See You After School (방과후 옥상) Full Movie (Eng Subs)

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Like lottery winners, there're people with incredibly good luck.
On the other hand, there're those who just have bad luck.
Yes, there are.
Like this guy right here.
Brother! Produced by CHOI Hee-il
Shit. What's this? Piece of shit / Fucking pig
No, Shit.
Get that son-of-a-bitch!
After experiencing harrowing group ostracizing and violence,
he took a leave of absence
and has sought our 'Reject Escape Clinic' a year ago.
We've tried our best to cure him but unable to locate
the core of his problem
we've failed to find the right treatment.
Then one day I made a breakthrough!
You know Mr. Robinson you know?
Of course I have no scientific proof
but I'm confident you'll be
quite amazed by the experiment you're about to see.
Now let me introduce the extraordinarily unlucky man!
Shall we take a look?
So he became a major reject due to his streak of bad luck?
There's no other way to explain it.
If other rejects in this clinic
are treating him as a reject,
then there's no cure for him.
There was once this incident.
He was waiting to remove his hair at the next stop, when...
If this had only been the end of it...
Are you fucking with me? Don't stare at me.
What's with your neck? Has it gone stiff?
You must have a death wish.
Clearly, extremely, definitely. Get off, you son-of-a-bitch!
Is it okay if we get off at the next stop?
You're really getting on my nerves. Get off!
The boy with a bare region on his head.
Wherever there's trouble he's there.
A true loser!
That's why no one wanted to be his friend.
Shoot, shoot!
Watch it, asshole!
He just wanted to be friends. Good buddies.
But his approach was all wrong.
Ever since, he was treated as an outcast there.
Could this happen to anyone?
I'm positive it never does.
And now I'll prove this through an experiment.
Now, Koong-dahl,
electricity is running through 20 among the 40 piano keys.
Can you gently press one?
If fact, only one has electricity running through it.
Let's try again.
As many times as he tries it'll be the same.
But I'm sure you won't be satisfied.
So I have something else.
There are 100 eggs here.
99 are boiled, and one is not.
For the quick-witted, you'll know
the boy'll definitely choose the unboiled egg.
You must be famished. Let's all have boiled eggs.
You too, Koong-dahl.
Go ahead, have one I say. They're boiled.
Got any salt? Salt?
For heaven's sake!
Dr. CHOO? What happened?
- Did you boil all the eggs? - Of course not!
Can I have another one?
Hey Koong-dahl! Koong-dahl, Koong-dahl!
- Doctor. - Huh?
I told you my name is Dahl NAMKOONG Dahl.
Uh, right, right. Sorry. Dahl.
So you're going back to school tomorrow?
Yes, I'm done with the treatment
sir. Once I'm back, I want to find a friend first.
They say high school friends are forever.
I just hope I'll get a girlfriend as well.
Right, right. That'll be nice.
I just hope you adjust well.
If you have anything to discuss come visit me.
Okay, good bye.
Mom! I'm going to school.
I've left some money for you take it.
And if the kids bully you for money, give it to them.
Mom, I don't need it anymore. I'm a different person now.
Resist them, and you'll end up paying more at the hospital.
Then you should give me smaller cash.
Bullies don't carry change.
CHOI Min-ah
Yeah AK-1 fighter's razor punch and firecracker kick.
That's what Jae-koo gave them. He was on fire! Why?
Jae-koo was on his own.
Facing hicks straight from the country,
riding 200kg tractors to take the strongest school in Seoul!
Yeah, the Dukpoong Agricultural High hillbillies!
Yeah, they were one ugly looking group.
I clearly saw that it was a 17 to 1 match.
One, two, three, four... sixteen, and out!
Jae-koo glared at them and spit out some great line,
which went something like this
I'm in a hurry so come at me all at once.
This must've really bugged them,
and at the cue of a fat pig in a 'Red Devils teeshirt,
they charged at him like wilddogs.
He threw the first hick 10m high splitting his uvulitis.
And in bullet speed, like the 'Matrix'
began dodging hoes and shovels.
Following his spectacular punch and 7-level combo kick,
he finished everyone off by flying up! Screwball twist! And then a 180 degree kick!
But he never kills this foes. Why? Because he's religious.
He just physically disables them.
It took him exactly 2 sec to shut those 17 dogs up.
Super cool, huh?
KANG Jae-koo's the half-brother of K-1 star, Denis KANG...
I heard this from my cousin Korean K-1 star, CHOI Hong-man.
Hasn't he bullied me enough?
What the fuck is he doing here?
- Son-of-a...! What the fuck! - Are you alright?
Uh? Yeon-seong! Hey...
Who told you to spit in our sacred hallway?
- But I didn't, sir. - Stop lying again.
So you've flunked a year! You must've gone bad by now.
No wonder, you look like you're past the expiration date.
- Er, I was sick, sir. - Yeah, you look sick.
- No, but I'm fresh now, sir. - That's what you think.
Just because you had more peeing time,
don't assume the kids'll treat you as a senior.
Yes sir.
I don't need students with good grades.
Take away good manners and you get
the people fucking up this country.
Loyalty's what you need. Loyalty.
Between friends, your teachers,
lovers, no, let's make that
man and woman.
Father and son, your nation. To beasts and nature,
the trees, wind and stones and grass!
Sorry about the spitball. I'm embarrassed.
- Sir. - Yes? What...
I've collected all the stool test samples.
Okay, take them to the infirmary. And also.
Say hello. Our transfer student NAMKOONG Dahl.
- Er... Escort him to the classroom. - Yes sir.
Hello, my name is NAMKOONG Dahl.
Last name, NAMKOONG first name, Dahl,
so please don't call me Koong-dahl.
It won't be easy for him to adjust.
I hope you understand and embrace him.
Dahl, go take the empty seat in the back.
Yes sir.
Recently, I've been told our classroom's a mess.
So far, I can bear it. You do the same,
but when it gets unbearable clean up.
But don't do it on my account.
You don't have to be thorough.
He seems like a funny guy. I'm sure he'll be a handfull.
He'll drop our class average a bit. So let's all try harder.
I used to be like him, but he seems to be a bit worse.
It's hard to compare, but he seems like a funny guy.
Ah, come out...
Ah, come out...
Whew, Yeon-seong, you're still the same, including that smell.
- Who're you? - Don't you remember?
Reject Escape Camp. We met there!
Camp? Never been to one.
Come on, you are MA Yeon-seong!
You think a new hair do'll fool me?
Anyway, you've really polished up.
Okay! I am MA Yeon-seong. You're right, so keep it down!
- Whew, you're still such a stinker. - Shut up! Go and wait for me!
I'll wait...
So you've totally adjusted to this school?
Of course, asswipe. You think I'm lying?
No one dares touching me at this school.
I'm so jealous. Then can you help me?
I really have a bad feeling, today.
It's always been a bad day for you.
And I don't want your bad luck rubbing off on me.
So let's pretend that we don't know each other.
If you're gonna be like that
I can just go around telling everyone your past.
Why don't you, you loser.
Hey everyone! MA Yeon-seong here is...!
Quiet, okay, I'll teach you how! I'll teach you!
But once you blabber our secret I'll sew your trap tight!
Okay! I won't. So how'd you do it?
Listen carefully. Cause I never repeat myself.
You know that school is ruled by the law of the jungle.
All the time, there are predators preying on the weak.
Sadly, we've lived our entire lives as prey to the strong.
However, there're species that never fall prey to others.
- Like what? - Like what?
You know what a blowfish is, right?
The blowfish, upon enemy alert pumps its body up to the fullest,
guising as the stronger one.
And luckily, it's even poisonous.
Which means that no one can touch it. Why?
Because there're plenty of other fish in the sea!
Spell it out for me. So how'd you become a blowfish?
You pump yourself up before
anyone realizes you're a weakling.
Okay... so pump up like this?
Look at them.
There's only a few true sharks among them.
You've got to pick a dolphin
that's big, but docile by nature.
After I pick one out?
Once you've done that,
walk up to him! March up assertively!
Then pick a fight.
Eyes glaring! Give him a big spit! And start cursing at him!
What if he starts beating the crap out of me?
Then you're fucked absolutely fucked!
So you've got to pick the right kind.
And if you really feel that you're gonna get socked,
then I can butt in and stop the fight.
- Game over. - Game over?
You still don't get it, do you?
Have you sent your brains out on errands?
Think about it.
If everyone thinks you've got a temper
they won't touch you.
Why? Because there're plenty of other fish in the sea.
But will I be able to pull it off?
Of course, I did.
I'll pick one for you later
so just enjoy the ride. By the way...
Shit! That stinks big time...
You've interrupted my stool activities.
Let me go finish.
Wait here.
Min-ah...come to me!
Stop staring. Stop it!
Want your ass kicked hard motherfucker?
I'll pull your entrails out and jump rope with them!
Now that's how you do it. Pretty scary, huh?
Tell me you were scared?
Don't be a whimp. What am I going to do with you?
- Hey princess, where're you going? - I heard your English is good?
Stop it!
Why don't you pronouce Gweneth Paltrow for us, please.
So you lived in the US. Then say it for us.
- Gwee ness? - GWEE NESS.
- That burns man. - Stop it!
Were you scared?
Were you?
- I picked a good one, a dolphin. - Already?
Yeah, three of them. Butt in at the right time, okay?
Bulldoze them!
He doesn't seem to waste time anymore.
Stop it!
Stop it, you guys!
It's a disgrace to harrass a girl
here everyone can see you!
You're making a scene.
Whaaat! What the fuck're you looking at!
- What's your problem? - Stop it.
He's the new transfer student.
I guess you haven't been informed yet.
I'll let you go this time, okay?
Okay, so I didn't have a clue. Sorry about that
Is that what you expected? Shit!
I could just pull your jump ropes out and do entrails with them!
Why you fucking son-of-a-bitch.
Teacher alert!
Let's go, Jae-koo.
Oh, shit!
Consider yourself lucky for now. But you're gonna fight me today,
you hear? See you on the roof top after school.
You're dead meat if you're not there.
The same goes for flying the scene.
Or squealing on me. You'll be dead meat anyway.
The new transfer messed with Jae-koo today.
- He messed with Jae-koo. - Jae-koo? You must be kidding.
- For real? - Really?
- Who's he? - NAMKOONG Dahl!
- The new transfer... - There'll be a grand duel today.
The bastard's gonna lose an arm today.
Are you okay?
How could you be when you've messed with the school champ?
Poor bastard.
Why'd you have to pick him out of all the others?
Why was it the shark instead of the dolphins?
It's almost the same odds as winning the lottery.
Are you trying to make me go mad? You told me to do it, didn't you!
What're you gonna do about it!
I never told you to mess with him, so stop picking on me.
You told me to do it. So get me out of this mess!
Transfer to another school. Or fall off the rooftop.
Forget about graduating. We'll
just jump into the real world.
You're on your own. I'm going to graduate and go to college.
Okay then.
I'm going to shout exactly 100 times that you put me up to it.
We're going down together.
Whether you graduate or not. I don't care.
Let go. And relax. Relax. Let's look on the bright side.
I'll help you out. I was wrong.
We still have enough time till school ends.
We'll definitely come up with a solution.
I've got 100 thousand Won from home.
You think this'll get him off my back?
100 thousand Won? 100 Grand...
1st Class 7 hours 13 minutes til death There's a law of the jungle.
A wild ox tries to run away from the lion,
finally, he cannot but face the pathetic end.
Lions pull out ox's vocal cord then do rope-jumping.
A law that the strongest one survives.
It's sad for the victim, though...
Hey! Butthead! I heard you're going down.
If it wasn't for Jae-koo I would've gotten you myself.
But that's just for the moment.
Another signal comes up...
Excuse me. NAMKOONG Dahl!
Did you mash a potato this morning?
- Sir? - Did you shit this morning?
The deadline for stool test samples is today.
I'm still sitting on the stinkers for your sake.
Hurry and make one for me.
Be a sweetheart and seal it with a lighter, okay?
Don't scoop someone else's just cause you can't push one out.
Let's go!
There isn't anything money can't do.
Come here. Come over here. Hey!
Hey, you sorry excuse for a face!
Can't you see straight with those glasses?
You've made a mess on Jae-koo's clothes.
Get up, you son-of-a-bitch.
Whatcha gonna do about it?
Be gentle. You'll kill him.
Get over here!
Wow, 100 thousand Won.
This loser looks like he's rich. Jae-koo, should we let him go?
Hey, is your father that rich?
- Hey! - Yeah?
You think I dragged you here for a measly 100 thous?
Then, why?
It's just that...I hate losers like you even near me.
Get up!
You'll need your high school diploma in the real world.
So I won't force you to quit school.
Just stay out of my sight for good. Cause it bugs me to see you, OK?
Stay out of sight. You hear!
Where do you think you're going!
- Let go! I have to go! - You're not going anywhere!
- Don't touch me! - Stop there!
Who the fuck're you! Holy shit!
Gotcha! Get over here!
Lighter! Try getting out of this one!
'All-Nighter?' So is this where high school delinquents go to?
- Where're your cigarettes? - Cigarettes? I don't smoke.
A pack of cigarettes'll buy you several notebooks!
Are you done smoking?
You've got it all wrong, sir. It's to seal my stool sample.
- It stinks, get it out of my face! - I never went to the 'All-Nighter.'
Oh, Shit...
It's your first day of school so I'll let you go.
However! Listen carefully. I know for a fact,
that normal-looking guys like you are truly dangerous.
Your kind can go nuts in a split second.
However! As long as I PARK Ki-bong is on your tail,
that'll never happen, you hear?
- Yes sir! - Then go your way.
And hey!
A true man never blabbers about other people's shortcomings,
Huh? Sir! I can totally relate.
But try fixing it a bit...
- Did you hear the news? - What news?
That the new transfer messed with Jae-koo.
There's gonna be a duel on the rooftop after school.
Really? Poor bastard!
That'll be one hell of an initiation ceremony.
With his ass whupped on the first day school'll be a nightmare.
I know. He'll just have to live as the school reject...
How did it go? Did you hit a deal with the 100 thous?
- It doesn't even come close. - That sucks.
Your ugly face'll get totally re-edited, I guess.
I'd love to re-edit your brain, okay?
I haven't got a brain, you moron.
Let's cut the crap and go down together.
We'll go straight to Jae-koo, okay?
Okay, you win! We'll use our final card.
I dragged my ass here to hear you out.
What is this?
- What? - Follow me.
Gimme a break.
How've you been?
So what kind of help do you need today?
I need to get dismissed from school. Give me a quick fix.
Your last payment didn't come in.
I'll pay with interests this time. Trust me.
- Are you the one? - Yeah.
It's my latest invention. Shall we proceed with the operation?
Hey! The one I did last time.
- Hey, but he's just a quack! - Like last time!
- Can I trust him? - Of course!
Business is all about trust! Trust me! Don't worry.
- I don't like this... - Don't worry.
It's been clinically tested. 1hr and you'll be as good as new.
- Right. That's a good boy! - Don't worry.
Now, here we go...
- Like this? - No, up! Up!
- Look up. And we're done! That's a good boy.
Wow, incredible!
Go to your class teacher before it wears off.
And this is a little bonus.
What is it?
It's milk aged in the sun for two days.
If the eye infection thing doesn't work out, drink this.
You'll get abdominal pains and darrhea in 10 min.
We call it food poisoning.
Shall we talk about payment?
- Wire the money to this account. - Okay!
Don't forget the interests.
Who's that guy?
Early dismissal helper! Progressive idea man.
He's great. Go to the faculty room before it's too late.
- I won't take long. - Yeah...
I've got a sudden eye infection.
I'm usually good with pain...
But I wouldn't want to infect my fellow students
just to stay in school on my first day.
I thought it would be wise to consult you first.
What, infection? Let me see!
Sir, don't come too close.
- Please don't! - Let me see! Where?
Here, here.
It's fatigue caused by weak metabolism that rushes to the eyes.
Don't worry, it's nothing infectious.
- But you'll still need treatment, okay? - Yes sir. Then I'll see you tomorrow.
I mean you'll be treated here.
It's my first time on an eye. But let's try.
Dude, he said it would take a war to dismiss me.
It keeps getting worse!
I never should've listened to you!
What're you gonna do about it?
I never knew it would turn out this way
- Oh you didn't, did you? - Look on the bright side.
Every time, it's the same story!
Do the big things first.
Small things'll happen naturally. Dale Carnegie!
You pee as you take a shit.
So why're we just peeing instead of shitting.
What the fuck're you saying?
Once we take care of Jae-koo we won't have to run like this!
How the hell're we gonna get Jae-koo off my back?
Our school's got a boxing team.
We can bribe one of them.
He'll take care of Jae-koo and you'll be off the hook.
You think they'll do it for 100 thous?
Let's give it a try anyway.
It's that him?
Well, will he do it?
Not a chance. He wants another 100 thous.
You know where I can get that money?
It's actually 300 thous. But Tae-son's my buddy.
That's why he's slashing the price for 200 thous.
Another 100 thous. Shit...
It's a great deal...
Hey fatso! Yeah you!
Are you watching the education channel again?
Doesn't do anything for your grades.
Go get me a chocolate bar!
Move your ass!
Now! Hurry!
Who're you?
I'm NAMKOONG Dahl, sir.
Last name, NAMKOONG first name, Dahl,
- so don't call me Koong-dahl... - He's the new transfer student!
Okay. Fill the kettle with water and watch.
Everyone else'll play basketball from our last class.
- This is killing me! - Shut up!
We'll miss the last bus...
- Do you all have bus fare? - I don't.
Shit...let's go back to Dukpoong.
That ain't cool. We can't go back beaten.
17 of our boys are lying in the hospital!
You think we're enough to take them?
That's why it's got to be a sudden attack.
Our boys were destroyed in a one to one fight.
We'll have to get them when they're not aware!
- You scared me. - Sudden attack's the key.
But we don't know what his mug is like.
He's the school champ, so we'll find his face in no time.
- Hey! - Yes.
Since you handle city talk well.
Sneak in as a student there and find out what he looks like.
So you want me to be a spy?
Yeah, your mission's crucial.
By the way where the heck they're from?
Over here!
Nice shot! Nice!
What? You got the money?
- Just shut up - Have you lost your mind?
I can't go down like this.
You claimed you were buddies with that Tyson guy.
Just drop a good word for me. I'll take care of the rest.
Okay. Let's go.
How'd it go, huh?
He's going after him at lunch. Jae-koo's dead meat!
- Then will I live? - Yeah, you're gonna live.
Thanks to me, asswipe.
Thanks a million. I won't ever forget this, ever.
Forget about it!
When this is all over, we'll be strangers to each other, okay?
- Forget everything. - Hey, wait for me.
Lunch time, 3 hours 59 minutes til death...
Tyson...will annihilate Jae-koo, right?
Of course, he's a world champion in the making.
We just have to lay back and watch him crush Jae-koo.
Am I right or what?
Then there's our secret weapon.
What's that?
Our two-day old milk!
When Jae-koo drinks this solids will all turn into liquid...
Jung-nim is as cute!
Shut up! Eun-kyeong is cuter!
Shit, curry again? Don't they have beef or fish?
Just fucking eat it!
But I grew up with a silver spoon in my mouth, asshole.
Jae-koo, do me a favor.
Your attitude doesn't say you need one.
I need a sparring partner.
Our boys are not up to par.
Why don't you help me You're not bad, you know.
The boxing match is coming up. Are you sure you'll be OK?
Drink up! Drink!
What? Worried about getting hurt?
Don't be! We'll be wearing head gears.
No use for regrets now.
Hurry up, hurry!
You'll get hurt doing that you son-of-a-bitch!.
But this is the only way we can fight even.
He's asshole!
Jae-koo, Jae-koo!
He's asshole!
What are you doing?
Trying to cheat your way out?
Relax, Relax
What, tired already?
Shut the fuck up, motherfucker!
That was really great, Jae-koo!
What happened? Are you hurt?
It's true.
His fist was so powerful, Tae-son was shitting a load in his pants.
He shit all over the place! His sphincter was ruptured!
What's a sphincter?
Moron! It's your asshole.
What am I gonna do?
I've stolen money for this. I'm totally fucked.
Why're you dumping on me? I didn't force you into it?
I've branded myself as a lowlife thief.
Let's get suspension and get on our knees,
everyday, to repent our sins in detention.
I've got nothing to repent...
That's it!
What's with you?
Hey! Did you see?
The school store chick isn't wearing a bra today.
Fuck you! Stop lying!
I've never lied in my life!
The store chick's nipples were...soft pink...
go look for yourselves. It'll give you a hard on!
- Stop sniffing, you pervert! - I wasn't sniffing!
See that? See that?
See that?
They're running to the store cause of what I said.
You won't see her nipples if you're late.
Shit, pink nipples would give them a hard on anytime.
Who was that dude with the transfer, Koong-dahl?
Awe fuck! I'm already going mad you know?
So stop bugging me!
- Hey, Koong-dahl. - Do you hate me that much?
I was looking all over for you.
PARK Joon-tae!
Then give it to me! Let's see what you've got!
Hit me!
Dahl. I'm so sorry. I've been such an ass.
You really suffered because of me, didn't you?
What's wrong with you? Are you mad?
Okay, it's more fun to hit me
when my guards are down, right?
You can just hit me!
I don't want to hit you, Dahl.
I love you.
Joon-tae, just hit me. Hit me, please. Hit me!
I've accepted God.
I've become one of his little lambs.
Okay, if you've become a lamb
why aren't you up in the pastures or some ranch?
I want to beg for your forgiveness. That's why.
Okay! I absolutely forgive you. Satisfied?
No. It's not enough. Dahl...hit me, will you?
Hit me, okay?
Here, make a fist like this
and jab between the nose and mouth in a straight line.
Don't' swing like you do but make it a straight line.
Not like that. Like this, okay?
Hit me, Dahl, you can do it. I'll put my hands behind my back.
If it get beaten, must be dead
Dahl, I hope to become a grain of wheat.
I don't give a shit. Just don't come around anymore. See you.
Holy shit! That's Youngsaeng's school champ, PARK Joon-tae.
PARK Joon-tae, in one punch?
Hey, NAMKOONG Dahl. He...punched...
Shit! What're you mumbling motherfucker?
Look, look at it!
Dahl, Dahl, NAMKOONG Dahl
Koong-dahl! The master has found a way to save you. Where were you?
What again?
If the teacher asks for the thief to step forward,
just say, 'Sir, it was me NAMKOONG Dahl.'
Won't he drag me off and beat the crap out of me?
For how long do you think?
Yeon-seong, wouldn't I be beaten all day?
That's it! You'll never make it to the rooftop!
It's not like you're not going but you literally can't go.
And everyone'll fear you if
you're in and out of detention.
It's like killing two birds with one stone.
- Yeah... detention. - That's it!
Everyone drop your heads and close your eyes!
Drop those heads and shut your eyes!
Don't even dare opening your eyes!
An extremely foul incident occurred in our classroom.
How could someone lay hands on a fellow classmate's wallet!
Anyone could be tempted and commit a small mistake.
It's nothing to be ashamed of.
What is shameful, is the lack of courage to correct that mistake.
Silently raise your hand.
If you confess now I'll grant you leniency. Okay.
I'll give you one minute.
If still no one comes forward believe me you'll all pay for it.
Do you really want to be less than beasts?
I am so sorry.
Forgive this foolish teacher for doubting you all.
How could I have doubted you? There is no thief in our class.
It's unacceptable even if there was. Absolutely.
You're all great kids.
I love you all you sons-of-bitches.
I've never seen such a loser like you.
What will it take for me to get into detention?
What do you think? Getting into trouble!
Yamsaeng seems to have become Koong-dahl's bitch.
Hey there!
There's something I'm really curious about.
Who's Who's our school champ?
He's got some balls to smoke in front of detention.
That motherfucker! I knew he had sour DNA!
- Hello - Hey, pick that up.
Outch! Hey!
- Be careful until school ends. - Go, Dahl!
What's this big fat ball of hair? Is this a student's head?
You're not getting out of this. Come!
Even you prefer it a head isn't same as it.
Our third fact, National
Debt Reparation Movement.
What is this movement?
- Lend me a pen. - No
- Lend one to me. Lend me one! - No.
Shit, okay. This writes the best.
So what, asshole?
So how will they Incorporate it in your exams?
There'll be a twist.
So if you get IMF, gold offerings associate it with this movement.
It'll definitely be in your exams!
This is crap you son-of-a-bitch!
- Come here! - Sir?
I didn't mean that
- Move your ass! - No, it's all a misunderstanding.
Get the fuck over here you goddamn loser!
You birdbrain reject. If you don't get it, just shut up!
Are you kidding me?
Collegeis way out of your league!
You're a parasite you son-of-a-bitch!
You shithead.
College is way out of your league!
- What, you son-of-a-bitch! - Sir...
Why fuck with me?
- He say... - Why's it crap, you shithead!
If you want to get into detention get into trouble, trouble!
What do you want!
What did he do wrong? This is so unfair on him!
We're human beings with rights!
You've just picked the wrong time to open your big mouth!
Getting good grades and going to a good university
doesn't make a great student.
They may be just a few among a million students to you, but
they're all precious sons and daughters at home!
You've all been brought up with love and care!
Of course, some of you have not.
Furthermore, you all want to be loved, right?
No, you should be loved! It is your right.
We don't deserve to be called sons-of-bitches.
Am I wrong? If so then strike me as well.
Or I may as well go straight to detention, and get suspended.
Yes, it's about time.
That's what I should get, sir! Please!
But you should know this for sure.
We're not coming to school simply for knowledge you guys!
If you're a teacher, you should step up as a role model, not this!
You son-of-a-bitch, are you fucking lecturing me?
Get over here!
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry for losing my cool for a moment.
No, sir. You can't just leave like this.
- It's not right. - Huh?
Ah, yeah, right, right...
- Sir, I... - I'm sorry. So sorry.
Don't cry. Don't cry.
Did you see the bare spot on that dude's head?
A year ago, some fucker smashed a rock into his head.
And caved his skull in.
With a hole in his head and bleeding,
he snatched the rock and
glared at the fucker's vertex.
Then started to strike him between the cerebrum
and midbrain like a madman 32 times.
The fucker's supposed to be brain dead.
They left his heart pumping so he'd suffer the rest of his life.
He was sent to reformatory and was released yesterday.
By the way, that guy, Joon-tae?
Youngsaeng High's school champ
is here to pay his respects.
I hope this doesn't mean trouble for us.
What the fuck're you saying?
That he'll beat the crap out of Jae-koo?
Hey! You never know?
What if that happens?
Follow me.
Did you see everyone looking away from me?
Everyone's looking away
like they do with Jae-koo.
I know.
I knew this day would come.
- What do you want? - What is it?
Sorry for the late intro. We're the LCs.
Short for the Losers' Club. He's our club president.
Do you really need a president when you're already rejects?
- You do have various excuses. - You've got to kick Jae-koo's ass
and set our school straight!
Do you know how much we hate coming to school?
Giving them our money
and working two jobs every night to give them more.
We can be better school bitches than Yamsaeng here.
He and I are...
Go, Dahl, go!
- Hey, LCs! - I'm nobody's bitch.
Are you happy? Being treated like a heavyweight?
How would a loser like you understand what I feel like?
Fuck you.
I'm sure you're dying to have your ass kicked later.
Hey, they think you're my bitch,
I'll lose face if you treat me like that, fuck you!
What, bitch?
As much as you try, you're just another Jae-koo wannabe.
Shut up, we're in the library.
Besides, if you're jealous just say so.
Jealous? NAMKOONG Dahl you're an asshole.
I was honestly glad you came to our school...
So I guess you were using me?
You think I hung out with you cause I liked you?
I was new to school without a single friend.
Okay, so I used you!
Thanks for using me.
You're a goddamn heavyweight now, so enjoy.
Awe fuck, whatever.
- Koong-dahl. - What do you want?
The teacher's looking for you. Over there.
Jeez, I'm getting the cramps.
- Who's that, is that him? - He's the motherfucker, that's him.
- The fucker looks weird. - He looks like a fucking reject.
Looks like a retard
- Are you sure? - It cost my hair...
- Okay - I'm positive.
Okay, it's our chance. Y'all, get yer weapons!
Hey, where's the teacher? There's nobody here?
Don't hate me for this, okay?
Hey! Hey! Hey!
Wow, hey! You guys!
This isn't right
but we can't lose everything cause of you.
We'll be much happier people once you're gone.
So just disappear, okay?
- Please, you son-of-a-bitch. - Why're you doing this to me, why!
What? Is the almighty Dahl scared?
What's this? You fucking cowards tricked us?
- Who're these fuckers? - We're here to take your school!
That fucker must've figured us out and called his goons.
Awe fuck...what're we gonna do?
Hey This is sacrilege on our homeground!
- Fuck off...! - They've got the same number of men as us.
- Here is that bastard's territory! - Yeah.
Let's get out of here.
Hey! Consider it yer lucky day.
We're taking off today but we'll be back soon. Back off...
Where're you going,assholes!
Trying to talk yourselves out of a fight?
You seem like a bunch of Farmhands!
You didn't come here for this did you?
Why's he picking a fight? Is he trying to confuse them?
- seems that some strategy - Are fucking kidding me?
Are fucking kidding?
We never held you back! Leave, you motherfuckers!
- We're leaving. - So long y'all.
Hey! Where're you going? Come back, it's okay!
And Man-chang, Tae-chang you assholes!
If you dug a trap Then finish the job!
They've fallen in and are flailing in it!
Are you planning to let them go? That's not like you!
Awe shit...what should we do?
Do it!
Let go!
Stay still! Come here.
Hey! Come here! How dare you sell me out?
You think that would make me flinch?
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to they made me do it.
Are you a hyena?
And stop picking on the poor guy. What a lowlife.
I just wanted to pluck his nosehair.
- Hey, nosehair. Aren't you thirsty? - Yeah
Hey, lunar skin, get me a soda.
Lunar skin? The moon's surface with craters!
Get me a soda.
- On the double! - Okay...
Thank you.
Don't say that. We're friends.
- Friends? - Yeah
- Then, we're friends? - Of course!
Your name is...Chang-joo. Chang-joo, we're buddies.
- Hey, Chang-joo! - Huh?
Can you really breathe through your nose?
- It does take some effort. - It does, doesn't it?
Dumb asses, who told you to fuck with him?
But we thought since you weren't feeling well...
So you're saying He'd beat me up?
No, that's not it.
Youngsaeng's PARK Joon-tae was knocked out in one blow.
Besides, he seems to have quite a few of his own goons.
We've managed to scare them off,
but they could always be back.
There's no need for unnecessary bloodshed, Jae-koo, right?
So what're you saying?
Just leave it to us. We'll take care of everything.
My nose...
We're doing a rough sketch today right?
Class monitor, bring back the Agrippa and Venus busts.
Yes, ma'am.
Who wants to go with her?
Wow, you're quite popular, Min-ah?
I will!
The stranger looks stroong.
Okay, you go.
- Are you okay? - Yes.
You're not going to tell anyone right?
You'll keep this...a secret, right?
Then, can I touch your breasts?
You will keep it... a secret?
I'm not that kind of guy!
They say the most formidable tool of destruction isn't a bomb,
but the human tongue.
- By the way - By the way
- Thanks. - Huh?
When Jae-koo was harassing me in the morning.
Oh, that? I can't control myself when I see injustice done.
I carry a bit of chivalry...
after leaving the mean streets I really wanted to live in peace.
But I lack the patience.
That's my shortcoming. I should do something about it, right?
I still don't want you to fight on the rooftop on my account.
The rooftop...I'm not going. If I go, it wouldn't be right.
Nobody goes against Jae-koo but you're different.
People like you'd never get what the weak're feeling.
I just saw you help Dr. KIM.
You seem like a really good guy.
I was honestly happy when you raised your hand.
Ow, hot!
What's so hard about bringing one back? Hurry and bring one back!
That dude doesn't seem frazzled by the duel with Jae-koo.
- I know. He must be really tough. - Yeah, a reckless motherfucker.
Holy shit...
Thanks Min-ah, Min-ah! I really like you too.
Since you don't have a face I'll just kiss you anywhere!
Thanks Min-ah!
Hey, NAMKOONG Dahl What're you so happy about?
Hey you fucking cowards what now!
Aren't you worried about Jae-koo kicking your ass?
You think I'm a soccer ball to get my ass kicked?
I apologize for before. I've got good news though.
No need for bloodshed between ourselves.
What're you talking about?
Jae-koo'll forgive you if you join our team.
There's no guarantee that you'll win Jae-koo, right?
What if your ass is kicked? You'll never have a school life.
So enjoy it with you
is that what you're saying?
Think hard before you decide.
We'll be waiting in the auditorium during break time.
Yeah, in respect of your graciousness I'll give it a good hard thought.
If you do decide to fight Jae-koo, then get his left side.
He's real sore in that part. And remember, we're friends.
Does this mean, I don't have to go to the rooftop?
So get your ass kicked you goddamn loser.
See if I ever help your sorry ass again.
So Koong-dahl have you thought about it?
My name isn't Koong-dahl but Dahl! Last name, NAMKOONG!
Anyway, a year ago, I was always after blood, knocking kids around.
But I'm older, my heart doesn't
pound as much when I see red.
And it's not like I've seen that much blood.
So what was that, Man-chang?
Oh yeah, unnecessary bloodshed's a waste. I totally agree.
So I've decided to do as you say.
I really like you. Okay, I'll accept you.
Then, shall we go through initiation as tradition?
Walk straight! You fucking birdbrain!
This is our tradition.
To take a fucking loser and beat the crap out of him.
I should beat him up?
Hey buddy!
If he's your buddy does that make us buddies?
Your brain must've been fucked up bad?
Show him who's your true buddy.
You tell them. Help me, please.
The fucker's got a big ass head but no brain in it.
We're buddies, aren't we?
You can beat the crap out of him,
but he can't snitch on you. So do as you please.
Dahl, Dahl.
You tell them. We're buddies, right?
Hey, hey, go, go! Get out of my sight.
Hey, nose hair. One move and you're dead.
Hey, give it a rest. We're too old for this.
Let's see the skills you used on PARK Joon-tae.
Hey. I guess Koong-dahl doesn't want to be our friend.
No? Should we forget about our little pact?
If you can't handle a loser like him how'll you handle school?
I guess rumors about the great Dahl were all lies.
Hey get up, huh? Get up! Get the fuck up!
Come here. Come here.
- Fucking retard. - I'm sorry!
Fucking retard.
Losers like you don't have friends!
Rejects like you could never have friends!
Do you like living like this? Do you? Do you?
Do you! Huh? Do you? You fucking loser!
Be gentle, you're gonna kill him!
This motherfucker's one heartless bastard.
Let's go!
Hey, Dahl, you sorry excuse for a human being.
How could you beat a poor dude like him?
That's who I am. I'll do anything to survive, okay?
You should be ashamed of yourself you asshole.
How could you side with Jae-koo you hate so much?
Who do I really hate so much?
Do you really know? It's losers like myself.
Losers, who get beaten down all the time.
Didn't you say that we're ruled by the law of the jungle?
I can devour anything in order to survive.
This isn't the jungle it's worse.
At least, beasts don't despise their prey.
I guess you're nothing but trash.
For a guy who's too chicken to fight Jae-koo
you were quite the man when kicking your friend's ass.
You're on your own from this point on.
I'm sorry!
I guess you're nothing but trash.
Do you really want to be less than beasts?
At least, beasts don't despise their prey.
What is shameful, is the lack of courage to correct that mistake.
Who do I really hate so much?
Do you really know? It's losers like myself.
Losers, who get beaten down all the time.
I've changed my mind. See you on the rooftop.
Don't do it.
I'm not going there to fight. I'm going there to be broken.
I haven't got a single friend. I've transferred to so many schools,
I can't even remember the number of this one.
Wherever I transfer to, I had to hide from constant harassment.
Just as I did today.
So, I've decided to go all the way.
What do you want to prove?
That I'm not trash.
I've been waiting for my chance to change.
And this seems to be that day. I won't surrender, even if I die.
Rub it in his face.
He'll go blind.
Before we fight I've got something to say.
- What? - Let's just use our fists!
Isn't it words you'd rather use?
Why? Can't do it?
Watch your mouth. Okay, we're just using our fists, satisfied?
Make my day!
Look, this fucker's got nothing. What were you thinking?
Go ahead!
Hey, moron! Hit me once at least!
Hey, get up. Get up, you piece of shit...
Dahl, come on!
Hurry, Dahl!
KANG Jae-koo you son-of-a-bitch!
The blowfish has arrived you motherfucker!
Hey, asshole I told you not to come up here!
You go down and leave this place to me.
You motherfucker.
KANG Jae-koo you son-of-a-bitch.
What happened to the almighty KANG Jae-koo? Hit me again!
Shut the fuck up!
Jae-koo, are you alright?
Are you all scared?
Just trust your big bro. Motherfuckers! Back off! Go!
GO, Go
Jae-koo, Jae-koo, wake up!
Dahl, it hurts so much.
Since the long time...
I was going to warm up how could you end up right away?
Ouch, fuck...At least I put up a good fight.
I was beat up, so why am I helping you walk?
Okay, okay, sorry, come here.
- Thanks. - For what?
For helping me.
Who said I helped you? I was pushed into the ring.
- Yeon-seong. - What?
Are we buddies?
You wish.
I've flunked 2 yrs so it's been 5 yrs in high school for me.
So treat me like a senior.
Let's see your citizenship ID.
You must be kidding I've only got my student ID.
Let's check your birth date on your ID.
I left it at home.
Let's go to your place and check.
I've never brought a friend to my house.
You just said we weren't friends.
Eventually Jae-koo left vomiting blood, and crying all the way home.
What a load of bullshit.
So what happened after that?
Jae-koo never showed up at school after that.
Word is, he stowed his way into Japan.
Do you know what K-1 is? Yesterday, I was watching it,
and saw Jae-koo landing a high kick on a black dude.
The moment I heard his K-1 nickname, tears came to my eyes.
- Do you know what it was? - No.
It was Koong-dahl.
I guess he was scarred for life that day.
That's such a sad story. What happened to Jae-koo's goons?
They're dating each other.
I guess they've discovered their sexual identity.
What about NAMKOONG Dahl and Min-ah?
They began dating each other then, Min-ah entered a top class
university and Koong-dahl
flunked and is studying to try again.
What about Yamsaeng?
Well, he's in the same boat as Dahl.
Min-ah met a great guy who looks just like me.
They say she's engaged to him.
Koong-dahl, shocked by the news developed circular hair loss
and dove straight into military service.
They never looked like a great couple anyways.
Stop whining, asshole. It won't bring her back.
How would you know if I could
make her change her mind?
How would you leave this place? By catching a military spy?
Would they give me special leave if I caught a military spy?
Of course they would. They'll even escort you in a helicopter.
- Really? - Yeah!
How many days you think They'd give me?
Days my ass. It's a guaranteed special discharge.
- Really? - Really.
Is that...a spy?
One, two, three!
- I'm getting a discharge! - Discharge!
Shit, I got him, so I get the discharge, not you!
- But I got him, asshole. - No, I did.
Hey, this guy looks familiar.
What're you talking about?
- It's, it's our Captain! - Huh?
You can't shoot the Captain you moron!
You shot him, asswipe. You wanted the discharge!
I can't even hit a target in daylight.
So how would I hit him in the dark?
Hey, he's still alive.
- He's alive? - He's breathing!
Hey, he's alive, hurry and hoist him on my back!
What's this? It's blood, blood!
Thank you!