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Yeah you know, you have to really want it because right now the business is not
the same as it was fifteen years ago and
its tougher now and yet to be on your game. Oh my God, go to every audition
and say your prayers
Get a Myspace page and do all your digital sales online.
Know and understand your business.
I'm Zachary Levi.
What brings you out here?
The free food!
Nah! Really - because I'm pretty hungry? Get out there and meet people, network, go out at night and meet people, dance with people...I danced with Wesley Snipes the other night,,,that didn't hurt!
Go out - meet people - have fun!
I love what I do!
I am very, very, very blessed!
And I get a chance to live a life
that I absolutely love.
I get a chance to earn a living doing what I absolutely love. And that's a blessing
and I don't take it for granted!
keeps you successful today
probably in the clear ones
and i think i could be keeping all this together if i was uh... policy you know
if you know how i will say yes so they may be as yet there is certainly helped
me at this point and dundas basically a
my support from defense attorney
lahore u
make sure you love it because it's a rocky road it's not hard
it's not a surefire gig you know so as long as you love it
you're succeeding keep your head down decliners on just having you know if you
believe in yourself
it's private
we start believing yourselves times dot listener
armor-piercing bernie saying is
really hard
statement is on your goal you doing
but also within the time of effort into making sure
the dream become reality
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