[ENG] Ulzzang Shidae 6 EP 5[2/4]

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Text: Who said it's safe?
What's the punishment this time?
Hair removal!
But I don't have a lot of hair on my legs...
I don't have a lot either...
Starting from here I will slowly rip away one by one!
Who's facial expression will be the most real?
Please be on the look out for that.
Do you have any last words?
Please hurry.
This is really scary!
1, 2!
Holy crap!
Text: Your pain is our happiness ♥
This game is a relay race of who eats lemons first!
Rules: They must eat lemons after brushing their teeth and must whistle! The team to have 5 wins in a row will win!
Dohee, it's been a while since you brushed your teeth right?
As you can see, there is one more male than female.
And so one person can be exempt.
Please tell us a reason why you think you should be exempt.
I've been doing this for 3 years...
I want to have some ease now....
Okay okay you're exempt.
That was annoying!
Text: This person is extremely satisfied.
We'll start with Seungrok
The next person can go once I say "Whistling, success!"
Get ready!
I don't think you have time to act cute
Hurry up and eat it! Just eat it!
Chew it! Swallow it!
Whistle! Whistle! Whistle!
Just swallow it!
That's so gross!
Text: You should try chewing it first...
Did you eat something spicy?
He's eating it so well!
This is killing me!
Text: The citrus flavor that makes you naturally mad!
Hurry! Hurry! Hurry!
Text: He was doing well... then it turned to a horror movie.
No! What do you mean "OK"
Okay, stop!
We'll go to the female team now!
Starting with Areum Songi.
Text: She's eating so well!
Hurry! Hurry! Hurry!
Just whistle!
As long as you chew it and whistle it's okay!
I did it!
I can't whistle!
I said I can't whistle!
She's fast. Women usually eat bitter things better.
You have to rip it apart to get the true taste!
How do you whistle?
Text: Is she crying? Is she laughing?
Is she shedding tears?
What a man!
We're in trouble!
How does she keep it so clean?
Reminds me of a toad.
How could you call a girl a toad?
It's a bullfrog!
Whistle! Whistle!
My lips sting...
Text: Weak~
She swallowed it!
I'll accept it.
Text: Can't tell if she's eating lemon or her hair.
Text: The pain of child birth?
She's eating it so well!
Just chew and swallow it!
All you have to do is whistle!
Female team: 5 min 47 sec. Male team 5 min 38 sec.
Male team wins! Female team: 5 min 47 sec. Male team 5 min 38 sec.
Male team wins!
It was a very close game
For the "doodling on face" punishments, we have our very own legendary artist in Ulzzang Shidae.
He makes other people's faces look like sewage waste.
Art name: "Tired Joker"
Art name: "I'm sorry, I love you"
Art name: "Looks like Areum Songi no matter what"
Art name: "X Man who just came back from a fight"
The greatest painter and the greatest material have met.
What's the name of this piece?
"The reason for Jung Junyoung's break up"
It has a very deep meaning
Text: I don't think you should be laughing at others right now...
If you're pregnant or severely ill..
please see this up closer.
I guarantee you a big laughter.
1, 2, 3!
Give us a big smile!
Ara's like the bizarre character!
The location of our recording is at Ansung Scholar village.
We apologize if we have disturbed any of the village citizens.
We'll carry on this mood to the last game!
There's still another game?!
Yes, we will be moving on.
That's right, there's one more game left.
Everyone here knows the Son Byungho game right?
Ah, the finger folding game.
That's right
Rule: Someone will call out something and whoever it applies to has to fold their fingers. The first one to fold all 5 fingers lose.
Areum Songi and Hyukmin do rock, paper, scissors. Rule: Someone will call out something and whoever it applies to has to fold their fingers. The first one to fold all 5 fingers lose.
Areum Songi and Hyukmin do rock, paper, scissors.
Rock, paper, scissors!
We'll start with you and follow that order.
I'll let Hyukmin go
She gave you her chance!
Well this is the first!
Usually you start out making the opposite team fold, but because she couldn't think of anything clever
she yielded her chance to Hyukmin!
Let's start with Hyukmin
Fold if you didn't wash your hair today!
You're an idiot if you fold.
But she folded!
I washed my hair last night....
And so you folded...
Fold if you think my face is funny.
No one laughed!
Your attack has failed.
Fold if you have dated anyone from Ulzzang Shidae.
Fold your finger!
How about this, fold if you have a boyfriend or girlfriend!
Fold Dohee!
Songi has to fold too.
If you have ever cheated fold.
Isn't that team kill?
Are you lying?
You've cheated before?
No no it's...
I have..
So you have cheated before?
Then you gotta fold!
Fold if you think you're better than me!
Everyone fold x 3
Fold if you're female!
Fold if you're female..
Why are you hesitating?
Fold if you're male!
Ara's at 4!
Fold if you dyed your hair!
And so!
Thanks to Ara's outstanding performance
The female team will receive punishment.
What is the last punishment?
Bare faces!
Please don't record this!!
You're so evil!
Let's start with the ones we've already seen before.
Seen this before..
There isn't much difference.
The only difference compared to when she was 18 is that she's aged.
There's no big difference other than that.
And next is Areum Songi..
I'm sure there's not much of a diff---
Looks the same!
There's not much difference is there?
I can't say that you look better without make up..
But whether you have make-up on or not, you're still pretty.
Next is... 1, 2, 3!
This has been a trailer!
I was really shocked!
I actually think her doodle face was much better...
That's what I'd like to say.
Be confident!
Confidently look at the camera!
It's not like you sinned or anything!
Is it your fault?!
Is it your fault you look like this?!
It's not your fault!
She's pretty!
You look like the lady from the super market!
It's not that your face is weird!
..... sorry...
Don't worry! It's alright!
You just need to wear make-up!
Isn't that why make-up exists?!
As long as I look pretty with it on!
If you turn out pr..pretty it's alright...
Dohee covering up her face with her hair is...
is pretty much bragging.
I guess I need to stay like this then.
Hey that's pretty!
It's an ulzzang!
That's not right.
I can see a bit of your face.
It looks exactly like your backside!
Hey you doing alright?
She's smiling so brightly!
Well alright then.
Some ulzzangs don't look much different with or without make-up.
And some look exactly alike from when they had their faces doodled on.
Even though it's a punishment game, let's give a round of applause to the bravery of the female ulzzangs!
Coming up next!
A time to find out the ulzzangs' true feelings!
Small room talk!
The ulzzang's never ending conversation!
Who's first impression surprised the girls the most?
The male ulzzangs' true feelings revealed!
Who is the most popular girl amongst the guys?
Where is Ara?!
Who's look in real life shocked the ulzzangs?
Find out in 60 seconds!
I was really surprised by everyone when I first saw the broadcast!
But Ara was the most shocking!