F-Zero Falcon Densetsu 51 - The Legend of Falcon (part 2)

Uploaded by FZEROPOWER on 12.07.2008

Hurry up!
We've to protect Ryuu and Falcon.
I understand.
You're ambushed!
You can't beat us.
Let's go!
You all go ahead.
John Tanaka is here!
Although orders are for us to resist to the end, I'm tired of fighting.
I'm worried about my squid feet too.
Zoda has even become Black Shadow's hostage .
It won't be surprising if I can't keep my bones!
What's happened to you?
I'm quitting, I don't want to do this anymore!
I don't want to die!
I don't want my bones to be burnt!
As you reach this core,
the path of the core will continue.
And when the remaining Reactor Mights will be placed over there...
My dream...
...is going to be fulfilled soon!
I'll let you die with your lover then.
Think of it as a last present from me.
Remember to die with gratitude!
Captain Falcon.
Leave her in my hands Ryuu.
You've got to fight that fellow with everything you got.
Boost Fire!
Black Fire!
She's in your hands now.
This woman?
All right.
You 'd better leave this place quick.
Do you understand?
What about you then, Brother?
I'm going to fight to the end with Black Shadow.
Jody, this is my last mission.
Everything's ending, Ryuu Suzaku.
Boost Fire!
It's stopped moving...
You'll have to go in the opposite direction in my place.
We've got to let the Dark Matter Reactor overload itself.
The Reactor Might of the Blue Falcon can only make it stop.
Your two ones will be able to do it.
If that's the case...
There's only one way to destroy the Dark Matter Reactor.
Hurry up!
You can do it.
Boost Fire!
I won't let you do as you wish!
I'm the one you're dealing with!
Die, Captain Falcon!
No... I can't!
You have to use everything you got!
I'm trying, I'm trying, Falcon!
Ryu! What're you doing?
Use all your power!
Rescue me from this place!
Belief is the important thing.
Why you...
Don't you say that every time?
Think of the woman you love and use everything you've got.
My dream!
Black Shadow! It looks like you and me are going to the hell together!
Captain Falcon!
Only the one who has exceeded Falcon can become Falcon.
Ryuu Suzaku!
From this day forth you are Captain Falcon.
I will never die!
Falcon Punch!
Captain Falcon!
That... that's...!
Ryuu! Ryuu! Ryuu-san!
Where's Captain Falcon?
Captain Falcon is the one who saved the galaxy.
I'm sorry.
Brother Andy!
Ryu Suzaku! From this day forth you are Captain Falcon.
You're going to become Captain Falcon's successor.
My brother was really great.
I'll live on in pride, knowing this.
The galaxy's saved.
I'm sorry to keep you waiting for 150 years.
I've been waiting for this day for so long. Very long!
Me too.
I've something for you.
You'll take it this time.
Year 2207
A brand new F0 racing competition.
Finally begin once again in Rialto City.
We're here Gorou.
Gold's more prominent I think.
What a loudmouth.
It's not often that you say this, husband.
Are you feeling a little too arrogant?
The driver of the legendary Dragon Bird is the newcomer Krugtz
That fellow's turned into quite a solid figure of a man.
And it's unexpected that your sors become Ryuu's successor
This honor belongs to everyone.
Fight hard, Krugtz.
We're all watching.
And now, it's time for the legendary man to appear.
Captain Falcon.
The mixed coffee?
All right, I'll make it for you right away.
Fight hard Ryuu.
Wait up, wait up.
There's still me.
Here he comes again.
Let's go!!