga dot com frequently offers DEEP discounts on popular
magazines, but the sales never last for too long. I recently saw Muscle &
Fitness magazine’s price drop from $40 to $4.
So there it is - great deals on one of my favorite frugal gift ideas!
Thanks for watching everyone, remember to subscribe to our channel and
register at our site The Frugalicious Show dot com. And talk to me - I’d
love to hear from you - What are some of YOUR favorite frugal gift ideas?
Happy Shopping, see you tomorrow!