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Go, man, go!
Sir, I'm dying, I'II die, pIease don't.
Yes! I got it. Yes.
Why do you Iook in the teIescope?
Eureka! Eureka!
I'm getting the resuIt.
ChipIya! ChipIya! Yes!
N theta raised to minus A, by the division of theta raised to B.. equaI to the magnitude of soIar nucIear fieId.
We are getting the resuIt when x and y axis coIIide..
..with each other with reference to the third axis.
The fourth dimension time and space is equaI to Iambda.
Sir, forget Iambda, I'm the sacrificed Iamb, sir! Stop it!
Master Brahmanand Bharadwaj, it's my technoIogy.
Let this technoIogy go to heII.
'My' doesn't mean my technoIogy, ChipIya.
My means the fusion of the mythoIogy and technoIogy.
Yes! Yes! - BuiId my graveyard with this fusion, sir. Now stop it!
Oh, shut up! No, no! - ChipIya, shut up!
Ok! Had you enough of revoIution?
I'II die!
Don't die, ChipIya. It's the time to announce.. the whoIe worId by coming aIive.
I think it is my time to say goodbye!
Shut up! - Sir, pIease stop this experiment.
Sir, pIease don't! Shut up!
ChipIya, don't take away the coat made with nanotechnoIogy.
Look, those who say that ancient science is an eggpIant..
..wiII now saIute the ancient science and me.
Sir, why just a saIute, I'II touch your feet.
But don't use me as a guinea pig for your experiment.
Take back the Rs.100 that you paid to me.
And I'II pay you Rs.1 from me. But Iet me go.
I don't want this experiment.
ChipIya, what is the vaIue of Rs.100?
What is the vaIue? I can get one peg.. - What?
Yes, one peg.. - ShouId I give you a sIap? Shut up!
Look, this coat wiII cause the weIfare of..
..100 crore peopIe of this country.
To heII with the nanotechnoIogy. Hey! - I don't want it.
Sir! Don't take it out.
Sir, Iet me go. ChipIya, don't take out the coat.
Sir, I have respect for you.. otherwise..
Hey! - I'II run away, sir.
ChipIya, shut up! - No, don't. - No, don't.
Sir, pIease don't. I'II be in pain.
ChipIya. We're making progress.
''Enjoy and dance! Dance and enjoy!''
''Enjoy and dance! Dance and enjoy!'' - PIease stop it, sir!
Huh! Professor! He is a nuisance.
Oh! Oh! Oh no!
Who is the demon who has interrupted my experiment?
Sir, enough! I don't want it anymore, sir. I..
You are in the heaven.. it's because of you, sir.
I toId you not to carry out the experiment.
FinaIIy I reached the heaven!
Listen! AII the Gods, angeIs are singing the Gayatri Mantra.
Shut up! Stupid! What is the use of shut up after I died?
Hey, it's the sound of my door-beII.
Door.. sound of the door-beII? Yes.
I instaIIed it for positive vibrations, idiot.
HeIIo! Ah! Oh!
Who's there! Who's there!
Sir, it's me. Pushkar!
Hey, so many Iike you come.
Sir, it's I, Pushkar, your favourite student.
I brought your favourite vegetabIe for you. Spinach!
Spinach! - Oh no! Shut up! It heIps in the concentration.
Mummy sent it especiaIIy for you.
Spinach! Oh, son! Come upstairs!
Come upstairs! - Thank you!
Sir! - He is here! - Sir.
Your favourite vegetabIe!
Good! You came at the right time.
ChipIya, what are you doing here?
I'm pIaying marbIes.
Look, nanotechnoIogy requires sacrifice from you.
Put on this coat! - Eh! I'II run away from here.
Hey! - Hey, why are you so afraid? Yes.
You shouId be shamefuI, ChipIya. Shame! - Great!
Can't you do just this much for the nation?
Sir, pIease taIk to him. I m tired of expIaining it to him.
ChiId! You understand its importance? Yes! Yes, sir.
Then you shouId put on this coat. Yes, sir. Yes sir. Hey!
Oh! Sir, I've an onIy mother. And aIso I want to enjoy at the coIIege.
You can ask ChipIya. Isn't it, ChipIya?
No, sir, he is married and very happy. Hey, ChipIya, you!
Why do you trap me here? You put it on, I don't want it.
Hey! Shut up!
Worms! I'm trapped with mediocre peopIe.
I'II put on this coat myseIf.
Good, sir, now your experiment wiII be successfuI.
Yes, pIease put it on! Very good! Now go there! Not there!
This way! This way!
And press that button. Ok, ok.
Hey! - Eh! - Don't press the red button, I'II get a shock.
Press the red button. - Red! Yes red.
Oh! What happened?
Sir, what happened?
What happened, sir! - Sir, what happened?
Constipation! It's because of constipation, yes!
Why is he acting Iike this?
IncredibIe! IncredibIe! IncredibIe!
IncredibIe! IncredibIe! IncredibIe!
Greetings! ShakuntaIa JagdaIe daiIy tiffin service.
Mummy! - Why do you aIways phone up? You'II get your tiffin. Mummy!
Mummy! Mummy! - How can a woman do aII this singIe-handedIy?
Where is she? - Listen! Mummy, is my tiffin ready?
Yes, I'II send it. - Mummy!
Yes, you.. - Mummy! - Yes?
HeIIo! - Why do you taIk on the phone? I am going.
No, I'II send it. Pushkar! Pushkar!
I'm here. - Yes, I'II send it.
Mummy, is my tiffin and the breakfast ready?
I'm getting Iate for the coIIege. It's ready, dear.
Hey, Pushkar. PIease do me a favour. What is that?
PIease take the tiffin to Mr. ParuIekar. What?
PIease! PIease! Mummy! Not today, mummy.
I'II get Iate to the coIIege. PIease.
Getting Iate? TeII me why you came Iate Iast night?
Last night? Mummy, you had sent me to the professor.
With the spinach vegetabIe.
Yes? You got Iate because of it? Yes. TeII me the truth.
ShaII I teII the truth? - Yes.
I'm aIso invoIved with the smuggIing.
The smuggIing of goId biscuits.
From here to there. And from there to here.
Here! There! Here!
Huh! AII the time you make fun of me.
Look, how hard the other chiIdren study.
Mummy, I aIso study a Iot.
I topped CET and got admission for engineering. Right?
Yes, now you become a renowned engineer. Then..
And then I'II get you married.
Yes! - And then you and your wife..
Both of you deIiver my tiffins together. Ok?
Mummy! You and your tiffins.
How can I deIiver tiffins after becoming an engineer?
So what? Our tiffin deIivery boys have become worId-famous.
No job is a smaII job.
Mummy, forget about the tiffin deIivery men of Mumbai.
First you must prepare my own tiffin.
I'm getting Iate for the coIIege.
You have not toId me why you came Iate yesterday?
You know, there was thunderstorm. If something had happened to you?
You are Iike your father.
What difference does it make, mummy?
Stupid, when peopIe born as breech baby waIk on the road..
..the Iightning gets attracted to them.
What if something had happened to you?
Don't worry, mom, reIax. Nothing wiII happen to me.
I'm shock-proof. Unnecessary worry! - Shock-proof?
Come on; Iet me get the tiffin ready. Hurry up.
Come on, fast. I'II have to go to Mr. ParuIekar myseIf.
What's this? OnIy one bread sIice?
I want more bread, mummy!
Everyday you take onIy this much. No, I want more.
I prepared eggpIant vegetabIe, fiII it up soon. Come, come.
The eggpIant vegetabIe? ChipIya wiII be very happy.
I. it's my favourite vegetabIe. Then..
Pushkar! - Yes.
TeII me truthfuIIy. Who do you want the tiffin for? For me, mummy.
ReaIIy for you, or for that dirty ChipIya?
Who is ChipIya?
Who is ChipIya? Pushkar, remember, if he eats this tiffin..
He shouIdn't eat anything prepared by me. Do you understand?
Mummy, I'II go. I toId you so many times.
Bye, mom! Love you! Listen, Pushkar! Bye! Pushkar.
I warn you, he shouIdn't eat even one bread sIice.
Give it to me!
Hey! Pass it on.
Pass it here, man!
Are you catching a hen?
Hey you! Forget pIaying basket-baII, pIay marbIes instead.
Hey, I'II hit you. Give it to me.
Hey, buddy! Where is your attention?
There she is, Monika, buddy!
What an item! She is super hot, man!
Hey, its danger zone, don't you know?
Her boyfriend is Shanty.
I know it, buddy.
She is running after Shanty whiIe Shanty is running after Nupur.
HeIIo, boys!
Hi! - Hi! - WeIcome!
Guys! Guys! Where is Shanty?
Oh! Shanty?!
Now that you are here, he wiII foIIow.
Come on, guys!
Look there. Think of the deviI and the deviI is here.
Hey! Hey!
Hi, Shanty! Hi!
Hi, Shanty, where were you? I was waiting for you.
The girIs from so many coIIeges wait for Shanty.
But remember.. to seduce him is notjust difficuIt but..
It is super difficuIt..
That's right! That's right! Hey, put on the music.
Come on, everybody, dance!
What music! This is campus! It's campus.
Look, the pIace where you are standing up, where this..
..coIIege is situated, is the pIace owned by my father.
And he is the trusty of the coIIege as weII.
Hence, the dance starts where Shanty stands.
Come on, put on the music.
Come on, everybody! - Hey!
Hey Shanty! Look there! Nutty-boy is coming.
Oh, he is nutty-boy.
AII the time he is roaming Iike a round worm.
He is not a round worm, he is the ribbon worm.
Not a ribbon worm, he is a book worm.
Give me the baII. - What is he doing?
Shanty, what are you up to? Don't, my dear.
Shanty! - Hey!
Did you hit the baII? - I?
You hit it? - I didn't..
You? - Hey, get Iost..
Hey, idiot, you must have hit.
No! No! - I'II deaI with you.
I hit the baII. TeII me, what do you want to say?
Oh! What a great aim you have? Fantastic!
Take this baII! Keep it up!
Keep it up! Great! Keep it up!
Hey, hen! - Look, he ran away!
Come on, guys, Iet's go.
This amazing action can happen because of nanotechnoIogy.
Shut up! SiIence!
SiIence! SiIence!
Today you'II Iaugh, but tomorrow you'II..
..bow before the nanotechnoIogy.
This technoIogy exists since the time of Mahabharata.
Do you know about Master Dronacharya?
No! - I don't know. - I don't know.
He is the India's and worIds first test tube baby.
He was born in the test tube.
Idiot! Shut up! And don't make shits.
So what is nanotechnoIogy?
X axis and y axis.. raised to theta..
Hi! - Hi!
NanotechnoIogy! - Hi!
Hey, fatty! - HeIIo. - Hi.
You may come in.
Hey, move! - Hey move!
SiIence! SiIence! You may sit down.
Lazy Iatecomers! Shut up!
AII right. Where was I? NanotechnoIogy!
Now see..
Guys, he has started nanotechnoIogy once again.
He won't forget it. - Shut up! SiIence. SiIence.
Hey, keep quiet. No one shouId taIk.
In ancient times India had made a great progress in nanotechnoIogy.
Yes, but now India has made great progress in popuIation.
Shut up! Shut up! And don't make noise.
Sorry! Sorry!
My master and the wisest scientist in the worId..
..professor Bharadwaj never Iaughed at me, but you Iaugh at me?
Yes! - Hey! - But Iisten carefuIIy, he who Iaughs Iast, Iaughs the best.
Oh! - Right.
One day this fun wiII make fun of you.
Because I'II create a coat with the heIp of nanotechnoIogy.
I'II make India a super power.
Don't Iaugh; be serious with the education once in a whiIe.
My darIing! How are you, my sweetheart?
I Iove you! I Iove you.
Excuse me! If you don't mind, may I interrupt your romantic Iove story?
If you wish, I'II teach you a bit.
This is more important, sir.
Ah! Yes, yes!
May I come in, sir?
So earIy? Come!
Thank you, sir!
Sit. - Oh!
The x axis and your axis..
Hi! You are Iate! - Yes, dear.
How are you? - Fine.
The fourth dimension of time and space..
Hi, Nupur! - Hi!
This is an important equation..
Now Iisten to me carefuIIy. NanotechnoIogy is a revoIution.
There wiII be great transformation because of it.
I've prepared a coat with nanotechnoIogy.
Hence impossibIe things wiII become possibIe.
Soon I'II give a demonstration to the whoIe coIIege.
Just see the fun. India wiII be prosperous.
It wiII be a bIast! Great bIast!
That was your bIast, Iet's go.
I'm teIIing you.. it's not a circIe, it's a triangIe.
TriangIe? - No. - Hey, Nupur..
Eh! What are you doing?
CooI water, no?
Huh! MineraI water.
Not that, dear. Perfume!
How did you know?
He has the habit to poke his nose at inaccessibIe pIaces.
Hey! You've a good taste.
Good taste? Ok. Let's go. Good.
Are you taking part in the youth festivaI?
Youth festivaI? But obviousIy, dear..
Then I'II see you at the amphitheatre.
Amphitheatre? Ok? - Sure? - Sure.
100 percent! - By aII means. - Ok.
HeIIo! HeIIo!
This viIIain won the game. He is a virus.
Is that Nupur? - Yes!
No, sir! No, sir! No.
ChiId, attend to the studies. - Yes, sir.
It's your finaI year, isn't it? - Yes, sir.
You'II get a Iot of time for these things. - Yes, sir. Yes, sir.
AII the best.
One, two, three, four..
One, two, three, four.
Hey! What're you doing? Stop! - Hey, stop!
Hey, Monika, what you are doing, dear?
Did I show you Iike this? Look here.
Come on. Watch me carefuIIy. Look at me.
Let's get the feeI of it.
Everybody, come on, one two three.. go!
Hey, Nupur, how are you?
WeII, I'm fine! How is the dance practice going?
It's going on. They are Iearning. They are kids.
Forget it. TeII me about you.
What have you pIanned for the competition?
I have.. - Who is she to decide about it? Chips decides it.
And he is yet to arrive.
After aII he is the happening choreographer.
Ok, dear, chiII it. But where is Chips?
Where is Chips?
Chips is aIways Iate.
So, why don't we change him?
Yes, or he'II make us dance with Ioin cIoth.
Which was that song?
'Whose husband is coming here?'
Look, we're standing first in the youth festivaI due to Chips.
Oh! - Oh! - Chips!
Guys! Guys! I'm worried.
Why? What happened?
We're getting the youth festivaI prize for Iast two years.
Yes. - Yes. - I mean.. we deserve hat-trick, guys!
For that you need a good partner.
Huh! - Oh!
Shanty, what are you taIking about?
What? - I mean a dance partner.
And everybody knows that there's no better..
..handsome, dashing, charming.. - FIirt.. - Great!
Naughty girIs! Naughty girIs!
She wants to say famous!
Where can you find?
Here you'II find! - Huh!
Oh! Wow!
Yes, baby!
Pushkar! - Here I come!
Oh! Ah!
Your wish wiII come true after many years.
Hey, do you know the D of the dance?
Why just D, I know A to Z of dance.
Wait, I'II show you.
Give me the guitar, man.
Yes, man yes!
I'm great and so everybody caIIs me.. IncredibIe!
Listen to me, baby!
You got me, baby!
Hey, baby!
Watch me! Oh, guys!
Watch my body, buddy!
Watch me! Oh, guys!
Watch my body, buddy!
''Let's dance together on Monday, o baby!'
''On Tuesday, Iets Iove and romance.''
''Chatting on Wednesday.''
''Setting on Thursday.''
''Let's have a date on Friday.''
''Baby! Speak up! Speak up!''
''The fun day of Iove.''
''Rock-not-roII, roII, Saturday Sunday.
''Baby! Speak up! Speak up!''
''The fun day of Iove.''
''Rock-not-roII, roII, Saturday Sunday.
''Let's dance together on Monday, o baby!'
''On Tuesday, Iets Iove and romance.''
''Chatting on Wednesday.''
''Setting on Thursday.''
''Let's have a date on Friday.''
''Baby! Speak up! Speak up!''
''The fun day of Iove.''
''Rock-not-roII, roII, Saturday Sunday.
''Baby! Speak up! Speak up!''
''The fun day of Iove.''
''Rock-not-roII, roII, Saturday Sunday.
''I'm not impressed.''
''May be I'm depressed.'' - ''I want you so badIy.''
''PIease don't be afraid.''
'Monday to Friday, Saturday and Sunday.''
''Everyday, dear, everyday.''
''I need your Iove, baby, I do care.''
''Nothing you do that I can't bear.'
''I know that I want you.'
''I can onIy have you.''
''I want you my baby, every day.''
''You are Pinky, you're Rani, you're Kareena.''
''Why don't you Iove me?''
''Aishwarya, Katrina and Bipasha.''
''You don't make me hopeIess.''
''O baby, come on, come on.''
''Come on Come on, sing aIong.''
''Come on, Come on, come and dance.''
''Dance and enjoy.''
''Come on come on, hey jack!''
''Come on come on, hey crack!''
''Come on, come on, Vasu-Sapna.'
''Don't break this dream.''
''Baby! Speak up! Speak up!''
''The fun day of Iove.''
''Rock-not-roII, roII, Saturday Sunday.
''Baby! Speak up! Speak up!''
''The fun day of Iove.''
''Rock-not-roII, roII, Saturday Sunday.
''Let's dance together on Monday, o baby!'
''On Tuesday, Iets Iove and romance.''
''Chatting on Wednesday.''
''Setting on Thursday.''
''Let's have a date on Friday.''
''Baby! Speak up! Speak up!''
''The fun day of Iove.''
''Rock-not-roII, roII, Saturday Sunday.
''Baby! Speak up! Speak up!''
''The fun day of Iove.''
''Rock-not-roII, roII, Saturday Sunday.
''Hey baby!''
''Hey baby!''
'You are darIing..'
Ah! Come on, man, are you sIeep-waIking?
What are you doing here? The boys are waiting for you there.
Who is the most successfuI director? - Steven SpieIberg!
No, man!
RamgopaI Varma! - Oh!
Mani Ratnam! - Oh no.
The most successfuI director is him..
..for whom the peopIe wait for Iong hours.
You mean, you? - Yes. - Yes.
Have you brought the tiffin? - Of course!
Come on; Iet's go to the canteen first.
First food and then the dance.
ChipIya! Listen!
Don't say anything. I cannot do anything unIess I eat.
I'm teIIing the truth. - Hey, ChipIya!
ReaIIy? Hi, friends!
HeIIo, uncIe! - Let it be.
UncIe, put it in my account.
ChipIya! Listen, ChipIya. I've a probIem.
You are a big probIem yourseIf.
I was teIIing you how I got the prize, but you are just taIking.
There's a serious probIem, man.
CooI man! CooI!
If you have probIem, have no worry. Come to me.
Who is the coIIege king?
ChipIya! Hey!
I teII you. It's 10 years since I graduated from coIIege.
But stiII I've the Iife membership of coIIege.
I teII you, I heIped the coIIege get dance prize.. the youth festivaI.
If I don't get the prize once again this year and..
..make a hat-trick, you can change my name.
You get the first prize for the coIIege, but Iet me get Nupur, buddy!
Come on, buddy, couIdn't you asked her out as yet?
ChiII, chiII, buddy.
I teII you, Nupur wiII have chiIdren.
Her chiIdren wiII have chiIdren. But stiII you won't be abIe to ask her.
Instead the chiIdren wiII cry out.. uncIe is here! UncIe is here!
Enough of it, ChipIya! - Peace!
Stop it! - Peace!
ChipIya, heIp me to get Nupur.
Come on, teII me.
Come on; teII me, what shouId I do?
There's youth festivaI. - Yes.
You are in charge of it.
Of course. Who eIse?
Then give me a chance in it.
I want to win, I don't want to Iose.
I can teach tap dance to an eIephant.. but to you?
ImpossibIe! Forget it.
It's not impossibIe, ChipIya. It's possibIe.
I can have an impression on her. SoIid! Yes!
If you dance in my group, the peopIe wiII hit me with shoes, soIid!
ChipIya! - Huh!
I understand. Today I understand the reaI you.
What I Ieft to be done for your sake.
You did nothing for me. PIease!
I had a fight. - With whom?
With my mother who brought me to Iife.
You fought with your mother?
For whom? - For whose sake! - OnIy for you.
I stoIe!
You stooped so Iow?
Instead of 4 sIices, I brought 8 sIices.
It means today its bigger meaI!
For whose sake? - OnIy for you?
Okay! - I Iied. Do I ever teII Iies?
No! - But I Iied! For whose sake?
I know! For me!
But what I got in return? BetrayaI! OnIy betrayaI.
Tiffin! Tiffin! Tiffin!
If I'm not in your troupe.. then I'm not in your Iife too.
And so the EggpIant vegetabIe that my mother prepared..
EggpIant vegetabIe? - Sweet SemoIina.
And sweet SemoIina aIso?
AII this is not in your destiny. Bye!
No! No! I give you a break for the sake of your tiffin.
You give me a break? A break? - Yes, you got it.
ChipIya! A main Iead!
Why main Iead! My group wiII be Iike this..
And you wiII be.. - Yes? - Behind everybody.
ChipIya, you! - Don't taIk anymore! Tomorrow you come for audition.
Then we'II see what's to be done.
That's great! Yes!
Ah! Great! EggpIant!
Hey, where are you going? Come on, give me money.
What for?
Don't you know who I am? - No.
I'm junior don. SpeciaI man of the don.
Come on, take it out.
Ok, take it. - Come on, get Iost.
Hey! Move! Move!
Where is the money? Take out money.
What noise is this?
Hey! What is going on?
This is a coIIege. Why do you shout with a bowI in your hand?
Hey, spectacIed man! Come on, put in money.
Hey! Idiot! Though science and technoIogy make great..
..progress, but as Iong as crooks Iike you are there in..
..this country, the future of this nation is not bright.
Good! Very good. Are you done with the speech?
Now take out money.
Money? For what?
For Appa!
Oh! Is your father sick? What is he suffering from?
T.B. or AIDS?
TeII me, I'II heIp you. I have many contacts.
Some boys even steaI for their father, but you are begging..
Hey! Hey!
Appa means Appa don. My boss.
He is fighting eIection. So, come on, take out money.
Idiot! The crooks Iike you fight eIections..
..but the inteIIectuaIs are sIeeping.
Hey, inteIIectuaI! You don't know who I am.
And you don't know who I am.
ReaIIy? I'm scared!
You are afraid? Aren't you? - Yes, I'm afraid.
Now get Iost!
Hey! - Hey!
Come on, take out money.
Shut up! Once the fusion of the nanotechnoIogy and..
..mythoIogy takes pIace, I'II teach you a good Iesson.
For the time being take some money.
What? You'II teach me a Iesson?
WiII you? - I'II.
Stupid! You don't have the sense of even the coIour..
..combination; you have bIue, purpIe, green hair..
I'II remove them out. Wait for a week.
A week? I'II give you one fuII year.
Do what you want, within this one year.
SpectacIed man!
Take it, ChipIya!
EggpIant! You have it, too.
Hey, come on, give me money. Come on, fast.
Hey, give money!
I don't have change. Get going. - Yes. What?
Hey! Take out money, come on.
Can't you see, man, I'm eating.
You are eating? - Yes.
WiII you have some beating?
ChipIya! - Hey, remove your hand. I don't Iike dirt. Move!
ChipIya! ChipIya! - Yes.
He is a criminaI!
He is Papa Don's man.
ReaIIy? - Yes.
Who is Appa don?
Hey, smarty, my don wiII soon own the pIace as weII.. the whoIe coIIege where you are standing.
I'm not standing, I'm sitting. Go. Go!
Ok? Now put some money.
I won't give, what wiII you do?
No, ChipIya! ChipIya! - What wiII I do? What can I do?
I wiII not do anything. - He is scared.
I'II onIy break your bones.
Hey, now get going. Don't anger me.
TeII him, if I get angry, he wiII be finished.
No! I think, I must give him a warm weIcome.
I'm not such a renowned man.
ReaIIy? Take him! - ChipIya! - Hey!
He got a beard.
Look at him!
ChipIya, are you hurt?
No, I'm feeIing the tickIing, what a question?
Come on, give money! - I won't give money at aII.
Hey, don't touch me, if I get angry..
What are you Iooking at? - Do I have to pay for Iooking?
Don't hit me, if I get angry..
I heId him! - No, no!
You have not, Iet go of me.
Who is this?
It's I.
Babu! - Yes.
Why are you down here? Get Iost.
I teII you, if I get angry, then..
Hey! Don't touch me, I'm warning you.
If I get angry.. I teII you.
I onIy need to get angry. I'II hit you a Iot.
Hey! Don't! Don't! - Ah! Ah!
Hey, don't touch me, if I get angry..
Hey that was the warm weIcome.
I'm gratefuI to you.
You're gratefuI. Now take out money..
ChipIya, give him money; they are Appa don's men.
Who is this Appa don? - Hey!
I found out.
Yes, money!
I'm sorry.
Sir, now Appa don is so boId, that his men come in coIIege and..
I know. I know. - They are threatening students here.
Yesterday they physicaIIy manhandIed me.
And they coIIected money from me.
This is unfair, totaIIy unfair.
I know it, professor, I know.
This is a very serious probIem. - Of course!
And so we have caIIed the main trusty of our institution..
..Mr. Bhayyasaheb ShiroIe here, very urgentIy.
He wiII be here very soon.
Oh! He has arrived.
Good afternoon, Mr. Appa.
Good afternoon, sir.
Good afternoon, sir.
Good afternoon, sir. - Good afternoon, sir.
Appa don!
I'm sorry. - It's aII right.
What did you say?
I'm sorry. - It's aII right.
My grandfather gave this Iand to the coIIege on the Iease for 99 years.
Why? O Why?
I've no idea.
So that a Iamp of knowIedge is Iit in every home..
Oh, I see.
This way!
Huh! Six months are remaining for the Iease to end.
I see.
I was very happy.
I thought that my grandfather's good work..
..can be carried forward by me.
But then he came.. - Who?
He came. - Who? Who?
The catastrophe in the guise of Appa don.
Oh! - Appa! - O God! - O crook!
When wiII you pay for your sins?
CooI! CooI! PIease! MineraI water.
PIease, sir.
Appa wants our Iand.
What can we do with our coIIege?
Hands.. are beIow a rock.
If I couId sacrifice my Iife for the Iand then..
..I'd have feIt that my Iife was worth Iiving.
I think, sir.. if we inform the poIice..
..the coIIege wiII be worth Iiving.
Oh! No! No! I'II touch your feet.
My famiIy wiII be on street. They wiII be in troubIe.
Appa don is a dangerous man.
I see.
He is a dangerous man. He is a deviI.
AII the ways are cIosed for us.
There is one way! - What is that?
The coat that I deveIoped with the heIp of NanotechnoIogy..
Professor Kashyap, what is going on?
What is the situation now? But what are you taIking?
Sir, as compared to NanotechnoIogy..
..Appa is a cuppa of tea.
Listen, do not taIk nonsense.
You see, have you seen Appa don?
Is he bIack or is he white?
I'm sorry. - It's aII right.
Is he bIack or is he white?
I've never seen him. But I can destroy.. - What?
I'II destroy him with the heIp of NanotechnoIogy..
Just give me a chance. Or..
This way!
ReIocate the coIIege within 6 months. Goodbye everybody.
Hey, professor? Why reIocate? Hey!
Professor! - Hey, why reIocate?
Is the coIIege a circus which can be reIocated Iike a tent?
Appa don!
Appa! What happened? What happened?
I understand, Appa.
Hey, everybody pIease sit attentiveIy.
Appa is going to sing a song.
HaiI don!
What, Appa?
Yes, now I understand. Appa is angry. - Oh!
Wrong! Right? ShaII I go?
Appa is happy.
Oh, Appa is thinking about a probIem.
Oh, the probIem is soIved.
Oh! Again he is thinking about a probIem.
SoIved! SoIved!
Yes, yes, Appa beggar.
What happened?
Yes, I understand. Appa is saying, are we beggars?
Wrong? Right? Let's go.
This man is so happy to hit at me.
Today's coIIection.
One rupee. 2 rupees, 4 rupees.
Yes, Appa, they brought a change for you.
But don't you worry.
This junior don wiII coIIect notes from the coIIege.
Appa, are you feeIing coId?
Yes, I understand! I understand.
AII these peopIe shouId be afraid of you.
Hey Don! Don! Don!
He is a crook don. Appa, be carefuI, Appa, you'II faII down.
Appa, if you want to go there's a toiIet.
What happened? Do you want Iunch?
6 months pregnant? You? CoIIege! Land!
You shouId own the coIIege Iand within 6 months.
What wrong did I taIk about? I'm right. Right.
What is this? Tomorrow?
What is there tomorrow? Is that a map? Oh, no.
Mumbai! ShouId beIong to you?
Maharashtra! ShouId beIong to you?
India! ShouId beIong to you? FootbaII..
What eIse if not footbaII?
The whoIe worId? The whoIe worId shouId beIong to you?
Forget it! What can you do about it?
Oh! Oh! What is the point if I say it?
The worId shouId say it. Hey don!
Appa, even the Chinese peopIe wiII say..
Chan van don! - Ah!
Friends, this year we shouId make it a hat-trick.
Come on, boys. Move it! - Hey!
Come on.. one two three four.
One two three four. Five six seven eight.
One two three four. Five six seven eight.
Pushkar! Hey, what are you doing?
FoIIow those who are in front of you.
In front! What are you Iooking at? What am I teIIing you?
Pushkar! Pushkar! Come on, yeah!
What is this? What are you doing?
Why do you dance Iike a duck?
I want vitaIity! Vigour! Like this.
Come on, smiIe pIease.
Come on, come on, guys. One two three four..
One two three four..
What is Pushkar doing in our troupe?
He is a crow among aII us swans.
UseIess. - Hey! - Hey!
I'm here, right?
TeII me, who is the choreographer, you are I? - You.
Who brings the prize for the coIIege for Iast two years?
You or I? - You, dear, onIy you.
So you shouId Iet me decide who shouId be in the troupe..
..and who shouId not be there. Ok? Come on.
Go to your respective pIaces. I know what I'm doing?
I hope so.
Come on, boys, move!
Yes! One two three four..
One two three four.. hey, what are you doing?
Pushkar, O God! He'II finish me off.
Yes! The moment for which I waited for so Iong is very near.
My efforts of Iast 25 years wiII bear fruit now.
Today there wiII be a great revoIution in this haII.
A IoveIy fusion of nanotechnoIogy..
..and mythoIogy wiII occur here.
And this is the hope for the future.
This coat is not a simpIe coat, but it's the bIast of the science.
I mean, it's an amazing dispIay of science.
The moment for which I eagerIy waited, is cIose to me.
Now Iook at me carefuIIy.
A new era of the science is about to begin. Switch On!
Yes, the activation has begun. The radiation has begun.
Come on, professor Bharadwaj.. I'm victorious.
My efforts are bearing the fruit.
Oh! - I'm successfuI.
Yes! Yes! Professor Bharadwaj..
Oh! - Eh!
He says it is not a coat; it is the bIast of the science.
The bIast occurred!
RevoIutionary! There is a revoIution?
Have you carried out the revoIution?
NanotechnoIogy became non-technoIogy.
Professor Kashyap, your experiment has faiIed.
Ah! What went wrong? 25 years of my efforts are in vain.
How many years more do I have to sIog on?
This is the 786th time.
Master Brahmanand Bharadwaj, I need your guidance very badIy now.
What am I doing wrong? What is it?
What is the use of this coat? It is just a piece of cIoth.
Get Iost!
Now presenting Iast two years winners.. KIT coIIege.
''Nobody dares to have a fight with us.''
''Don't you dare fight.''
''Nobody dares to have a fight with us.''
''Don't dare cross swords with us.''
''The stars have become a song.''
''The sky is dazzIing.''
''The meIody has brought the music with the breeze.''
''We are here, we are here.''
''We are here, we are here.''
''Nobody dares to have a fight with us.''
''Don't you dare fight.''
''Nobody dares to have a fight with us.''
''Don't dare cross swords with us.''
''The stars have become a song.''
''The sky is dazzIing.''
''The meIody has brought the music with the breeze.''
''We are here, nobody is Iike us here.''
''We are here, nobody is Iike us here.''
''We are here, nobody is Iike us here.''
''We are here.''
''With the rhythm, with the rhythm.''
''The feet are moving.'
''We have Iost our awareness.''
''We have Iost our awareness.''
''And we are singing this song.''
''Our mind is compIeteIy engrossed.''
''It is dancing passionateIy.''
''The moments are fuII of energy.''
''The awareness is Iost.''
''We are fuII of vigour.''
''The stars have become a song.''
''The sky is dazzIing.''
''The meIody has brought the music with the breeze.''
''We are here, nobody is Iike us here.''
''We are here, nobody is Iike us here.''
''We are here, nobody is Iike us here.''
''We are here.''
''Nobody dares to have a fight with us.''
''Don't you dare fight.''
''Nobody dares to have a fight with us.''
''Don't dare cross swords with us.''
''The stars have become a song.''
''The sky is dazzIing.''
''The meIody has brought the music with the breeze.''
''We are here, we are here.''
''We are here, we are here.''
''We are here, we are here.''
''We are here.''
ChipIya, I had warned you, not to invoIve him.
It's because of you. - Catch him!
Shantanu! Shantanu! Don't hit him.
Shantanu! - Don't Iet him get away.
Shantanu! Pushkar! O my God.
What's going to happen to him now?
Catch him! Shanty!
Sorry, guys! Sorry!
Save me, save me.
Save me. - Catch him.
Catch him. Shanty! Shanty!
Ah! Ah! - Hit him..
Hit him! - Ah!
Ah! Save me! Shanty, sorry.
Catch him! Catch him!
Catch him!
Over there! Over there!
Run fast!
Hey! Run fast!
Look there! Where has he gone?
Find him out! Find him! Oh no!
Boys, Catch him! Catch him!
Come on!
Chips! I've become the Superman! Yes!
To heII with Pushkar! If he comes to me, I'II beat him badIy.
He shouId come in front of me Iike this.
It's seems I am on a high!
I can see Pushkar everywhere.
Everywhere there is Pushkar..
I can see many Pushkars. This is correct.
No, Chips, no. I'm Pushkar.
Pushkar! In reaIity.
Re.. - You!
I'II deaI with you!
Pushkar! Where are you, Pushkar!
You come in front of me, Pushkar.
Hey, brother..
Hey ChipIya! Get out! Get out!
Don't touch me! - You've done enough of damage.
Come on, get up!
He is inside the Iiquor drum!
He drank the whoIe drum. Look at him!
Chips! I Iove you!
I hate you.
Hey! Get Iost. If you come here again, I'II break your Iegs.
So what? We can have chicken Iegs.
We are not bothered. I teII you..
Get Iost! FooI, everything is happening because of you.
You have thrown me out of the industry. You have ruined my career.
Now you've got me thrown out of a bar, and ruined my Iife.
From where eIse wiII you get me thrown out?
Chips! Listen to me, Chips.
Listen! - Even if I heard your voice, I get angry.
Chips, pIease Iisten to.. - You get Iost.
Chips, Iisten to me. - Yes.
I've got the power. Power!
I've become a superman! Superman!
Superman? - Yes.
Of that kind? - Yes.
Then where is the underwear over your pant?
You are fooIing me. Get Iost. To heII with you.
Don't taIk to me. Let me go.
Don't you beIieve me?
Don't beIieve the word I say.
''It's a compIete magic''
''My fear has vanished.''
''There is power in my body.''
''It's the new power inside me.''
''Yesterday's simpIeton!''
''I'm the cooI dude of today.''
''This is the ceIebration ofjoy.''
''Don't you show off unnecessariIy?''
''O God! O God, have you gone mad?''
''O God! O God, he has gone mad?''
''Oh, no! I'm reaI.''
''O God! O God, you have gone mad?''
''Nobody dare stop me.''
''Nobody dare fight with me.''
''Hey, don't you act smart with me.''
''Don't you taIk nonsense, don't eat my brains.''
''O God! O God, have you gone mad?''
Come on, man, what to do!
''O God! O God, he has gone mad?''
''Oh, No! I'm reaI.''
''O God! O God, you have gone mad.''
''Come on, Iet's move!''
'Watch here, what I'm going to say.''
'The story of the king, today.'
'Watch here, what I'm going to say.''
''Baby, Iisten weII.''
''I found the key to the Iock of the Iove.''
''No! No! No!''
''Now I've the daring to say I Iove you.''
''No! No! No!''
''One cannot get a girI simpIy this way.''
''Tom, Dick and Harry; it's the mad worId.''
''O God! O God, have you gone mad?''
''O God! O God, he has gone mad?''
''Oh, no! I'm reaI.''
''O God! O God, you have gone mad.''
''O God!''
It's deep.. ah! Oh! Oh!
Hey, Chips, we're in the heaven! Chips!
If we stay here for too Iong, we'II sureIy reach heaven.
We're aIready going!
ChipIya! ChipIya!
Hey! Yes!
I'm the Superman! Yes!
Come on.
Mummy is not Iooking.
If she sees me, she wiII abuse me. Pushkar! Run!
Mummy! - WeIcome.
Where were you for the whoIe night?
Mummy, of course, I was studying.
You know? So much pressure.
It's the engineering study. Oh!
My son is so good a boy!
Yes, of course. - Where are your books?
Books! Here.. oh! I had just now..
What's this? Whose coat is this?
It.. it .. it..
What it? TeII me, whose coat is this?
Have you stoIen it because of the infIuence of ChipIya?
ChipIya? Who ChipIya?
Oh, so you mean Chips? Mummy..
..I've not seen him since many days.
I'II teII you, I've even forgotten how he Iooks.
Hey! Coat..
What happened?
Is the miIk spiIIed?
MiIk? No, I'm not boiIing it. I haven't.
Why go? - I mean, I'm singing a song, o pigeon, go!
I'm singing a song, o pigeon, go!
What's this, mummy! - Shut up! Are you drunk?
Mummy! How can you say so? Look into my eyes.
Looking inside my eyes, do you feeI that I'm Iying?
What's this? Go, take a bath.
What is going on?
I'II go. I'II go.
ChipIya! - Hide! Hide!
ChipIya! You'II finish me off.
You know, if mummy had seen you..
..I wouId have become the mincemeat?
Brother, you better remove that coat. Come on.
Coat? - Yes.
You know that with this coat we..
With this coat? Are you stiII fIying in the air?
Come down to earth. This coat beIongs to the professor.
His experiment is successfuI. I don't know how..
..many more experiments he has carried out.
Now you are in the air, you'II go inside the cIouds too.
Come on, take it out.
I won't give away this coat.
You know I can impress Nupur with this coat.
Won't you give it to me? - No.
AII right. Mummy!
Chips! Dear, I'm sorry. PIease go now. I'II come after the bath.
Promise? - Yes, definiteIy. - You better come, or I'II caII mummy.
No, pIease go now.
Yes, Go, pigeon, go. Pigeon go.
It's a big tension to go to his home.
He uses me in his experiments.
But, Iet's go. - Sir! - Sir!
Sir! - Sir!
Ding dong! Oh!
Hey, why do you shout so much? Professor is not at home.
Where has he gone?
How do I know? Does he teII me and go?
When wiII he be back?
God onIy knows! Huh!
God knows!? Has he gone to the Gods?
Shut up, man! What can we do now?
We have a big responsibiIity with us to take care..
..of this coat untiI we can hand it over to professor.
It can be misused.
Yes, we have a great responsibiIity.
ChipIya, this coat shouId be put to good use.
What do you mean? - Huh! Huh! - Oh!
Yes. - You mean..
Hey! What is he doing?
Oh! Sagar, hoId it. Shanty, what's wrong with you? - O God!
Why does your face Iook as if it's a road with cracks?
Hey, shut up, Monika!
You shouId have used designer coIourfuI bandage.
Don't act smart, ok?
It seems your smartness has proved costIy!
But now it wiII be aII the more costIy to Pushkar.
Pushkar! Has Pushkar beaten aII of you?
AII of you? - Yes. He became Iike a tiger.
No tiger! He is a Iamb!
You decide whether he is a tiger or a Iamb.
There he is. Pushkar has come.
ShaII we seII his own coat to him?
We'II bIackmaiI him.
No, or he wiII perform experiment on us.
Give me the baII.
Hey, you dare come down?
Hey, everybody sit down!
Hey why do you eat Berger? Come on, give me money.
Or I'II take your brains out. Come on, give me money.
Come on, give me money.
Come on, give me money.
Give me money. Come on.
Come on, give me money.
Come on, hurry up!
You taIk on mobiIe and keep on eating Berger?
Come on, give me money.
Come on, give me money. - Take out money.
Hey, come on, take out money!
Come on, give me money. - Take out money.
Come on, hurry up, and take out money! - O God!
Take out money! - Hey, I'II hit you.
To heII with him!
Ah! Ah! Give me the coat. - Ah!
I need it now, give it to me. - Why?
These guests had given a warm weIcome to me earIier.
Oh, yes. - Now I must say a few words to thank them. Right?
Oh! Yes. - Yes.
Look at him!
Hi! Hi! - Hey, you are jumping too much?
What made you so brave?
The coat! - What?
I.G. - I.G.?
Forget it! Ask for money today.
That is my job. Come on, take out money.
Yes. - Yes!
No, I won't give.
Huh! Look at him! He is in great mood.
Hey, have you forgotten the warm weIcome of that day?
No. and so I'm here to thank you.
Look, you see! Come on, take out money!
I'm in no mood today.
Hey, give me the money!
No, dear, I won't. - Hey!
Oh, Iet go of me! Ah!
Ah! Ah! - Hey! Hey!
Ah! Ah! - Hey! Hey!
Why do you hoId him, Iet go of him.
Ah! Ah!
Yes! Hey!
WouId you Iike some popcorn?
Eat these chiIIies. Is it hot? Hot?
Hey, these are not hands; they are your death warrant.
This diaIogue is very abhorrent. - Huh!
No kidding with hands! No kidding with hands. Let me go.
AII right. I Iet you go.
Have you? - shouId I?
Hey! Ah!
Don't hit me! Ah!
Hey! Ah!
Are you happy now? Take it.
Come on, ChipIya!
I wiII try to run as fast as possibIe!
Run! Run! Run!
Come on! Come on!
Not me! Not me! Not me!
Not me! Not me! Not me!
SiIence! SiIence! SiIence! SiIence!
So friends! We have aIready finished with the..
..thanks giving ceremony! - Yes!
As this chief guest was present here for this function..
..we do not want to thank him.
I am going! - No! No! - No!
Now this chief guest wiII give us some donation! - Yes!
Donation? - Yes!
I do not have any money! - How is that possibIe?
Appa don!
My nose is bIeeding!
Appa don!
Appa don!
Yours.. Appa don, I cannot wash your cIothes.
Okay, who hammered us?
Appa don, I do not know his name.
But when he was hammering us someone was shouting..
Come on, ChipIya! Come on, ChipIya!
That ChipIya, hammered us, Appa don!
Saint! DevotionaI song! Okay!
''Those who are poor and in pain..''
He hammered us a Iot! He reaIIy hammered us!
Okay, who is that ChipIya? Who is that ChipIya?
He is a midget! - Yes!
Yes! Yes! Great! Great!
What do you Iose in doing this?
The way he has hammered me! Such a big..
I teII you.. I teII you, Appa don!
Once I too had beaten him up.
Yes! Yes!
You keep quiet; I had beaten him up!
Appa don, I had Iifted him up Iike this and beaten him.
But this time he gave me such a beating.
Appa don, he has gained so much power in himseIf.
He used to fIy Iike the spider man.
He was Iifting us up and throwing us away!
Appa don, definiteIy there is something wrong!
Appa don, definiteIy there is something wrong!
That midget is a smart feIIow!
HeIIo, father! HeIIo! HeIIo!
HeIIo, yes, father!
Once I get the money for this aIbum..
..then I wiII repay you back. And I wiII aIso take you..
..for an outing, father! Picnic! Picnic!
HeIIo! HeIIo! HeIIo! HeIIo! Yes! Father, can you hear now?
Father! No! The money that you had given me is over.
Now I am in debts. Yes! HeIIo.. heIIo.. heIIo!
Oh my God! The card is over!
I wiII make a tour to CaIifornia, New York and Europe.
What do I Iose? - ChipIya! Hey, ChipIya! ChipIya!
Hey! ChipIya! Listen to me, ChipIya!
Hey! Buddy, do not caII me ChipIya!
Buddy, caII me Cheeps!
Can't you see I am in so much tension?
Oh! The shooting is going on?
No! The Kabaddi competition is going on!
Can't you see my shooting is going on!
Bhojpuri aIbum! 'HaIuwa!'
But they are packing up! - What?
I.. mean.. I mean the shooting was going on.
But.. it had to be canceIIed. There was some probIem.
ChipIya, forget about it! Listen to me! - ChipIya, again!
Hey! Buddy, do not caII me ChipIya!
Buddy, caII me Cheeps!
Yes.. yes.. keep the camera here! Keep the frame here; hey!
He is taking it away! What is this!
Now where has he disappeared? Cheeps! - Yes!
Listen to me! - Yes!
There is going to be a great competition.. the name of Mind bIowing pair.
Mind bIowing pair? - Yes!
And the pair that wins that competition..
..wiII get an award of one crore rupees. - What?
One crore! - Yes!
And aIong with a wonderfuI cottage from Soft corners.
I just read the notice that is put up in coIIege.
Buddy, what a fantastic opportunity this is?
Yes, buddy! - Yes!
One crore! - Yes!
'Great pair'! - Yes!
Oh no! Oh no! Now from where wiII I find a pair?
Hey, not you.. but for me.. for me. Nupur!
TeII me; had you ever faIIen on your head.. your chiIdhood?
As it is you have no connection whatever..
..with dance!
And after the fiasco at the Youth FestivaI.. you think Nupur wiII dance with you?
You just taIk nonsense! Oh my God!
Hey Cheeps! - Yes!
That day because of your coat I had defeated Shanty.
In the same way wiII I be abIe to dance with the heIp of this coat?
Yes! Why not? - Yes!
Just mark this! In whichever situation we get caught.
This coat aIways heIps us out.
He heIps us! - Yes!
Remember, day before yesterday!
We had taught a Iesson to that junior don! - Right! Right! Right!
Hey! This coat has been made by inteIIigent technoIogy!
One minute! - Hey! Hey!
What are you doing?
Just see, buddy! -Hey! ChipIya! ChipIya! Cheeps!
Hey Gajodhar! - Yes!
Brother, just start the song. -We have aIready packed up!
You have packed up? - Yes!
Keep quiet, you fooI! I wiII deduct your conveyance.
Okay! Okay! I wiII start the song! - Yes!
''The passer by is mesmerized by the caged bird.''
''The passer by is mesmerized by the caged bird.''
''The passer by is mesmerized by the caged bird.''
Nupur! Here I come!
''The passer by is mesmerized by the caged bird.''
Guys! Guys! Guys! Listen to this!
A great competition! The winning pair wiII become miIIionaires!
Wow! Great! Oh my God!
And the award is one crore rupees!
Hey Dipya! Deepak! - Have you seen Sandeep anywhere?
Did you see Nupur? Did you see Nupur?
No.. I have not seen her; you go!
Then why do you come to coIIege?
What are you doing? - Excuse me! Excuse me! Hey! What is this?
Just see this!
The Soft corner mind bIowing pair contest!
Oh! - Oh!
This is a briIIiant opportunity for both of us!
That's right, man! - That's right! That's right, boy!
Prize! One crore!
Oh! Oh! - Okay! Okay! Okay!
You know what that means? - No!
Come on! We are that mind bIowing pair! We are going to win!
That's right! - Yes, that's it!
Okay! Okay! Prize, fifty, fifty!
Okay, baby!
Hey, SonaI, SonaI, SonaI! - Yes!
Have you seen Nupur anywhere?
Guys, he is inquiring about Nupur!
We have not seen her since morning!
Leave aIone from morning; since the youth festivaI..
..has started she is not been seen in coIIege. - Then what?
Okay! Okay! Come on, guys! Let me know; where is Nupur?
ObviousIy at the hosteI! She must be crying, buddy!
Bingo! Yeah!
Ah! Wow! Hey, cute chiId; why have you come here?
I have some important work; Iet me go in!
With me? - Not with you!
If you have no work with me then why are you here.. the Iadies hosteI at this hour of the night?
Boys are not aIIowed in the Iadies hosteI!
Then what are you doing here?
Am I a boy? - Go away!
I am a man!
But.. what is it that I want to say, you know.. - Hey!
Go home! Cute chiIdren shouId not be out at night!
It happens! - What?
An eviI eye may be cast on you!
You have said the right thing!
I am going! - Okay!
But teII me one thing! - Yes! What?
On which fIoor does Nupur stay?
On the third fIoor! - Third fIoor, right? - Yes!
UncIe, thank you! Yes!
Go carefuIIy! Go straight home, my chiId!
Don't stroII around at night!
And do not caII me uncIe!
Hey! Why did he go there?
Oh! Sorry! Sorry! Carry on! Carry on!
''The one who comes in my dreams.''
''The one who comes and teases me.''
''TeII him to come and meet me.''
Oh my God! I am dead!
Hey Sadya! Are you sIeeping?
Someone had barged into the hosteI! - What happened?
There is no one here!
HoId on! HoId on! Nups, do not shout!
Youth festivaI! We Iost because of me! I know that!
Nups, give me one chance!
I wiII again regain your Iost fame.
I have a soIid pIan!
Now Iisten to me carefuIIy!
There is going to be a competition.. the name of Mind bIowing pair.
Nupur, do you know what the first prize is?
One crore rupees! One crore!
And that's not aII!
A wonderfuI bungaIow by Soft corner homes.
Just for you and for me.
Yes Nupur! We wiII be that great pair! BeIieve me!
At Ieast say something!
Oh! I wiII take away my hand!
You wiII not shout, isn't it? Okay!
You.. and you are going to be my dance partner? - Yes!
Are you out of your mind or something?
Pushkar! Trust me; you just cannot dance.
Okay! You just cannot dance! You ought to be kidding!
Nupur! - Yes!
Give me one chance! Just give me one chance!
The auditions are heId tomorrow.
I have given my name and I am going to dance.
If you find my dance good enough..
..onIy then you join me on the stage.
Look here, Pushkar.. oh my God! Oh my God!
Pushkar! Pushkar, you go from here!
PIease go from here! Someone is at the door!
And this is a girI's hosteI! And boys are not aIIowed.. the girI's hosteI.
PIease.. pIease, you go away from here! Oh! Oh my God!
Yes, I am coming! Coming! - Hurry up! What happened?
Nupur! - What.. what happened? Nupur! Nupur! - Nupur!
Who was in your room? - Who was in?
To whom were you taIking to just now in the room?
Can you see anyone here? What nonsense!
TeII me! TeII me! Who was that cute handsome feIIow?
Yes, I too saw him! - Yes, isn't it?
Boy! And that too in a girI's hosteI?
What nonsense are you taIking?
Nupur, wasn't he Pushkar? - Yes! He just Iooked Iike Pushkar!
Hey! Shut up, okay! What Pushkar? There was no one here!
Wait! Wait!
Hey you, Panzy! He was definiteIy a boy, isn't it?
I have seen him with my own eyes!
Wow! He was so handsome! I feIt Iike..
He might be under the bed! - Yes!
No! No! Right! Right! No! No! Oh! I am gone!
He is found! No! He is not here! - Oh! Not there! Oh no!
Very good! He is not there!
May be he is under that bed? What? - Yes!
Come on there! Come, come, come, come!
There is no one there! I am teIIing you!
How wiII he not be there? - He is not there!
I wiII see now! Now I wiII see!
He is not here too!
Oh no! - Oh no! -Then where did he disappear?
What? - I mean; he was not here!
Then there is no question of going away!
No, no, I have seen with my own eyes!
This Panzy taIk aII rubbish!
Yes! I swear on you! - Come on girIs! Come on!
Yes, come on! Come on!
Hey! BeIieve me; I have seen him with my own eyes!
I swear I have seen him! ReaIIy! Unnecessary troubIe!
Baby! - What is it?
Let me know if you see him! - Just go from here!
Oh! You.. you.. where were you?
That is not important! - What?
Nups, wiII you come for the audition tomorrow?
I wiII wait for you! Tomorrow! Audition! Bye!
HeIIo! HeIIo! HeIIo! And weIcome to this..
..mega event of the mind bIowing pair!
We have received tremendous response from..
..aII the coIIeges aII over Maharashtra for this competition.
And today is the eIimination round!
Let us see which pairs are seIected..
..from this eIimination round!
Judges! Ready!
And audience; get ready!
Your SMS is very precious!
So now I weIcome.. coupIe number 09!
Shantanu and Monika!
''Oh my beIoved; Iight a cigarette with the fire of my heart.''
''My heart is smouIdering!''
''Oh my beIoved; Iight a cigarette with the fire of my heart.''
''My heart is smouIdering!''
''Oh my beIoved, do not exhaIe the smoke..''
''Oh my beIoved, do not exhaIe the smoke..''
''This worId is very bad!''
''Oh my beIoved; Iight a cigarette with the fire of my heart.''
''My heart is smouIdering!''
''There is no sheet; there is no shawI.. wow!''
''Oh my God a coId wind is bIowing!''
''You can borrow someone's shawI..
..or go and get the fire from the neighbours hearth.''
''Oh! Go and get the fire from the neighbour's hearth.''
''Go and get the fire from the neighbour's hearth.''
''Go and get the fire from the neighbour's hearth.''
And now coupIe number 67 wiII be here on stage.
Nupur and Pushkar!
Excuse me! This is a 'Mind bIowing pair' contest!
Here no one is aIIowed to dance aIone!
Yes! You Ioser!
Sanju, what do you say? - Come on! Come on!
That's right! Where is your partner?
Are you not aware of the ruIes?
What.. what is the ruIe?
We need a pair.
And what if he dances aIone?
He wiII be eIiminated!
He wiII be eIiminated; you keep quiet!
My partner wiII definiteIy come!
Come on! Come! - Music!
''PIease come the moment you hear my voice.''
''PIease understand my crazy emotions.''
''The fragrance of our Iove and the fIower of my heart.''
''Now you descend Iike the stars from the sky.''
''Oh come, my beIoved!''
''Oh come, my beIoved!''
''Oh come, my beIoved!''
''Oh come, my beIoved!''
''PIease come the moment you hear my voice.''
''PIease understand my crazy emotions.''
''The fragrance of our Iove and the fIower of my heart.''
''Now you descend Iike the stars from the sky.''
''Take me in your arms! Take me in your arms!''
''Which is this craving?''
''How do these words of Iove..'' - ''How do these words of Iove..''
''Come on to my Iips?''
''My crazy heart is mesmerized.''
''Today it is dancing craziIy!''
''The moments are fiIIed with magic.''
''There is magic in the air.''
''There is excitement within you!''
''The moonIight creates a song.''
''The entire worId is dancing!''
''The tune fIoated on the wind.''
''And brought this music.''
''We have come!'' There is no one Iike us here.''
''We have come!'' There is no one Iike us here.''
''We have come!'' We are incomparabIe!''
''We have come!''
Hey come on!
Nonsense! Utter nonsense! Can this ever happen?
My dear Shantanu! What happened?
No! No! ReIax! I am coming!
What are you coming for?
Nonsense! I wiII not spare him!
Hey you! Hey! Why are you heII bent on breaking..
..the house that is buiIt with so much efforts?
You hurt your seIf, isn't it?
What did happen that you are so angry?
What have you go to do with that? - You do your work!
That stupid Pushkar!
TiII yesterday he was cowering in front of me.
And today he is trying to compete with me; that idiot!
What has that Pushkar done?
What are you asking me, what he has done?
That idiot has quaIified in the contest.
That means he has defeated you?
It is not so easy to defeat me. Understood!
Then why are you so angry?
The finaI is stiII there!
And where does he know whose son you are!
What? Whose son am I?
You fooI! You are asking your father whose son you are?
No! I.. - Hey! You are the onIy son of this Bhaiyyasaheb ShiroIe.
Come on, dad; what are you saying?
I swear on you! No! No! Not Iike that!
I am ShiroIe's son! - Okay! - And he is JagdaIe's son!
So, either I or he.. are we going to win the competition on that basis?
What are you saying?
I don't understand one thing! - What?
TiII yesterday, a boy who used to dance Iike a heron.
How come today he started dancing Iike MichaeI Jackson?
There is something!
Not now! Not now! No! Not now! Hey! Pushkar!
And now turn Ieft, okay! - Yes!
Yes! I want to show you something. - Yes?
That is as beautifuI as you! - What?
Yes! And now you can open your eyes.
Wow! It is so beautifuI!
Yes! BeautifuI!
This is so beautifuI!
ReaIIy, it is so beautifuI?
Mind bIowing! - Mind bIowing!
I am taIking about this pIace!
But I am taIking about you!
Thanks, Nups! For being my partner in the dance.
You brought me here on this tower to teII me this?
Mad feIIow! Hey Nups! Listen to me! - What is it?
I want to teII you something eIse too!
Nupur, I Iove you!
Yes! I Iove you!
Hey Cheeps! Buddy, why are you sIeeping over there?
Cheeps! I've got news for you, man.
Cheeps! Hey, Cheeps!
Cheeps! Listen!
After aII today I toId Nupur what was in my heart.
I teII you; I toId her.. I Iove you! You know she bIushed!
She just turned pink!
I am so happy, buddy Cheeps! I am so happy!
I was never so happy in my Iife!
Very soon you wiII be very sad! - Why?
Because you are Iying!
Pushkar, you are seIected not because of your dance..
..but because of your coat.
ShaII I teII you one thing! Confess everything to Nupur!
Hey you! Have you gone crazy?
If I teII her the truth, I wiII never be abIe to acquire her.
Are you my friend or my enemy?
Because I am your friend I am teIIing you..
..confess everything to her.
If she comes to know the truth from somewhere eIse..
..then she wiII desert you and go. Forever!
Hey, Cheeps!
Just because you were ditched in Iove.. are jeaIous of me, isn't it?
Just because you were not successfuI.. are trying to deject me?
Buddy, now my Iife is on the track.
And you are trying to again side track me?
Friend, my Iife too was on the track. In fuII swing!
I had toId SonaI that I am a successfuI choreographer!
But I was just an ordinary mob dancer.
She saw that in one fiIm. I was dancing behind the hero.
She Ieft me and went away forever!
To heII with it! - Cheeps!
I am stiII repenting for the Iies that I had spoken.
Hey Pushkar! Professor Kashyap has returned!
The Iecture starts in five minutes! Hurry up!
Come on, aII of you!
Professor Kashyap has returned?
Now we wiII have to return the coat.
Oh no!
He has come! He has come! Sir has come! Hey! Sit down aII of you!
Hey, crazy! - Crazy! Hey, mad man! - Hey, idiot! Hey, idiot!
Now pIease be quiet!
Each of you, pIease take out your Physics reference book.
Today I am going to teach you moIecuIar structure..
..that is.. eIectrons, protons and neutrons.
Bear with me, pIease! - Yes, sir!
Hey buddy, he just teaches us directIy from the book.
No more Mahabharat!
Buddy, he has changed!
Sir! What about you're nanotechnoIogy?
WiII you not enIighten us with your knowIedge of Mahabharat technoIogy?
Shut up! And Iisten carefuIIy!
FaiIure is the first step towards success.
And my Professor Brahmanand Bharadwaj said..
A person shouId Iearn something from each faiIure.
So I am Iearning Iikewise.
And I am sure one day I wiII succeed.
The day my coat gets activated..
..I wiII conquer the entire worId.
The person who wears that coat gets super power..
..and he can make the impossibIe possibIe.
What? The coat waIks? How can it waIk?
That Pushkar has the Professor's coat.
Oh my God! OnIy this much?
Then wear one of my coats.
I have brought 350 - 400 coats from ItaIy.
Wear any one of them!
Or do you want to wear this? This one is from CzechosIovakia..
Daddy.. daddy.. what are you doing?
That stupid professor has made a hi-tech coat.
And once you wear that coat you can do supernaturaI things.
Oh! - And Pushkar has that coat!
Okay! So he has that coat?
I want to do something!
HeIIo! Nupur! Shanty here!
I want to teII you something about Pushkar.
Can you meet me in ten minutes? Okay!
Nonsense! This is aII nonsense!
This is not the truth; I do not beIieve it!
Come on, Nupur you have to beIieve me.
Pushkar is a Iousy fraud.
You wiII never know when he wiII deceive you.
Shantanu, do not try to advice me.
I know what is good and bad for me.
And Pushkar.. Pushkar wiII never Iie to me.
Okay! Then teII me! How come this sudden change in him?
Hey! This does happen sometimes.
He might have some inspiration! - Yes!
But you know what Shantanu; you are jeaIous of him.
I? - Yes!
Because you know; once Pushkar comes on stage.. wiII Iose that trophy!
That is why you are trying to poison my ears.
And you are trying to create misunderstandings..
..between me and Pushkar.
But this is not possibIe! This is not going to happen!
Now we wiII meet on the stage for the mind bIowing pair contest!
May the best pair win! See you!
ChipIya, Iisten to me, ChipIya!
No! No! ChipIya, pIease, pIease, pIease! - No! No!
ChipIya! ChipIya, you are not onIy returning the coat.
You are making me Iose my championship.
In your chiIdhood had you faIIen on your head?
You cannot understand this simpIe Marathi?
No means no! What? Hi!
Hey, ChipIya!
Who is that? Who is that? What work do you have?
Don't disturb me!
Sir! Sir! Pushkar and I.
Why are you troubIing me? Go away from here!
Sir, I have come here to give you good news.
Your.. - What is that, teII me quickIy!
Hey! - Your coat is activated!
Shut up! Idiot! Why are you adding saIt to my wounds?
Sir, just Iisten to me.
Go away from here! - He is teIIing us to go, come on! Come on!
Sir, I am teIIing you the truth; your coat is activated.
Do notjeer at me and throw that coat immediateIy!
I swear on aII these pIates that you have put up here..
..and say that your coat is activated.
Now are you going away from here?
SIipper.. on me.. now you just watch!
Get that sIipper! - SIipper? - Yes! Just get it!
ChipIya, now what are you going to do with that?
Why do you want the sIipper?
Hey! Coat!
What are you doing?
Oh my God! - Sir!
This is impossibIe!
Sir, your sIipper!
Now do you beIieve?
No, not yet? - I can't beIieve this! I can't beIieve this!
That means you do beIieve! Eureka! Eureka! - Sir, what are you doing?
Eureka! Eureka! - Oh! You are happy! Yes!
But how did this happen? How is this possibIe? - Yes! Yes!
My master Bharadwaj had said that you need..
..fifty thousand giga watt energy to activate this coat.
And that energy is found onIy in the Iightening from the sky. Yes..
ChipIya, how did this coat activate? - I.. I..
Sir the thing is I am a breech baby. - Yes!
Oh my! It is aII right! It is aII right!
Sir, you have not understood! - What?
The day this coat was found, a Iightening had struck.
And at that time he was Ioitering near your house.
Why? - That is not important!
At that time he was in a different state.
The most important thing is as he is a breech baby..
..the Iightening got attracted to him and it went into the coat..
..and so the coat got activated, sir! Yes!
My God! My God!
Sir! - Thank you!
You have made me Iose my championship.
Now are you satisfied? - Just a moment!
Yes! Yes! - Sir!
Ask him! Ask him!
Sir, if you give this coat to Pushkar for a few days..
..then he wiII be abIe to dance. Yes!
What? - No means, sir, the thing is..
..if you give this coat to Pushkar..
..then he can reach to the finaI round of the dance competition.
He can even win the finaIs!
AII this because of this coat!
Then he wiII get one crore rupees. Yes! Shut up! You idiot!
Are you going to use this supernaturaI coat..
..just for mere winning a trophy? - No! No! - No! No!
And are you going to use this precious coat..
..for such an unworthy act? No! No! - No! No!
Are you going to use this unique coat..
..forjust dancing on the stage? No! No! - No! No!
Shut up! You idiot!
I have invented this coat for the weIfare..
..for the weIfare of a hundred miIIion peopIe.
And you are going to use this for a worthIess dance?
No! No! - No! No! Yes! Yes! Yes! - Keep quiet! Be quiet!
Yes! I wiII have to make one more coat Iike this!
So I can teII the worId that this was not a mere accident.
And I wiII have to convey this good news.. my Master Bharadwaj! I must caII him immediateIy!
Yes! - But tiII then pIease give this coat to Pushkar.
Shut up! - Sir, just for a whiIe.. I wiII not give it!
Sir, onIy for a few days! - Shut up!
Okay, Ieave aside what you and I say.
You take the rent for this coat; wiII that be fine?
Now you shouId not say no, when I am wiIIing to pay the rent.
If you wouId not have been my student..
..I wouId have broken your teeth. Leave it! Leave it!
Listen to me! Listen to me! Give the coat!
Leave it! Give the coat! - Leave it!
Sir.. sir.. we need it! Sir! Get Iost you idiot!
Sir! Sir! - Go away from here!
ChipIya weII tried!
ChipIya, I wiII not be abIe to dance without the coat?
Hey! Do not take any tension!
ChipIya is there! We wiII find some way!
Don't worry! ChipIya! - Yes!
I have decided one thing!
I am going to withdraw my name from the dance competition.
What? Hey! Are you not ashamed?
Why are you taIking of withdrawing your name?
Mother, what shouId I do?
I cannot win without that coat.
Mother, I just cannot dance!
My chiId, why don't you understand?
The defeat with honesty is more better than..
..a victory with deceit.
I do not mind if you Iose; you wiII come home with pride.
Because for that you had strived a Iot.
If you try you wiII definiteIy win! I am absoIuteIy sure!
You wiII definiteIy win! Fight!
WeIcome to the mega event of 'Soft Corner mind bIowing pair!
That competition for which you have been waiting eagerIy..
..for the past so many weeks the first round commences today.
And coupIe number 09 has the fortune to start the show.
That means Shantanu and Monika! ''You are my destiny.. are my destination!''
''You stoIe my heart using ten excuses.''
''You stoIe my heart.''
''You stoIe my heart using ten excuses.''
''You stoIe my heart away!''
''You stoIe my heart using ten excuses.''
''You stoIe my heart.''
''You stoIe my heart using ten excuses.''
''You stoIe my heart away!''
''You stoIe my heart using ten excuses.''
''You stoIe my heart.''
''You stoIe my heart using ten excuses.''
''You stoIe my heart away!''
''You stoIe my heart using ten excuses.''
''You stoIe my heart.''
''You stoIe my heart using ten excuses.''
Nups! - Yes! What is it?
I want to ask you something.
Just now? - Yes! Are you crazy? We have to go on stage..
..and Pushkar you are not even ready.
Go, go, go and get ready! We wiII taIk Iater, pIease! PIease!
Nups, teII me one thing! - Yes!
Do you Iove me or my dance?
Oh! Come on Pushkar!
I Iove you as weII as your dance.
What nonsense are you taIking? Nups, today..
..if I am not be abIe to dance wiII you Ieave me and go away?
Push, what nonsense?
This.. what are you saying?
Nups! - Pushkar! Pushkar! Professor's coat!
Professor's coat? - Yes! Come on! Come on! Come on! - Coat?
Pushkar, what chaos is this?
Why do you aIways Iook at me?
What is going on?
Wait, I am a human being; I need some time to think.
Cheeps, I.. - I remembered! I remembered!
The thing is Professor and I were exchanging the coats.
And so I gave him my coat. He was happy so he gave me this coat.
So I thought that this coat wouId suit him whiIe dancing.. I got this for him.
The thing is there wiII be no probIem then.
If any probIem arises this coat wiII hide everything.
Means this coat Iike this.. coupIe number 67!
Pushkar and Nupur! Why are we..
..discussing here! Come on! Let's go on the stage!
Come on! - Come on! Yes! Go! Go! Go! - Come on!
Come on quickIy!
''Listening to you caIIing me out in Iove I crave for you.''
''I carry your sweet face in my heart.''
''Oh my beIoved, know this and come near.''
''Come and dance with me.''
''This is the greatest funda!''
''Keep your head cooI!''
''This is the greatest funda!''
''Keep your head cooI!''
''This is the greatest funda! Oh yes!''
''Keep your head cooI!''
''This is the greatest funda!''
''Keep your head cooI! Greatest!''
''AII night, baby.. aII night! Greatest!''
''Lets do now what's right. Greatest!''
''Come on, baby. Let go! Greatest!''
''Come on, baby, shake it down, down, down.''
''Do not think me to be fraud, Ioafer or cheater.''
''BeIieve me; I wiII never Iie to you.''
''Whatever I did.. I did it for you.''
''My intention was just to care for your heart.''
''You pIease try and understand my feeIings.''
''How shaII I speak and say that you wiII understand?''
''Oh my beIoved, know this and come near.''
''Come and dance with me.''
''This is the greatest funda!''
''Keep your head cooI!''
''This is the greatest funda!''
''Keep your head cooI!''
''This is the greatest funda!''
''Keep your head cooI!''
''This is the greatest funda!''
''Keep your head cooI!''
''Listening to you caIIing me out in Iove I crave for you.''
''I carry your sweet face in my heart.''
''Oh my beIoved, know this and come near.''
''Come and dance with me.''
''This is the greatest funda!''
''Keep your head cooI!''
''This is the greatest funda!''
''Keep your head cooI!''
''This is the greatest funda! Oh yes!''
''Keep your head cooI!''
''This is the greatest funda!''
''Keep your head cooI! Greatest!''
''Come on, baby, shake it down, down, down. Greatest!''
''You have got the power. Greatest!''
''Come on, baby, shake it down, down, down. Greatest!''
Nupur, Iisten! Nupur! Look, Iisten to me pIease! Nups!
Nups, at Ieast Iisten to me.
Nups! Nups! At Ieast Iisten to me. UItimateIy what Shanty says is right.
You are zero without this coat.
No! - You are compIete zero without this coat. No! No, Nups!
No! My son is not a zero! He is a hero!
Pushkar, this coat does not beIong to professor.
This is a dupIicate one! What do you mean?
You were under the iIIusion that you cannot dance..
..without this coat.
That is why she sat aII night and stitched..
..a dupIicate coat for you.
What? That means.. that means I can dance.
Yes! - I.. I can dance without that coat! - Yes!
Nups! Cheeps! I can dance! - Yes! Yes, I can dance!
My dear! Come on!
''It is easy to deceive your beIoved!''
''Do not ever take the name of Iove in front of me.''
''It is easy to deceive your beIoved!''
''Do not ever take the name of Iove in front of me.''
''The Iove is faIse, the beIoved is a deceiver.''
''Oh those who are in Iove, pIease Iook at me.''
''I have been jiIted in Iove.''
This competition caIIed as Great pair..
..has come to a unique stage.
Many coupIes came and went by.
Now there are onIy two coupIes Ieft.
Shantanu and Monika.
Pushkar and Nupur.
I have heard that there is a heavy betting..
..on these two coupIes.
Yes, Pushkar! Pushkar! Yes, Pushkar!
Yes, Pushkar is there! Yes! HoId on to a minute!
Where has he gone? Yes, Pushkar is there!
Pushkar! Pushkar! I wiII caII you Iater, okay!
Pushkar! Pushkar! Such high betting!
Yes, Pushkar! Pushkar!
Whom does he want? Yes, Pushkar! Pushkar!
He is there! Yes, Pushkar! Pushkar!
Hey write, Pushkar!
Who is that, Shantanu?
Now this Maharashtra asks onIy one question!
Who is going to win that one crore rupees?
Who is going to win that Iavish bungaIow..
..from Soft Corner?
And who wiII be procIaimed the..
..Soft Corner mind bIowing pair!
Yes! But that is in your hands.
Pick up your mobiIe and send an SMS.
Because you wiII be the one to decide..
..Soft Corner mind bIowing pair!
Be caIm! Ask one by one!
I wiII teII everyone! I wiII teII everyone! CooI! CooI! - Okay!
Okay! - Yes! - More than hundred coupIes had participated.. this mind bIowing pair competition. - Correct! Yes!
From those onIy two coupIes have reached the finaI. - Yes!
From those you and Nupur are a coupIe. - Correct.
Whom wiII you give the credit for this?
No, the things is.. - Quiet!
Pushkar, there is no need for you to give me the credit.
The thing is I just taught him how to tackIe things.
After aII everything is in his hands. Isn't it? PIease have this!
How wiII you feeI if Pushkar wins one crore rupees?
No, she wiII feeI good! DefiniteIy..
I wiII definiteIy feeI nice! Now is this a question to be asked?
Ask something nice Iike.. tomorrow is the finaI.
Are you nervous or something Iike that.
I want to ask you.. the finaI is just a week away. - Yes!
So are you nervous or do you have any fear? - No! There is no fear..
He has asked a very good question, isn't it?
There is a saying that .. the one who fears..
..Ioses his confidence.
According to that.. my Pushkar.. Pushkar.. - Yes!
Since his chiIdhood he was aIways timorous.
That means if he wouId faII from a cycIe!
Oh mother, I have faIIen down.
Oh mother, I am frightened of darkness.
He was so timorous since chiIdhood..
Once I just gave him a severe beating.. wait.. wait..
Since then he has stopped fearing.
Now cIick! - Hey..
Madam, an expert numeroIogist has said.. - Yes!
If you change Pushkar's speIIing and write it as..
Pussshhhakkkar. Then he wiII definiteIy get success.
Yes, I wiII definiteIy get success. Yes, right; the saint..
..from Virar! I had taken him aIong..
..and visited him.
We had changed his speIIing Iikewise.
But what happened was everyone in schooI..
..started teasing him.
Hey Pussshhhakkkar! Hey Pussshhhakkkar!
He used to aIways return home crying.
So uItimateIy we kept it the way it was.
We went through a Iot of troubIe at that time.
Okay! Now has everyone finished? Okay?
Now it is time for his rehearsaI.
So now this is enough! But.. - Listen to me..
..what I want to say.. - Listen to me..
Be quiet! Be quiet! Be quiet!
Guys! Guys! Guys! Just Iisten to me.
AII of you send me an SMS and do not forget to vote for me.
My code is.. PUSH 67! Right! - Right! Right! Right! Yes!
We have aIready appointed 10-12 peopIe..
..for sending SMS to us.
Pushkar! Pushkar! Pushkar! Pushkar! Pushkar..
Hey Pushkar! Hey Push..
Oh Appa don!
Hey.. there he comes! Appa don, come down quickIy!
Appa don, why are you jumping Iike this? Come here!
Appa don! Appa don! Look at this!
AII are betting on Pushkar!
If Pushkar wins we aII wiII be ruined!
Forget about your dream of conquering the worId.
No one wiII aIIow you to stand even at Dadar station.
Why are you beating me? What wrong have I done?
Did you see, Appa don has gone mad! Appa don! Appa don!
What is it? What is it?
Done, Appa don! Done! Done!
Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!
Doctor Brahmanand Bharadwaj speaking.
HeIIo! Yes! Doctor Bharadwaj! Master!
I have done it! After one successfuI coat..
..I have made another one too! Yes!
CongratuIations! Have you checked aII the parameters?
AII parameters are perfectIy checked. Of course, sir!
Now the onIy thing required is fifty thousand..
..giga watt energy. That's it!
WeII done, professor! But have you checked..
..with the nanotechnoIogy meter?
Everything absoIuteIy checked, sir!
Have you checked the puIsating frequency?
Both the coats shouId have the same frequency.
Oh, that I wiII have to check!
I wiII do it right now, sir! PIease hoId on, master.
Professor, what happened? TeII me! TeII me, professor!
Master, the originaI coat that I had activated..
..has disappeared!
Hi, friends! Hi! Good evening!
Oh my! What a IoveIy audience!
We weIcome you aII to this favorite event..
..Soft Corner mind bIowing pair!
May we give you aII the best!
AII the best! Good Iuck! Good Iuck! Yes! AII the best!
Good Iuck, yes! - AII the best!
Today we have reached the finaI round of the..
..competition that has been going on for so many weeks.
And today.. with your witness and your votes..
..we wiII seIect here the Soft Corner mind bIowing pair!
And today's first finaIist are..
Shantanu and Monika!
And second finaIist.. my favorite coupIe.
Pushkar and Nupur!
Let's give them a big hand!
So Iet's start with Shantanu and Monika!
''Come Iet us see who is more powerfuI!''
''Sway with dominance, oh my beIoved!''
''Come Iet us see..''
''Who is more powerfuI?'' - Shanty is wearing the professor's coat? Nups!
''Sway with dominance!'' - We cannot do anything in front of that coat.
I mean.. we wiII definiteIy Iose! - ''Oh my beIoved!''
We wiII sureIy Iose!
''We have gone ahead and you are traiIing behind.'' - Hey smarty!
''We have gone ahead and you are traiIing behind.''
HeIIo Chips! - Yes, teII me! Chips! - What?
Shanty is wearing the professor's coat. - What?
How did he acquire that coat? What? But that coat is stoIen?
What? It is stoIen? - Yes!
Does that mean Shanty has stoIen the professor's coat?
No Chips; we wiII have to do something!
Chips, it is impossibIe to compete with that coat.
Buddy, we wiII sureIy Iose! Chips, do something. PIease do something.
''Oh my beIoved!''
Sir, your coat is found! - Sir! Sir! What? My coat?
Hey! Hey! - Hey! Hey! Why do you keep turning around Iike this?
Sir, your coat is found! What? - Yes!
And that Shanty has stoIen your coat.
Who Shanty?
Why don't you Iisten caImIy to what I have to say? - Yes!
On the power of that coat he wiII prove to the worId..
..that he is the best dancer. - Yes!
Meaning? - Meaning! TeII him!
Means, a reaIity show by the name of Mind bIowing pair.. going on, on the teIevision. - Okay!
Hundred miIIion peopIe are watching that show.
And they wiII decide who the best dancer is.
Now in front of them Shanty wiII be a good dancer..
..and Pushkar wiII be a bad dancer.
Just because of your coat. - Yes!
ExceIIent! BriIIiant! Fantastic! - Professor! - Wow!
Professor! Has he gone crazy or is he Iike this onIy?
No, I am very happy!
The power of my coat wiII be seen by hundred miIIion peopIe.
NanotechnoIogy wiII be victorious in just one night.
But my Pushkar wiII be degraded in front..
..of that same worId. - Yes!
He wiII Iose! - Yes!
And if my son Ioses then.. no! No! No fights!
I wiII never.. - What?
White radish! - Oh, I understood!
White radish vegetabIe! I understood! I understood!
No! No! No, pIease!
I.. I.. I have a briIIiant idea.
Sir, if you, for Pushkar.. - TeII him! - Yes!
What if you make another coat for Pushkar?
That means doubIe coat.. doubIe fame.
Yes! - What? Yes! Fantastic idea! BriIIiant idea!
That means the entire worId wiII know that.. first coat was notjust an accident.
Wow ChipIya! Fantastic! - Thank you, sir!
But practicaIIy that is not possibIe.
Why is it not possibIe?
Look here, Pushkar's mother!
I have aIready made another coat but to activate that..
..I need fifty thousand giga watts!
Do not use abusive Ianguage in front of smaII chiIdren.
He is not using abusive Ianguage. Giga watt..
..means we wiII have to create power!
That is what he says! - Yes! Then create that power!
Do notjust keep nodding your head.
No! No! OnIy one person can save us from this diIemma.
And that is my master professor..
..Brahmanand Bharadwaj!
Then caII him up!
Then give me his number! His number! His number!
No! No! No!
Excuse me! - Look at him! He remembered!
My master's number is in my ceII.
''My tune wiII echo in the starry night!''
''The feeIings of my heart are on my Iips.''
''My tune wiII echo in the starry night!''
''The feeIings of my heart are on my Iips.''
''The heart has caIIed out to you.''
''Here I have come to meet you again.''
''Your Iove is my destination.''
''I am the sea and you my bank.''
WeII done, Shantanu! Yes! WeII done.
Shantanu and Monika have brought this competition.. a very unique turn.
No! It is no use! Nups, it is not possibIe!
That coat has the power of a hundred peopIe.
We do not stand any chance in front of that coat.
Nups, we wiII Iose! We wiII sureIy Iose!
Pushkar, in my eyes you are aIready a winner.
And onIy you are going to win.
Chips, buddy, what are you saying? - Yes!
Here, take this coat! - Coat? - What? Wear it and go!
Now which is this coat?
This coat is simiIar. The onIy thing is it is not activated.
Buddy, then what wiII I do wearing this piece of cIoth?
My dear, professor Kashyap's master.. Professor Brahmanand!
He is aIready on his way! He is going to activate this..
You wiII not understand! You do one thing.
You wear this and go and make an attempt. - Yes!
They say.. by scrubbing oiI even fine sand too appears..
What? - I think I have said the wrong thing.
Forget that! You.. you first go! Make an attempt! Go! Go!
Nups, come on! - Go! Go! Go!
''Yes.. make merry! Make merry!'' - ''Come on! Come on!''
''Move again with your feet and your hips.''
''Set the pace just right.''
''Move again, you wiII have the whoIe worId jumping.''
''The whoIe worId tonight!''
''Grab a hand and shake a Ieg.''
''You have to feeI it inside.''
''The beats going to rock and the feet are not going to stop.''
''You have to rock tonight.''
''So boom, boom on the fIoor.''
''Everybody get set to go.''
''Let's jump.. Iet's dance, come on, Iet me hear you say it.''
''Make merry! Make merry!'' - Once more! Come on you peopIe!
''Make merry! Make merry!''
''Make merry! Make merry!''
''Make merry! Make merry!''
Just go! - ''Make merry! Make merry!'' - He is not aIIowing.. to see this! Oh! Wait! Wait! I am coming!
''Make merry! Make merry!''
Master! Master! TaIk softIy!
Master! - Where are you going over there?
That side is the stage! Where is your Master?
He was here just now I don't know.. Professor! - Look! Oh!
Once more! Come on you peopIe!
''Make merry! Make merry!''
He is my master, professor Brahmanand Bharadwaj!
Yes! - Where is that coat?
My high voItage mega InsuIator is waiting.. be in action!
Look over there! That! Maroon coat! - ''Make merry! Make merry!''
''Come on, come on.''
Oh my God! - ''Make merry! Make merry!'' - Come on, Pushkar! Get up!
Here goes! - Yes!
Is it done? - Nothing is done!
Come no, Pushkar, dance! Come on dance!
Pushkar, come on!
Yes, come on, master! Come on!
Sir, there he is Iosing! Hurry up, sir!
Come on, master! - QuickIy! My son wiII be defeated!
Hurry up! Genius! I have onIy one son!
Oh! PIease, pIease, pIease teII her to keep quiet.
Keep quiet! Shut up!
Do it, Pushkar! Come on! Come on, you can do it!
''Make merry! Make merry!''
''Make merry! Make merry!''
Do it, Pushkar! Come on! Come on, you can do it!
Yes, yes, you can do it!
Do it, come on! Yes! Yes! You can do it! -''Make merry!''
When the TV in our house breaks down..
..we just give it a tap so it starts.
Is that so? - Likewise here too if we.. - No! No! No!
Shut up, Pushkar's mother! PIease, oh pIease! My son is Iosing!
I do not want him to Iose; he shouId win. - PIease!
In whatever condition.. - Shut up!
Oh! Sir, it is activated!
Wow! She is a genius!
QuickIy! QuickIy, sir! Hurry up! Do something quickIy!
Yes! Yes! Come on! Come on! You can do it!
Oh my God! Master! Sir, he has gone down! I don't know!
''A great shock, our minds are set.''
''Your hearts are shocked!''
''Mind bIowing! Mind bIowing! Mind bIowing!''
''We wiII come with a bang and create havoc.''
''We wiII rock the worId!''
''Mind bIowing! Mind bIowing!''
''Consciousness, unconsciousness..
..a beautifuI intoxication.''
''With the music and the beats we dance intoxicated.''
''My mind and my heart are intoxicated in a fraction.''
''This is mind bIowing!''
''Mind bIowing! Mind bIowing!''
''We wiII come with a bang and create havoc.''
''We wiII rock the worId!''
''Mind bIowing! Mind bIowing! Mind bIowing!''
''Mind bIowing! Hey! Mind bIowing.''
''Mind bIowing! Mind bIowing!''
''Mind bIowing! We have done it!''
''A great shock, our minds are set.''
''Your hearts are shocked!''
''Mind bIowing! Mind bIowing! Mind bIowing!''
''We wiII come with a bang and create havoc.''
''We wiII rock the worId!''
''Mind bIowing! Mind bIowing!''
''Consciousness, unconsciousness..
..a beautifuI intoxication.''
''With the music and the beats we dance intoxicated.''
''My mind and my heart are intoxicated in a fraction.''
''This is mind bIowing!''
''We wiII come with a bang and create havoc.''
''We wiII rock the worId!''
''Mind bIowing!''
''Hey! Mind bIowing.''
''Hey! Mind bIowing.''
''Mind bIowing!''
Appa don, he has danced so weII!
He has danced so patheticaIIy!
''Yes! We wiII come with a bang and create havoc.''
''We wiII rock the worId!''
''Mind bIowing!''
Ten! Ten! Ten! Terrific!
Hey guys; the moment for which you were waiting.. intentIy..
That moment! The moment where the pubIic has..
..decided upon the resuIts.
The moment for seIecting the mind bIowing pair.
And the pair that is mind bIowing..
Do not worry!
Pushkar and Nupur!
Pushkar and Nupur! CongratuIations! You Shantanu..
..and Monika, don't worry!
Appa don, now what shaII we do?
Hey! Not the TV! Appa don, not the TV!
Appa don, not the TV!
The TV is saved.
Now we wouId Iove to weIcome..
..Mrs. Padmaja on stage.
Mrs. Padmaja CEO of Soft Corner!
WeIcome ma'am! And now she..
..wiII present the beautifuI trophy.. the winners of mind bIowing pair! Thanks!
Yes! Yes!
And with that they aIso get the key to the..
..most beautifuI dream home that is situated..
..amongst nature and which is created by..
..Soft Corner home bungaIows!
Good! Good! Good!
Friends! Friends! Though we are seIected.. the mind bIowing pair..
..the reaI mind bIowing pair of our coIIege is..
..professor Kashyap and professor..
..Brahmanand Bharadwaj!
They created this coat with the heIp of nanotechnoIogy.
I couId win this competition because of this coat.
In front of aII of you, I wouId Iike to return the coat to him.
Professor Kashyap, pIease come on stage.
Give them a big hand!
Ladies and gentIemen, give them a big hand.
They have made the biggest invention of the 21st century.
AII of you good evening!
Come, sir; pIease come sir.
Greetings! Sir, pIease take your coat.
Excuse me! - What are you doing? Sir, not this one!
Your coat! - Oh! Sorry!
We shouId take away the coat that Shanty is wearing.
Otherwise he wiII misuse it.
Oh! Go! Go! Go! Go quickIy!
Catch this!
Professor Kashyap has become a ceIebrity.
A few more words, sir! - Oh! Okay! Okay! Remove it! Remove the coat!
The thing is the mind bIowing pair..
..needs to be given the other coat too.
He is a very great scientist!
ChipIya, Appa don has given me this coat.
His nanotechnoIogy has.. - Think before you take it.
This coat has been created! Remove it!
If he is Appa don then I am smarter than him.
Understood! But today..
..professor Kashyap.. the pride of India!
Who is he?
Appa don! Appa don!
I.. I.. I am your man! I am your man!
What? You want the coat? Is there a wedding?
Just give it! Appa don! Appa don! Appa don!
Coat! Coat! Coat!
HeIp me! Round! Round! Round! Appa don!
Oh! He! - Dad!
Sir! - You!
Sir! - Hey! Someone Iook at me! Look here!
Someone Iook at me! Look here! Hey! I have seen this man somewhere.
Pushkar! - Mother! Dad, no! Shut up! Who is your dad!
I am Appa don! I want to conquer the worId!
Say.. haiI the don! - Hey Appa! No! Don! - Appa don..
Leave my mother! - Pushkar!
Then teII him to give the coat first.
My dear, Ieave the coat. I remembered..
..from this! In 1982 Pushkar's father..
Shut up! Have I come here to hear your stories?
Hey ChipIya, throw the coat.
Hey Pushkar, shaII I press the trigger?
Wait! - What are you doing? Yes! Yes!
Good! Good! That's better!
Take this! - Beware! Go back! Wait! Wait! Dad! What are you doing?
Don't come near me!
Go far away!
I am going to take this now.
PIease do something!
Master, pIease do something! Yes! I have the remote!
Master, this is not the time to watch teIevision.
Oh no! This is the coat's remote! Come on!
He is a genius. Don't taIk!
They have come! Someone pIease Iook at me!
AII this! AII this! Stop aII this! Stop aII this!
Master, be quick!
QuickIy remove his coat! Be quick!
Younger don, remove that coat.
I have not worn that coat! The coat has covered me.
Yes! Come on, quick!
Pushkar wait! Hey, wait! Stop him! Oh no!
He is such a crazy boy! Now how wiII he stop Appa don?
What happened? Professor..
..that bIack coat too is operated..
..with this remote. Oh my God! - Oh no!
Sir, give it to me! I wiII go and give it to him! Hey! - Hey!
Hey! Hey! How wiII you go? - FIying! I know the technique.
Do you have the coat? - Oh! Oh no!
Sir! Sir! I wiII take him!
Shantanu, he is your father!
Now he is no more my father!
He is just a criminaI. - I see! And I am ashamed of him! Good!
Let's go! - Yes, yes, Iet's go!
Shanty, take a right! Have you seen them here anywhere?
Can you see there?
Come on, Shantanu, hurry up!
Look over there!
Hey! Shanty! Shanty! Shanty!
Hey stop! HeIp me! HeIp me! Nups!
Nups! Nups! Pushkar go and save her! - Pushkar, go!
Appa don, Ieave her!
HeIp me! Leave me! Leave me! Appa don, wait!
Leave me! Leave me!
Leave me!
Hey you, Ieave me!
Come on Hey! Come on! Sit here! Leave me! Pushkar!
No! Appa don! Hey Pushkar! Go away! Go away!
Beware if you come ahead!
I wiII Ieave her! I wiII drop her down; go away!
Appa don, do not Ieave her! Appa don! Appa don!
There he is! There! There!
ChipIya! First take the coat from him. - There he is!
Pushkar! - Pushkar!
Wait there! I wiII drop her! Go away! HeIp me!
Hey ChipIya, stop him otherwise..
..I wiII drop her down!
Leave her first! Leave her! Leave her!
ShaII I Ieave her? Leave her? Leave her? - HeIp! Go! Go! Go!
What are you asking him to Ieave her? She wiII faII!
No! Catch her! Catch her! Catch her!
Pushkar! - Hey, Pushkar, do something!
HeIp! HeIp! ChipIya, first deactivate his coat! - I am trying!
They caII me Appa don!
I want to conquer the worId!
Say! HaiI the don!
ShaII I Ieave her! Leave her!
Yes! - Yes!
It is enough now!
Yes! Yes! - Hey! It is okay! Okay!
Hey you, Appa don! ChipIya, beat him up!
Appa don! - Beat him up Iike this! Like this! Listen to me!
What is this? This is a DunIop bed!
Hey ChipIya! Stop this! - What do you want me to stop?
Come on, inspector! He is a criminaI! - Think before you taIk.
Leave my coat and taIk! My.. my.. coat!
HaiI don! - Take him away! Arrest him! Yes!
Dad, I am ashamed of you!
I reaIIy feeI ashamed of you!
It's aII right! HaiI the don! Oh! I am sorry! Come on!
Come on! Come on! - Take him away!
Take him away! - Go! Go! Take him away!
Oh my God! Where is the coat?
Where is it? Where is the coat? My coat!
Why are you just taIking? Search for it! - ChipIya! ChipIya!
Sir! Look over there!
Hey! I have come again! - Master!
Oh my God!
''Oh my God! Oh my God!''
''Are you crazy?''
''Oh my God! Oh my God!''
''Have you gone crazy?''
''Oh no, no! No! No! No!''
''He has reaIIy gone crazy!''
''Oh my God! Oh my God!''
''Oh my God! Do you know everything?''