Valentine's Day FUN DAY!

Uploaded by TheFrugaliciousShow on 09.02.2011

Hey there everyone! I was just wrapping up my breakfast.
I’m Larissa, and welcome to our Valentine’s
Deal of the Day! Today’s deals are all about
gifts for you ladies to get for yourselves!
And what’s our favorite Valentine’s gift?
We here at the Frugalicious show found a great
deal on Godiva chocolates. Check out our friends
at Coupon-Cabin-dot-com for ten dollars off any
Godiva purchase over sixty bucks.
After that box of choclates – or three –
you’ll probably want to slip into something
soft and sexy that will show off all your
curves. What garment could be better than this
than the world famous Snuggie!
You can get this Snuggie and other colors for
$14.88 at – that’s about five dollars
less than most other retailers. And you can
avoid shipping costs if you choose to ship the item
to your local store. More money for chocolates!
There you have it ladies, Frugalicious Valentines
Deals just for you! Don’t forget to check out
Thefrugaliciousshow-dot-com to see what deals Bitsy
And Erin have up their sleeves
Time for a snack! See you guys later.