Santa's Express - CC

Uploaded by CityofBendOregon on 28.10.2009

Finally this month, Bend Fire & Rescue
is once again taking Santa's Express
to neighborhoods around Bend.
Here's a look at how you can help people in need
this Holiday season. Santa Express
is a program put on by
Bend Fire Department
we're in our 13th year
and what we do is help provide
food, clothing and toys
to the salvation army that can help provide
it to needy families in Central Oregon.
this holiday season. We're going to go out
each night in neighborhoods throughout Bend
starting on December
7th and running all the way thru
the 10th. Going in neighborhoods like
Northwest Crossing, Providence, Larkspur
and Morningstar. This is a
way that we as the firefighters
can give back to the community
this is a way we can help support the community
we live in. This is a way that we can
help those families that may need help
during the Holiday season with
food, with clothing and to help
provide a Christmas toy
to a child that may not get one without this.
We're looking for non perishable
food, clean clothing
items, new toys that can all go
to the Salvation Army to turn around.
If we don't make it thru your neighborhood
any of the firestations in town
have collection boxes - you can bring it by
bring it by our administration building
or the Salvation Army
on Second St. We all volunteer
our time to help coordinate
this and then come walking thru the neighborhood
it's a fun night for us. We can
walk thru, we get to meet the neighbors
but also we know we're doing something good.
We know it's going to help community members
and people in need and you can get more
information including maps and details
on our website at any time.