St. Lucia on a Caribbean Cruise with Holland America Line

Uploaded by HollandAmericaFan on 07.05.2012

[ ♪♪♪ ]
Deep in the southern Caribbean,
nestled in the Windward Islands,
lies an emerald jewel waiting for you.
Welcome to this tropical eden, St. Lucia.
Dramatic twin peaks rise 2,000 feet above the sea.
Lush rainforests embrace the island.
Beautiful coral reefs and sparkling waters beckon you to explore.
Visit the world's only drive-in volcanic crater
with its steamy sulfur springs.
Explore the emerald green coastline.
Linger, unwind, bask in the warm turquoise sea.
Holland America Line lets you relax in stylish comfort
with spacious staterooms, luxurious suites,
and your own private verandah.
Imagine a place where the deep green forests kiss the sea.
It is here, waiting for you, the island of St. Lucia.