Maserati Quattroporte Sport GT S

Uploaded by autoblogger on 13.08.2010

Really one of my favorites, the Maserati Quattroporte.
But it's not just any Quattroporte, this is the nicest version.
The Quattroporte S has 430 hp, but today we're in the Sport GT S.
That's a very complicated name, but it just means it's the sportiest version you can get.
Although the Quattroporte is quite old, this one has been around since 2003...
...but the first one was introduced in 1963. That's over 40 years ago.
It is still unknown to a lot of people. So lets position it...'s a luxury sports saloon, it's expensive; about 200 grand.
So it's a competitor to the Merc S-Class AMG's, the BMW 7-series and maybe the M5...
...but it's a lot more stylish and with Italian flair.
There are no diesels, no hybrids and no basic V6s... get a very quick one or nothing.
Porsche and Aston are also going to build a car like this, the Panamera and the Rapide...
...but Maserati's got a lot of experience with this type of car so that's an advantage for them.
So what is the charm of this car? That's very simple, just look at it.
This is just a beautiful car, it doesn't get much better than this.
I'm almost in love with it. Maybe I am already.
The same goes for in the interior, it's just stunning. Real Italian with nice leather...
...beautiful stitchings, carbon finish. The typical Maserati-clock.
Everything works, nothing's broken. it's a real Italian but everything's alright...
...and it's also quite simple to use. That's a relief.
One of the weak points when it was introduced was the transmission.
It had a Cambiocorsa transmission, a robotized manual gearbox without a clutch...
...and it didn't change gear that nicely, similar gearboxes also suffer from that.
Maserati fixed it by simply putting a normal automatic gearbox in it...
...that you can also operate manually with big pedals behind the wheel.
And it's just fantastic, it works really well.
The engine isn't really torquey, the car is also quite heavy; about 1900 kg.
So it you're driving on the motorway with a couple of people in it... have to keep the revs up to get everything out of it.
Not that it's slow or something, it reaches 177 mph.
0-62 in 5.1 seconds and that's more than enough for most people...
...for me too, I could live with this just fine.
Normal Quattroportes have the Skyhook adjustable suspension...
...and this one just has conventional springs and dampers.
It's 30% stiffer in the front and 10% in the rear.
The front is also .6 of an inch lower and the rear .4 of an inch.
That makes it look just a bit tougher and maybe even quicker.
At first it's a bit irritating, but you get used to it.
The car isn't disturbed by driving over a bump. So the suspension isn't rock solid and without grace.
We're being photographed right now. Spotters!
The best thing about this car is one button: The sport-button.
If you press that the gearbox will change gear differently...
...the throttle response gets more aggressive...
...but the most important thing is that a valve will open in the exhaust.
Normally it sounds quite civilized...
...but then it really sounds like a supercar, everybody watches.
If you drive past some cyclists you see their heads turn.
How should you end your story about this car? Of course it's one chunk of emotion...'s very expensive. But at least you throw away your money with flair and passion.
It's stylish and very quick so your mates won't laugh at you in the bar.
And I'll be a big fan of you if you order this car cos I really think this is a fantastic car.
Nothing rational about that, it's purely based on the looks, the sound and the performance.
And after that you can check if it's practical and economical. Who cares?