How to Make a Kisses & Wish Box : Kisses & Wish Box: Personalize

Uploaded by expertvillage on 29.09.2008

Step nine. Before I glue the hearts on to the container I'm going to take my red marker
and again you can find these at pretty much any store even grocery stores. And I'm going
to write right across the larger heart that's going to go on top of the lid who it's for.
And I'm making this one for my best friend and her name is Beth. Casting agents, she's
a fabulous actress you should hire her whenever she comes across your path. We're going to
take a little bit of tape, fold this up and put it right on the back of the heart that's
going to help us secure it when we glue it to the top. I cannot get enough of scotch
tape, it is great stuff. I think that was a love bug that just landed on my nose. There
we go, just a few little dots of glue will do it right there on the edges of our heart.
Place that right on top of the lid and then we're going to glue two hearts in exactly
the same manner. One, two, three dots here right on the front. And one, two, three dots
here right on top of the red heart just for a little bit of contrast, just like that.