MW2 Nuke Boosters Ep. 50 Part 2

Uploaded by PS3HouseMDPL on 20.06.2010

I have never been a selfish person,
so i figured that the idea of promoting other promising booster hunters
on my rapidly growing channel would bring some more entertainment for my subscribers.
When the first episode of The Other Booster Hunters was released,
I received TONS of comments and messages from viewers, who liked the idea.
For that reason, I will continue releasing The Other Booster Hunters episodes at least once a month.
How did you learn to speak English so well?
Well, I don't think my English is good enough to communicate fluently
with the other English speakers.
But I'd like to say that my current level of English has been reached
thanks to all my Friends from Sony Playstation Home.
If you are watching this, I would like to thank you for all you are doing for me!
Have I ever met boosters from Poland? No, unfortunately not.
It would be so cool to spam them on the MIC :) May be someday I'll meet them.
And I guarantee you that it will be the greatest episode of all!
I'm hearing rumours that the one of the upcoming patches
will make it impossible to boost for nukes or headshots.
Infinity Ward spokesman said once that they would never remove tactical insertion from the game,
so I wonder how they want to succeed.
I'm curious to be honest.
If the boosters are gone, I will find another way to make funny videos.
And it doesn't have to be Modern Warfare 2, does it?
So, as you can see, I'm not worried about it at all :) Let them do what they want!
I received at least 50 messages from you asking me
to reveal my paypal account, so you could donate...
I'm glad my videos are so entertaining that some of you want to support me
and I thank you all for that.
But the truth is, I would feel very uncomfortable to accept
any kind of money, knowing that I already have everything what I need
to produce entertaining content in HD for my channel.
Also, in my inbox, I keep finding many offers for advertising various products on my channel.
I rejected all of them.
This channel is all about fun, so you will never find any kind of commercial on it,
unless I use a certain product myself and I decide to reveal its name.
I watch the other channels, even those not booster hunting related :)
And here is the list of the other YouTubers I enjoy watching the most.
I keep getting this one question all the time...
How many boosters have I killed?
OK, I'm curious myself, I suppose it would be around 200,
but let's count them together, ok?
Oh no!!! 299??? What kind of lame number is this?!
I'm sorry, but I have to do something about it.
And I have to do it right now.
Let's make it 300.
Let's find one remaining unlucky bastard!
I joned this lobby on Estate and found 2 Hungarian boosters.
It wasn't really interesting what happened on Estate,
but what happened after this game...
Translation of the Hungarian Boosters by theYoungNastyMan THANK YOU!!!
Here's Booster Slayer. Oh shit, it was you!
Oh don't...
Tell him in English that we will find him!
Booster Slayer, we're hunting you.
He shot me! Damn it!
I came out of the thing, I didn't pay attention and he shot me.
He's running with the grenade launcher!
Yeah? Damn it!
kurva? = bitch or "kurva anyád"? = son of a bitch) Booster.
But now I can recognize him, because Booster Slayer is not that white as ...
Booster homokos? = gay) Now he shot you in the head, fuck it!
Ooh, fucking Booster Slayer.
He's fucking you
The freakin'...
Here comes the (inaudible insult) Booster!
I shot/fucked Booster Slayer!
We should quickscope...
Did he shoot you?
No. You?
No. Oh, great!
Oh, we should quickscope, I'd hit him like this time.
It's me! IT'S ME!!!...
Oh.. I thought I was telling "it's me" to you, but that was Booster Slayer!!
You can tell that to him too...
Pokemon! Son of a bitch!
That camper is camping there, you hear that? Unbelievable.
Fucking Booster, fucking cock-sucking bitch.
Haha, Fuck Booster, fucking cock-sucking bitch...
I hope he's Hungarian damn it.
What's up faggot?
He left. He left...
Shit, fuck it, fucking Booster Slayer is winning!
Booster faggot!
Translation of the Hungarian Boosters by theYoungNastyMan THANK YOU!!!
And this number looks much better, doesn't it? :)
I don't believe that any of you has survived through this entire episode with my first commentary.
Anyway, I'm just talking to myself, so...
I'd like to thank all of my subscribers for watching and commenting on this channel.
I always try to reply to as many comments and messages I can.
Staying close to my subscribers will always be my highest priority.
So, thank you for watching, and...
see you in Episode number 100.
Just kidding! :)))