Конец =) [The End]

Uploaded by ThisIsHorosho on Sep 20, 2012

Goodbye, I'm Arnold Schwarzenegger.
But who cares really, today's the last TiX episode.
Yeah, it really is the last. So i do what i want! [steal! kill!]
For example, I won't tell you who sent this vid.
No, did you hear what that walrus molester said?
"or do you want to slap it as well?"
Yeah, with a walrus flipper.
Yeah, so coz it's the last episode - here's some info on the wildlife.
Female hyena has very complicated genitals.
[you must know this]
On the outside it looks like a 15cm penis.
Who has "longer" is the alpha female.
It has ablosutely nothing to do with the vid, just a fun fact.
But what has somthing to do is the fact that walrus has a 0,5 meter bone in his penis.
It's horrible! [walrus-ass slaper]
Imagine you swimming in the sea when SLAP!
You turn around and there's this mustachy face is smiling at you!
And why the hell did they teach it to hit on chicks?
It's a disaster! He has a mustache, fangs, 0,5m penis and a job, unlike you.
They have no idea what they've taught him.
And this is Horosho!
Because it's the 158 episode, the last episode of TiX [no e159]
I'm gonna behave like any person who quits his job.
So I took a huge one in the boss's cabinet.
Wait, i don't have a boss. Damn...
And the second vid was sent by misterslonik
Let's continue humiliating women.
This time female driver parking.
This vid has no sound so we added a bit of our own.
If i talk about her driving abilities will that make me sexist?
Ok, so we accepted taht females have souls. But why allow her to drive a car?
Author of this vid said that the girl only got her licence 3 days ago.
And also this runaway lost her back plate.
And eventually the licence as well.
I just realized that exhausts really pollute the environment. Let's all ride bikes.
Especially females.
And this is Photoshop.
Third vid was sent by mirus.
And it's about a mir.us
Ok, i lied. It's about frogs in space. Us.
They. Took. Frog. To space.
It's either they have the last episode as well or they're French.
Although Russians catching a pickle also look ridiculous.
[food! food commere!]
And i thought it was hard catching a frog WITH gravity...
Not as wonderful as 0 gravity tits but also nice.
It's not just animal abuse, it's animal abuse in space!
Also you can pump it with air and release it into orbit creating a new satellite.
Oh wait, it'll explode... Well, Earth will have an exploded satellite.
And this is Horo... vod.
That’s all folks, I’m Stas Davidov. See you tonight in theatre, link in the description.
And i'll walk into the sunset.
How do you conquer your fears?
Like Forrest Gump who ran towards his fears, I run away from them.
One does not simply kill a spider Oo)
I eat fears for breakfast with rage and anger.
I have courage water))) I fear nothing))
I fear fighting my fears :(
I fight fears by squeezing buttcheeks!! �