Subscription Drive G+ Hangout on Air: April 1st! (For real! Not an April Fool's Joke!)

Uploaded by geekandsundry on Mar 26, 2012


Hey, everybody.
Thank you so much for all the amazing support that we've
gotten over the last week.
I have two things to announce.
First, our website is up and running. is now live.
We have pages dedicated to each of our awesome shows.
Pretty soon, we will have a community site up where you
can chat and post on the forums.
You know, you can interact with other
people in the community.
Secondly, I'm inviting you to a Google+ Hangout subscription
drive all day Sunday.
It's this weekend.
12 hours, from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM, we'll be
broadcasting on air live.
I'll be inviting all sorts of guests to come in and do crazy
activities with me, crowd sourcing a whole screenplay.
We'll be giving away tons of swag, doing drawings, pulling
you guys in to chat.
It's all to make our April 2 launch as big as possible.
It's going to be an awesome April.
I'll see you for 12 whole straight hours Sunday.