120111 - Government Agencies Begin to Squeal

Uploaded by HyperReport on 11.01.2012

Hello, this is Scott... And this the Hyper Report for Januay 11th,
Here are the prices for various items; such as, gold, silver, and oil for today.
The Neverending MF Global Story: Regulators Block The Truth
Complicit Regulators, in trying to give cover to the criminal enterprise that is MF Global,
are now blocking the truth from coming out. Of course, do not expect the Department of
Justice, under Holder, to step in and expose the fraud.
In short, if you lost money in MF Global, good luck getting it back.
Obama's Fascist America in 10 Easy Steps
1. Invoke a terrifying internal and external enemy like Iran.
2. Create a gulag, like FEMA camps 3. Develop a thug cast, like unions.
4. Set up a survelance system. 5. Harass citizens groups
6. Engage in arbitrary detention and release 7. Target key individuals that oppose you.
8. Control the press. 9. Make Dissent equal to treason
10. Suspend the rule of law Looks like we are almost there...
Homeland Security Monitors Journalists
Well, it did not take long after the National Defense Authorization Act being passed,
before the SS in the Department of Homeland Security
to announce that they are monitoring Journalists. This includes everyting from news broadcasts
to social media outlets like Twitter. After all, we can't have journalist saying
anything that counters the state agenda. Perhaps,
it will not be long before CNN becomes GNN for Government News Network.
Obama Administration Claims Immunity in 'Shameful' STD Study of Guatemalans
Like the Nazi's of Germany, U.S. adminstration officials are claiming
immunity for exposing sexually transmitted diseases
to over 2000 Guatemala prostitutes, prisoners, and mental patients without their
consent in the 1940's. This just adds
to the war crimes that the U.S. government has committed without Americans knowing about
New Hampshire Will Shock The Republican Establishment
What happens if everyone running for office really agrees on everything,
except for one of the candidates? Ron Paul, according to Judge Napolitano, could
upset the perverbial apple cart. Unlikely, since the Republican elite will
most likely repeat the so-called accidental vote-stealing miscounts
they pulled off in Iowa.
All the World's Gold
By doing the numbers, there is 165,000 metric tonnes of above-ground gold worth,
at the moment, 8.487 trillion dollars. China is the number one producer of gold and
the second most consumer of gold behind India. Divided evenly for every person on the planet,
each person would get .76 troy ounces, or 5 gold rings, of gold.
Keep stacking!
USDA Says it Will Close 259 Offices to Save $150M
The squeling has begun folks. The United States Department of Agriculture,
to save 150 million dollars out of its 159 billion dollar budget will close 259 offices.
Don't be surprised if, because of claimed overstretched resources,
that the food we buy at stores is more comprised.
Finally, Please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day