Introduction to MedlinePlus

Uploaded by umlibrary on 01.06.2011

Welcome to this Introduction to MedlinePlus.
In this video,
I'll explain what MedlinePlus is
and how to use its basic functions.
First, let's go to MedlinePlus.
Just type
in your browser address bar.
MedlinePlus is a website created by
the National Library of Medicine.
It contains reliable,
up-to-date health information
that's easy to understand,
for patients
and health professionals alike.
There's no advertising on this site,
which is supported with tax dollars.
MedlinePlus provides information
about diseases,
drugs and supplements,
and also has videos and interactive tools
to help you understand your health.
There's a complete version
of MedlinePlus in Spanish.
Just click here.
You can also find a medical dictionary,
information on clinical trials,
and information for older adults.
MedlinePlus can be used on mobile devices.
To find information in MedlinePlus,
simply search for a topic that interests you.
For example,
I'd like to learn more about diabetes,
so I'll enter that word in the search box.
If you don't know how to spell something,
that's OK.
MedlinePlus will suggest terms.
I'll click on the diabetes link here
to get the information I want.
On the results screen,
there's some basic information here.
And below it
are links to reliable information
on topics related to my search.
On the left,
I can change my search by type of information.
For example, if I want to learn
more about diabetes drugs,
I can click here.
I can use the Refine by Keyword link
if I want to find information
on Type 2 diabetes.
As you can see,
MedlinePlus is a valuable resource
for easy-to-understand,
and up-to-date health information.
If you need more assistance
using MedlinePlus,
please contact
the Taubman Health Sciences Library.
We're here to help.