The 2012 Enigma by David Wilcock Pt. 05

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as it's called -- the silver cord is anchored right here.
That's where it comes from.
That's why, when people have an out of body experience,
they hear a loud cracking noise and then they fly out of body.
The crack comes from right in here.
So, the answer to why this works is that there's an
electromagnetic shield that is created when the light goes out.
It may be stimulated by the release of the D.M.T.
But these two little arteries here, they don't look like much,
but it's a known fact that the pineal gland has more blood flow
per cubic volume than any other gland in the body.
This gland has the most-high amount of concentration of
energy from your body of anything else.
And that's because it's our gateway.
So if you can start to imagine the idea that there's this
complex electromagnetic shield that starts forming like this
and you have all these weird rotations happening around it
and they are all going in these different directions,
and it becomes so fast, if you move it fast enough -- which I
am not really capable of doing -- then it would just start
to be all red.
You get a perfectly formulated shield around the gland.
When you do that, you have now shielded off all of the
electromagnetic, gravitational and otherwise
(well, not gravitational) -- but all the electromagnetic,
the radio waves -- all the energy that gives us
a reference in space/time.
That opens up the door to time/space.
Just like when you shoot that little carbon-60 molecule,
the little Bucky Ball, at the slit and it pops inside out and
it turns into a wave as it goes through.
Well there are little molecules inside this water
called micro-clusters.
And those molecules can flip over and that's the gateway that
allows you to see into time/space.
So darkness activates electromagnetic activity.
It feels like a pressure, a buzz,
a tone or acceleration inside your head.
Has anybody here not had that experience?
Okay, no hands have gone up.
You'll hear sometimes it's almost like there's a gong.
Or you feel like a pressure in your head.
Now some people just call that kundalini activation,
but what's actually happening, is that sometimes spontaneously
even during the day your pineal gland just kicks up.
It's like a car engine.
And it suddenly gets going.
And you feel this sort of explosive energy shooting up
into your head.
This is actually this mechanism, this machinery of
electromagnetic charge, zooming around doing all these different
things to shield off the water inside to give you access.
So if that ever happens, if you get that tone in your ears,
just try to tune into the meditative state and get really
clear and figure out what's the message of that moment.
A lot of times it will be that whatever happened right before
you get the tone is something really important for your
spiritual evolution.
[Inaudible question from the audience]
It can; headaches can happen, but that's when
there's a blockage.
That's when there's something in yourself that's not allowing
this to fully open.
That level deals with not being able to see yourself
as a sacred being.
Seeing yourself as unholy.
Seeing yourself as impure.
So it really does boil it down to self-acceptance.
When you're fully aware and self-accepting,
you can fully open your pineal gland.
It requires a great deal of work,
which is what we are getting into later in this talk.
So the water becomes your conduit to time/space,
the parallel reality and then your interior retina in your
third eye -- because you actually do have three --
records the visual images.
That's what all the ancient cultures painted the bindi on
their forehead for.
D.M.T. seems to accelerate the activity.
L.S.D. and other psychedelics force the
pineal gland to release D.M.T.
It's potentially dangerous, so I am not recommending you go out
and start tripping because your pineal can get stuck "on",
even when you are awake.
And that is the actual nature of schizophrenia,
delusions and waking hallucinations.
There have been multiple studies that have been done,
proving that shamanic visionary experiences and
schizophrenic hallucinatory experiences are
almost identical.
What the ancient shamans have had happen to them is just about
the same as what happens to schizos.
It's just that the schizo is cracked.
The walnut is cracked, as I call it,
the acorn or the pinecone, right?
If you have some of that electrical activity that doesn't
know when to shut off, which could be
also the melatonin, right?
When the melatonin kicks out, it is telling you to go to sleep.
That's what starts to fire up this engine.
It's only when the D.M.T.
kicks out a little bit that the engine goes into full steam.
But that's usually only after you fall asleep.
But as you start to fall asleep, the melatonin starts to
rev up the engine.
Well, a schizophrenic doesn't get enough sleep.
That's one of the things that every study has shown about
schizophrenia is that they are insomniacs.
So if you do that enough, then melatonin more and more will
start to be synthesized while you are awake and it starts to
open your gateway and you start getting these hallucinations.
So D.M.T. is what's cracking that protection of keeping it
electro magnetically dormant while you are awake.
So it does very much look like that the pineal gland
is a natural hyper-gate.
Now here's another interesting thing.
A colleague of mine discovered that the eardrum inside the ear
is tilted on a weird angle.
That's not straight up and down like you'd think it would be,
or that you normally would imagine.
It's tilted and it actually tilts forward like this.
So the eardrums look like this inside your head.
What he found was that he could build microphones that had this
orientation like where they are in your head and he gets a three
dimensional recording.
So if I were to take one of these mikes and
put it here in the room.
And then somebody ran over through the back screaming and
then we'd take his speakers (because he built holographic
speakers) you pop the speakers right there in the same exact
room and you press "play" on the tape recording,
you're going to hear that person running behind in the room
as if they were there.
You'll get a holographic sound.
Now it makes sense, right?
If light can be holographic -- light is a vibration -- why
couldn't you do exactly the same thing with sound?
This is how it's done.
It's done by reverse-engineering the way your ears already work,
because the human ear has a better three-dimensional
tracking system than any other creature.
The only other creature that even comes close is the owl,
which is obviously for the hunting purposes.
So we have a very unique hyper-dimensional mechanism and
he actually also found that these lobes of the inner ear
here are corresponding in the geometric angles to the Great
Pyramid, the angles and slope of the Great Pyramid.
So this is what happens.
They're coplanar with a tetrahedron inside your head,
the point of which comes out through the third eye center.
And, of course, the third eye is at the geometric centre of this.
So, when you are going into the pineal gland,
when you are falling asleep, you are going to lie down,
you're going to tilt your head like this.
Which way is the tetrahedron pointing now?
Which way is the triangle going to be?
Like this, right?
And your eye is in the center.
Doesn't that look a lot like this?
So this is the secret okay?
There is a secret that has been kept right in front of our eyes.
Nobody understands it.
And, again, as I said yesterday, I am actually releasing this
information for the first time.
No one has ever made this public before.
This is from deep in the black-ops stuff and I only was
able to put the whole thing together from seven different
witness' testimonies that all correlated
independently of each other.
That's how I found out that it's from the pineal gland.
I'm not sure that they would want anybody to know this,
so I am taking a risk at revealing this but,
that's why I did it publicly first.
This is what's happening.
This is why this matters.
Could we reverse-engineer the pineal gland?
We have a basic system here.
We have water that flips inside out,
which allows you to see over into this other realm that we
already know exists, because we can prove in quantum physics
that a particle turns into a wave and
the wave is spaced out in time.
Or has it already been done?
Has it already been done?
In fact we have to ask ourselves: "what are the needs"?
We need a barrel-shaped or pinecone-shaped container
holding water and it would have to be special water.
Then you would have to have an electromagnetic-shielding
capability like I was saying.
You've got to have this system that can do all this
kind of stuff inside.
In order to shield if off from space/time,
you have to be able to fine-tune the fields, because,
as it turns out -- how these little vibrations run has
everything to do with where it goes.
It's like Google Earth.
Everybody here use Google Earth?
Have you ever seen it?
You can click on something and you zoom in on it.
Well that's what the fine-tuning of these fields does for you.
It actually is like coordinates: latitude, longitude and time.
Then you need some kind of method to pick up
the visual images.
Now, normally, in the pineal gland,
you would do it with the retinal tissue,
but you don't have a retina when you are dealing with a machine.
So what do you do?
Well what does a television use?
It uses a cathode ray, right?
It's a little thing that shoots onto this surface and the
electrons strike the surface and they glow.
Well an ionized gas is going to glow if you
strike it with this energy.
So why not squirt an ionized gas in the middle and then that
might pick up the visual images?
Well this is what it looks like.
This is real.
Yesterday and today is the very first public unveiling in a
public presentation of Project Looking-Glass.