Pruning Cherry Trees and Pruning Apricot Trees - Summer

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Hi I'm Tricia, an organic gardener. Apricots, pluots and cherries all preferred to
be pruned in the summer
they also have one other thing in common and that's that they like to be trained into
a modified central leader system
and you're apples and pears will benefit from this to you
modified central leader systems need less space than the opened bay system
but more space than the regular central leader system
apples cherries apricots and pears are often trained using the central modified
system and for those of you in the southwest this is the best way to train
most of your trees
between mid June and mid-july is a great time to start to train your
modified central leader tree
and the first step is to choose four permanent scaffolding branches
the first scaffolding branch
should measure
eighteen to twenty four inches from the ground
look for branches that are coming off the trunk at a forty five to sixty
degree angle
branches that have angle to the trunk of less than forty five degrees
are often week and will break under the load of fruit or snow
each before scaffolding branches should be on a different quadrant of the tree
and one scaffolding branch should never be directly on top of another
the scaffolding branches should have eight to ten inches vertically
between them
and don't worry if you can find all of your scaffolding branches in one season
if you have a well spaced branch but it's less than forty five degrees
you can open it up and train it with a spreader
to make a spreader you'll need a piece of wood cut to the proper length
and to two ten box nails, a wire cutter,
a file and a hammer.
pound one nail into each side of the wood
cut off the heads of the nails
then sharpen the ends of the mails a bit with the file to make them pointy then
place the spreader so it fits snugly between the branch and the trunk
and holds the branch at the desired angle
for very small branches a clothes pin makes a great spreader
now that i've selected my scaffolding branches
Im going to label them with a ribbon so that i don't accidentally cut them
now i'm gonna prune back other non scaffolding branches to about six inches
or to the first set of leaves
this is called the trashy trunk system
these short laterals will be removed later but for now they help shade the truck
and prevent sun scald
this tree was headed back at planting time
and as you can see it has
several competing leader shoots
i need to pick the strongest upright shoot to be the leader
and then Im going to cut the rest.
The central leaders should be pruned
about twenty inches from the top most scaffolding branch
cutting the central leader is going to stimulate the growth an additional
scaffolding branches
i want one or two europe scaffold branches to develop
so i have a ideally five to seven
when i have all the scaffold branches i need on the street i'll cut the leader
back to the tallest scaffold branch
nauman ahead back to scaffolding branches tilen outward facing branch
well even the shoots like this because they'll likely be airfreight
you summer pruning will go a lot easier if you have a plan so prematurely finger
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